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History of the manufacturer  

Elprom KB (Kliment Voroshilov Works, Slabotokov zavod); Sofia

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Name: Elprom KB (Kliment Voroshilov Works, Slabotokov zavod); Sofia    (BG)  
Abbreviation: elprom
Products: Model types

Die Firma Elprom KB dürfte Radiogeräte für den Export nach Ungarn und in die DDR hergestellt haben. Beginn um 1963, Ende 1966?. Slabotokov zavod; - Schwachstromwerk Sofia: genannt in "Geschichte der Rundfunkindustrie der DDR" (Hein) Seite 195 und "Funkamateur" Heft 10 / 1967. Zumindest Lizenzbauten und Nachbauten von Graetz-Geräten (Deutschland). Known as manufacturer of TV sets as also Radios for export.

Founded: 1949
Production: 1950 -

"Kliment Voroshilov" - low voltage factory in Sofia in composition of the Scientific Factory in manufacturing telecommunications equipment in Sofia. Created in 1949 by combining all low voltage enterprises in Sofia (Telephone, telegraph factory "Radioprom", "Rodno Radio," "Ring ", etc..). Built in 1949 with the help of the USSR. Originally produced radios, telephones, automatic telephone systems low frequency amplifiers, meters, analog meters (ampermeters, voltmeters). In time digested the production of electro medical equipment and television receivers (1953-57), VHF radiotelephone (1961-65), VHF radios and professional radio-electronic equipment (1966-70).


alternate text:
Weak-current factory "Kliment Voroshilov" In 1949, on the outskirts of Sofia, in periphery of the district "Sugar Factory" on the corn fields and urban landfill it was created an impressive plant that has an important role in the history of industrialization and development of Bulgaria. As an artificial conglomerate, it was gathered together all the equipment, facilities, machinery and staff at all major weak-current enterprises in the capital - the former: TT factory (Telephone-Telegraph factory) („ТТ фабрика”), "Radioprom" („Радиопром”), "Native Radio” („Родно радио”), " Ring " („Ринг”) and others. In it, have been developed and manufactured: - Radio; - Low frequency amplifiers; - TVs; - Electric gramophones; - Transmitters; - HF and VHF radiostations; - Manual and automatic telephone exchanges; - Telephones; - Electrometers and other electrical measuring appliances; - X-ray equipment; - Medical equipment for physiotherapy; - Radio-relay equipment; - Sealing phone systems; - Radio components and units for the production of the listed nomenclature - resistors, potentiometers, capacitors, relays, magnets, speakers and more.

This manufacturer was suggested by Karl Günther Goldsteiner.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
BG  79 Sofia 31   volltransisorisierter SW-Fernseher, teilweise in Modultechnik ( 5 Module) aufgebaut. Der V... 
BG  61 Melodia RRS61-2   Monorundfunkempfänger mit Röhren, magisches Auge, eingebaute Ferritantenne, UKW OIRT- Band... 
BG  58 Melodiya 2 {Мелодия 2} ECC85   
BG  60 Opera - Опера RT43-60E - РТ43-60Е ECC84  TV with OIRT VHF I/III Tuner. The first mass produced Bulgarian TV set 
BG  63 Simfonia 11 Stereo - Симфония 11 Стерео [prototype] ECH81  Prototype, chassis similar to Simfonia 10 chassis. Wave Bands: MW: 520-1600 kHz ... 
BG  66 Sofia - София T59-11   59 cm b/w TV with OIRT standard VHF tuner. 
BG  68 Kiten - Китен T50-70   TV with OIRT VHF I/III Tuner. 
BG  61 Akkord - Акорд 10 ECC85  Wave Bands: MW: 520-1600 kHz LW: 145-350 kHz SW: 5,8-18 MHz FM: 64-73 MHz D... 
BG  56 Rodna pesen - Родна песен 6А7   
BG  59 Melodiâ - Мелодия ECC85  Wave Bands: MW: 520-1620 kHz LW: 145-350 kHz SW: 5,8-18 MHz FM: 64,5-73 MHz 
BG  56 Rodina - Родина [6 Noval tubes] ECH81  Wave Bands: MW: 520-1560 kHz LW: 150-400 kHz SW1: 13,6-18 MHz SW2: 9,15-12 MHz ... 
BG  60 Akkord - Акорд ECC85  Wave Bands: MW: 520-1620 kHz LW: 145-350 kHz SW: 5,8-18 MHz FM: 64,5-73 MHz 


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Elprom Szófia, logo in ~1970. Thanks for Mr.Perneky Sándor, Hungary!tbn_bg_elprom_logo.jpg
Logo in ~1967.tbn_bg_elprom_logo_1.jpg
The first logo of the company.tbn_bg_elprom_logo_2.jpg
Thanks for Mr.Tóth Ferenc, Hungary, Pomáz and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation.tbn_bg_elprom_rrg61_logo.jpg
Thanks for Mr.Zsolt Schenkerik, Hungary and Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation (