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History of the manufacturer  

TONO Corporation

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Name: TONO Corporation    (J)  
Abbreviation: tono
Products: Model types Others

TONO Corporation


This manufacturer was suggested by Richard Gajics.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
80 Theta 350   AFSK RTTY-Converter for Baudot, CW and ASCII.  
85 Theta 777   Radioteletype / AMTOR (ARQ/FEC/SEL-FEC) / CW decoder. 
85 Theta 9000   Radioteletype - Terminal / Decoder for RTTY (Baudot / ASCII), CW. 
87 Theta 7070   Terminal / radioteletype decoder for RTTY (Baudot, ASCII), CW). 
75 Theta 7000E   Terminal / decoder for radioteletype (Baudot/ASCII) and CW; improved model that can be re... 
69 Theta 7000   Radioteletype terminal / decoder for RTTY (Baudot, ASCII), CW. 
87 Theta 5000E   Terminal and Decoder for RTTY (AMTOR, ASCII), AMTOR (ARQ, FEC), CW. Internal 5 inch monit... 
84 Theta 550   Decoder for Radioteletype (Baudot/ASCII) / CW, will display RTTY text on a television scre... 
80 2m all mode linear amplifier MR-250W 2SC2630  Modell: 2m allmode linear Amplifier MR-250W  Tono Corporation Allmode Sende-Verstärker 14... 
90 2m all mode linear amplifier MR-150W 2SC2630  All mode Sender-Verstärker 144-146 MHz. Impedanz 50 Ω, Stromversorgung 13,8 VDC  15-18 ...