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Old Radio Manufacturer of the country United States of America (USA) (USA) 

Here you find radio manufacturers from the selected country. Click a manufacturer to see its radio models in ONE list.
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Name Pages # Models   Abbreviation

A. & F. Electrical Manufacturing Co.; Chicago, I...    af
A & M Radio Manufacturing Co.; Denver, Colorado    am
A. & T. Radio Company; Danvers, Massachusetts    aandt
Aalco Radio Laboratories, Inc.; Chicago, Illinois    aalco
Abbey Electronics Corp; Carle Place, NY    abbeyelec
Abbott Instrument, Inc.; New York City (NY)    abbottinst
Abbotwares; Los Angeles, CA   10   abbotwares
ABC Laboratories, (where?)    abc
ABC Wireless Specialty Co.; New York City, New Y...    abcwireles
Aberdeen Specialty Co; Philadelphia PA    aberdeen
Able Tool & Engineering Company; Chicago, Illinois    abletool
Ablet Co., Chas R.; (where?)    ablet
Abox Company; Chicago    abox
Abrams, Dr., Albert; San Francisco (CA)    abrams
A-C Dayton Co., A-C Electrical; Dayton (OH)   45   a-c
A-C Gilbert Co.; New Haven, Connecticut   12   acgilbert
Acca; (where?)    acca
Accurate Instrument Co. Inc.; New York (NY)    accurate
Accusti-Cone Laboratories; New York, NY    accusti
Ace Electrical Laboratory; Newark, NJ    ace
Ackerman Brothers Co.; New York City, New York    ackerman
Acme Apparatus Co.; Cambridge (MA)   19   acmeapp
ACME Battery Corp.; Brooklyn (NY)    acmebatter
Acme Elec. & Mfg. Co. - see also Sears or Wright.   29   acme-elect
Acme Electrical, The Mfg. Co.; Milwaukee, WI    acmeelec
Acme Wire Radio Products Co., The; New Haven, Co...    acmewire
Acme Wireless Construction Co.; Cambridge, MA    acmewirel
Acopian Technical Co.    acopian
Acorn Radio Products Co.; Chicago, IL    acornrad
Acoustech Inc.; Cambridge, MA    acoustech
Acoustic Control System, Industry L.A.    acousticco
Acoustic Research Inc.; Cambridge, MA   22   acoustic
Acoustic-Cone Laboratories; New York City, New Y...    acoustic2
Acrosound, Philadelphia    acrosound
Actron Corp.; Chicago    actron
Adams-Morgan Co. (AMCO); Upper Montclair, N.J   61   adams-morg
Adaptol Co.; Brooklyn, N.Y.    adaptol
Adirondack Mountain Service Co.; (where?)    adirondack
Adler Electronics, Inc.; New Rochelle (NY)    adlerelect
Adler-Royal, Adler Manufacturing Co.; New York   16   adler
Admiral (brand) Continental Radio & Television C... 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25   2499   admiral
Adroit Tool Company; New York City, New York    adroit
ADS, Analog & Digital Systems, Inc.; Wilmington,...    ads
Advance Auto Accessores (see also others)    advance-au
Advance Battery Corp.; Brooklyn    advancebat
Advance Electric Co. (Falck); Los Angeles, CA   25   advance-el
Advance Radio Mfg. Co.; Chicago, Illinois    advance4
Advance Radio Research Lab.; New York City, New ...    advance-ra
advance schools, Inc.; (where?)    advancesch
Advanced Electronic Applications, Inc. - Lynnwood    advanced
Advent Corporation; Cambridge (MA)   18   adventcorp
AEL Industries (Tracor), American Electronic Lab...    aelindustr
Aeolian Company, The; New York    aeolian-ny
Aeolus Corporation; New York City, New York    aeolus
Aer-A-Dyne Manufacturing Co.; Utica, New York    aer
Aerex Radiophone Corp.: New York City, New York    aerex
Aerial Electric Company; Chicago, Ill    aerialelec
Aerial Insulator Co.; of Green Bay (WI)    aerialinsu
Aerial Sales Service, Inc.; New York City, NY    aerialsale
Aeriola USA    aeriola
Aero Manufacturing Company; Newark, New Jersey    aeromanu
Aero Metal Products Corp.; Chicago    aero-metal
Aero Products Inc.; Chicago, Illinois (Hoodwin)   21   aero
Aero Radio Company; West Detroit, Michigan    aeroradio
Aerocom - Aeronautical Communications Equipment ...    aerocom
Aerodyn Company; New York City (NY)    aerodyn
Aerodyne Co., The; New York City (NY)    aerodyne
Aeroflex Inmet; Ann Arbor, MI    aeroflex
Aeromotive Equipment Corp.; Kansas City (MO)    aeromotive
Aeronautical Electronics Inc. (Aerotron); Raleig...    aeronautic
AeroStream Communications Corp. (CommRadio); Gol...    aerostream
Aerovox Corp; Brookly (NY); New Bedford (MA)    aerovoxcor
Aerovox Wireless Corp.; New York    aerovox
Aetna Machine Mfg Co.; Chicago, IL    aetnamach
Aetna Radiophone Corp. of America; Hartford (CT)    aetna
Afco Electronics, Oakland, CA   14   afco
Affiliated Retailers, Inc.; New York (NY)   33   affiliated
Agilent Technologies; Santa Clara, CA    agilent
Aim Industries, New York    aim
Aimcee Wholesale, New York   20   aimcee
Air Castle - tubes    aircastle
Air Champ Sales Co.; West New York (NJ)    airchamps
Air Communications, Kansas City    aircomm
Air King - tubes    airkingtub
Air King Products Co.; Brooklyn (NY) 2 3   272   airking
Air Knight (Butler); Chicago    air-knight
Air Scout - tubes    airscout
Airadio Inc.; Stamford    airadio
Air-Chrome, Irvington, N.J.    airchrome
Aircraft Radio Corporation, Boonton, New Jersey    aircraft
Aireon Manufacturing Corporation; Kansas City (KS)    aireon
Airex Manufacturing Co.; Seattle, Washington    airex
Airex Radio Tubes Co.; New York    airex1
Airgap Products Co. Mfr.; Newark, NJ    airgappr
Airhawk - tubes    airhawk
Airite; USA    airite
Airline, Super-Airline, Wards (tubes) - see also...    airline-ra
Air-Ola Radio Company; Huntington, West Virginia    air-ola
Airo-Master Corp.; New York City, New York    airo
Air-O-Phone Corporation; New York City, NY    airophone
Air-Track Manufacturing Corp.; College Park (MD)    air-track
Airtron, H. & H. Radio Co.; Newark, NJ    airtron
Air-Way Electric Appliance Corp.; Toledo; OH   23   air-way
Airways Engineering Co.; Snyder (TX)    airwayseng
AITC (where?)   15   aitc
Ajax - (Alladin Tube Co); New York, NY    ajax1
Ajax Electric Company; Cambridge, Massachusetts    ajax2
Ajax Electric Specialty Co.; Saint Louis, Missouri    ajax
Ajax Products Co.; New York City, New York    ajaxprod
Ajax Radio Products Company; Elizabeth, New Jersey    ajaxradio
Aladdin Mfg. Co., (Aladyne); Muncie, IN - see al...    aladdin
Aladdin Radio Industries; Chicago, IL    aladd-radi
Aladdin Tube/Radio Company; New York City, NY    aladdin-tu
Alamo Electronics Corp. San Antonio, Texas    alamo
Alan Industries Inc.; Columbus (IN)    alan
Alan Radio Corp.; New York, NY    alanradio
Alaron Inc.; Auburn Hills (MI)   23   alaron
Albina Electric Co., Inc., The; Portland, Oregan    albina
Albright & Co.,J.E.; New York City, New York    albright
Alco Electronic Products Inc.; Lawrence (MA)    alcoelectr
Alda Communications Inc.; Oceanside (CA)    alda
Alden Electric Company; Providence, RI    aldenelect
Alden, Inc.; (where?)   37   alden
Alden Wireless Company; Brockton, Massachusetts    aldenwire
Alden-Napier Manufacturing Company; Springfield ...    aldenmfg
Aldine Radio & Manufacturing Co. Chicago, Illinois    aldine
Alesis; Rhode Island    alesis
Alfred Electronics; Palo Alto (CA)    alfredelec
Algene Radio Corp.; New York (NY)    algene
Algonquin Electric Co.Inc., Poughkeepsie, NY (ex...    algonquin
All American Mohawk, Rauland Lyric; Chicago 2 3   203   all-americ
All Channel Antenna Corp.; New York (NY)    allchannel
All Wave Tube Company; Pawtucket, RI    allwave
Allan Manufacturing & Electric Corp.    allan-manu
Allan Manufacturing; Arlington    allanmanu
Alldyne Company Inc.; Brooklyn, NY    alldyne
Allen Company, Wiley B. (Alenco); San Francisco,...    alencompan
Allen Joseph Co.; Baxter Springs, Kansas    allenjos
Allen Organ Company; Macungie, Pennsylvania    allenorgan
Allen-Bradley Co.; Milwaukee, WI    allenbrad
Allen-Rogers-Madison Inc.; (where?)    allen-roge
Alliance Manufacturing Co. Inc. ; Ohio   12   alliance
Allied Engineering Institute; New York City (NY)    allied-eng
Allied Impex Corp. (Alpex); New York (NY)    alliedimpe
Allied Purchasing, Inc. (Knight); Chicago   14   allied-pur
Allied Radio Corp. (Knight, Roamer, Wextark); Ch... 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10   963   allied-rad
Allied Recording; New York City    alliedrec
Allison Labs, Laboratories Inc.; La Habra, CA    allison
Alltron - Tube Brand - see also Allan    alltron
Alltronics - Howard Co.; Boston, MA    alltronics
Alpha    alpha
Alsam Products Co., Inc.; Chicago Ill.    alsam-prod
Altec Lansing Corp.; Oklahoma City (OK)   74   altec-lans
Amateur Radio Specialty Co.; New York City, New ...    amateurrad
Ambassador Distributor Corp.; (where?)    ambassado2
Ambassador Sales Company; New York City, New York    ambassado
Ambassador; (where?)    ambassado3
Amber Electronics Inc.; Charlottesville    amberelec
Amber Manufacturing Corp,; New York City, New York    amber
Ambler-Holman Company; New York City, New York    ambler
Ambrose Radio Company; Brooklyn, NY    ambrose
AMBU, American Bureau of Engineering; Chicago, I...    ambu
AMC - Weltronics Corp.; South Pasadena (CA)    amcweltron
Amcrest Corporation; USA    amcrest
Amel Radio Laboratories; New York City, New York    amel
Amerex (brand) see American Standard Elec. Co.    amerex-ele
Amerex Electric Corp.; New York City, New York    amerex2
Amerex Electronics, Inc.; New York    amerexelec
America - Tube brand    america
American Apparatus Co.; (where?)    americanap
American Appliance Corporation; Albany, NY    americ-app
American Brand Corporation; Newark, NJ    americanbr
American Brass Products Co.; Pottstown, PA    amerbrass
American Carrier-Call Corp.; New York City (NY)    amercarrie
American Chest Co.; (where?)    americance
American Communications Corp.; New York (NY)    americanco
American Concertone Division - American Electron...    amconcerto
American Electric & Wireless Supply Co.; New Yor...    amerelec
American Electric Company Inc.; Chicago (IL)    amerelect
American Electro Technical Appliance Co.; New York    amerelectr
American Electrola; Pittsburgh (PA)    amelectrol
American Electronics Co.; New York (NY)   18   americanel
American Electronics Inc.; Greenwood (IN)    ameri-elec
American Etherphone Corp.; Detroit, Michigan    americanet
American European Radio Corp.; New York City, NY    americaneu
American Fabric Company; Providence, RI    americfabr
American (Feldstern & McCusker tube brand)    american
American Foundation For Blind. Inc.    americanfo
American Geloso Electronics; USA    americange
American General Trading Co., Ltd.    american-g
American Hard Rubber Company; New York    americ-hrc
American Interstate Radio Service; New York City...    americanin
American Leader Products Co.; Chicago, Illinois    americanle
American Mechanical Laboratories, Inc.; New York    amermech
American Merri-Lei Corp.    americanme
American Microphone Co.; Pasadena (CA)    americmicr
American Radio & Electric Company.; New York Cit...    american4
American Radio & Television Co.    americanrt
American Radio and Equipment Co., Minneapolis, MN    americanmn
American Radio Associates; Philadelphia (PA)    americraas
American Radio Co. of Brooklyn, The; Brooklyn, N...    ameraco
American Radio Corp.; Cleveland, Ohio (Arc)    americanra
American Radio Corp.; Indianapolis, Indiana    american2
American Radio Engineering Co.; San Francisco, C...    amerradio
American Radio Laboratories (Blue Tron, Bluetron...    americanrl
American Radio Mfg. Co.; Kansas City, MO    americanrm
American Radio Sales & Service Company; Manfield...    american5
American Radio Sales Co.; Chicago, Illinois    amer5
American Sales Company; Los Angeles, California    americansa
American Specialty Co., The; Bridgeport (CT)   12   americansp
American Standard Elec. Co.; (where?)    americanst
American Stationfinder Company; Memphis, Tennessee    amerstatio
American Telephone & Radio Co.; USA    americante
American Television & Radio Co; St. Paul    americtele
American Transformer Co.; Newark (NJ)   14   americantr
American Wholesale Corp.; Baltimore, Maryland    americanw
American Wireless Corp.; New York City, New York    americanwi
American Wireless Instrument & Novelty Co.; New ...    amerwire
Americana Industries Inc.; New York ( NY)   22   americana
American-International Trading Co. (Empire, Empi...    american-i
Ameritron; Starkville (MS)   10   ameritron
Amertron = Tube brand    amertron
Amglo Kemlite Laboratories; Bensenville, IL    amglo-kem
AMI Entertainment, Automatic Musical Instruments...   24   ami
Amico Inc.; Philadelphia (PA)    amicoincph
Amoroso Manufacturing Co.; Boston, MA    amoroso
Ampeg Portaflex   38   ampeg
Ampeon Radio Co.; Newark, NJ    ampeon
Amperex; New York    amperex
Amperite; West New York (NJ)    amperite
Ampex; San Carlos, CA   59   ampex
Amphenol Corporation; Wallingford CT    amphenolco
Amplex Instrument Laboratories; New York (NY)    amplex
Amplex Radio Corp.; New York (NY)    amplexra
Amplifex Radio Corporation; Arlington, MA    amplifex
Amplified Designs International, Roseville    amplified
Amplifier Corporation of Amerika; New York    amplifier
Amplion Corp. of America; New York    amplion
Amplion USA = Tube brand    amplion-tu
Amplitron = Tube brand    amplitron
Amplivox Laboratories; Brooklyn, NY    amplivox
Ampro Corp.; Chicago (IL)   15   ampro
Amprobe Instruments, Long Island, NY.    amprobe
Amrad Corporation; Medford Hillside (MA)   100   amrad
AMSCO Products Inc.; New York City, New York    amsco
Anchor Radio Corp.; Chicago (IL)    anchorradi
Andrae, Julius & Sons, Co.; Milwaukee    andrae-j
Andrea Radio Corp.; Long Island (NY) 2   189   andrea
Andrews Radio Co. (ARC); Chicago    andrews
Anglvox Radio Co.; East Cleveland, OH    anglvox
Anheuser-Busch Inc.; St. Louis (MO)    anheuserbu
Anko Mfg. Co. Inc.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    anko
Anodyne = Tube brand    anodyne
Ansley, Arthur, Mfg. Co; Doylestown (PA)   10   ansley-2
Ansley Radio; New York (NY), Trenton (NJ) 2   112   ansley
Antekna Inc.; Mountain View (CA)    anteknainc
Anthony, Earle C.; Los Angeles    anthony
Anthony Martinek Devices Inc; Allentown, PA    anthonymar
Antique Electronic Supply (AES); Tempe AZ    antiqueele
Antique Radios Inc.; Jackson (MI)    antiquerad
Anton-Bauer; Shelton, CT    antonbauer
Antronic Corporation (anchor); Chicago (IL)    antronicco
Antunez & O'Donnell Company; Glendale, California    antunez
Anylite Electric Co.; Fort Wayne, IN   10   anylite
Apco Manufacturing Company; Providence, RI    apco
Apelco Co.; San Francisco    apelco
Apex Airtronics; Brooklyn, NY    apexinc
Apex Electric, Pool; Chicago; US Radio & Televis... 2 3   219   apexelectr
Apex Industries, N.Y. (post WW 2)    apexind
Apex Radio & Television (post WW 2), N.Y.    apexradio
Apex Radio Service Company; Binghamton, New York    apexradios
Apex, Radio Tube Corporation; Newark, NJ    apex
Aphex Systems; Sun Valley, CA    aphex
Apollo Radio Tube Company; New York City, NY, Ir...    apollo
Apparatus Design Co.; Little Rock, Arkansas    apparatus
Appel & Henderson Radio Co.    appel
Apple Computer ; Cupertino, USA    apple
Appleby Radio Mfg. Co.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    appleby
Appleway Electronics Inc., Spokane (WA)    appleway
Approved Electronic Instr. Corp.   15   approved
Approved Products Mfg Co; Chicago ILL    approvedpr
Apt Corporation; Cambridge, MA    apt-corpor
Aragon Radio Company; Chicago, Illinois    aragon
Arc Radio Corp.; New York (NY)    arc-radio
Archatron; Owensboro, KY    archatron
Arco Electrical Corp.; Chicago, IL    arco
Arco Tube Company; Newark (NJ)    arcotube
Arcony Radio Company; New York City, New York    arcony
Arctron Sales Company; New York City, NY    arctron
Arcturus; USA    arcturus
Areola Company; (where?)    areola
Argentite Radio Corp.    argentite
Argonne Electronics Mfg. Corp.; New York (NY)    argonneele
Argus Radio Corp.; New York City, New York   14   argus
Argus Radio Tube Co. - see also CeCo and Contine...    argus-tube
Aria (brand), Allied Stores, Detrola; (where?)   12   aria
Ariel Radio Inc.    ariel
Arion, Electric Sales Company; Newark, NJ    arion
Arista Associates; Brooklyn, NY    arista
AristoCom Corporation, Chicago    aristocom
Aristocrat; (where?)    aristocrat
Arizona, USA    arizona
Arkay International Inc.; Jamaica (NY)   19   arkay
Arlington; (where?)    arlington
Armac Radio Co.; Chicago, Illinois    armac
Armley Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    armley
Armstrong Company; Chicago, Illinois    armstrong2
Armstrong Electric and Manufacturing Co. (ARMOR)...    armstrong-
Arnessen Electric Company; Brooklyn, New York    arnessen
Arnold, J.F.; New York    arnold
Arrow Radio Company; Hackensack, New Jersey    arrow2
Arrow Radio Laboratories; Chicago, Illinois   15   arrow
Arrow Tube Company; Springfield, MA    arrow1
Art Craft Manufacturing Co.; New York City, New ...    artcraft
Art Radio Co.    art
ART; (where?)    art1
Artee Radio Sales & Mfg. Corp.    artee
Arthora    arthora
Artist Loud Speaker Company; Cleveland, Ohio    artist
Artlin Co., The    artlin
Arvin, brand of Noblitt-Sparks Industries 2 3 4 5 6 7   617   arvin
Arylite Electric Company; Fort Wayne, Indiana    arylite
Ashflash Corp., The; South Norwalk (CT)    ashflash
Associated Importers, San Francisco (CA)    associatim
Associated Radio Company; Grinnell, IA    associatra
Associated Radio Corporation; Ann Arbor, Michigan    associate2
Associated Research, Inc.; Lake Forest, IL    associated
Astatic Corp.; Conneaut (OH)   36   astatic
Asterloid Company, The Inc.; Brooklyn, NY    asterloid
Astral Radio Corp.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    astral
Astro Communications, Gaithersburg.    astro
Astroline, Bowman Astrosonix; Downey CA    astroline
Astron Corporation; East Newark (NJ)    astron-nj
Astron Corporation; Irvine (CA)    astron-ca
Atchison Radio & Electric Co.; Atchison, Kansas    atchison
Atlantic and Pacific Radio Corporation; New York...    atlantandp
Atlantic Electric Lamp Company; Danvers, MA    atlanticel
Atlantic Instrument Co., Inc.; New York City, Ne...    atlanticin
Atlantic Radio Company Inc.; Boston, MA    atlanticbo
Atlantic Radio Corp.; Brooklyn (NY)    atlanticra
Atlantic-Pacific (A-P) Radio Laboratories Co. In...    atlanticp2
Atlantic-Pacific (A-P) Radio Supplies Co, Inc.;S...   15   atlanticp1
Atlas Coil Winders, Inc.    atlas-coil
Atlas Condenser Products Co.; New York (NY)    atlas-cond
Atlas, Multiple Electric Products Co. Inc.; Newa...    atlas-mult
Atlas Radio Co.; Solana Beach, CA    atlas-radi
Atlas Radio Corporation; Peabody, MA    atlas1
Atlas Sound Corp.; Brooklyn (NY)    atlassound
Atlas Supply Co.    atlas-supp
Atlas-Rand Corp.; Paramus (NJ)    atlas-rand
Atma-Sphere Music Systems, Inc.; Saint Paul, MN    atmasphere
Atomic Heater & Radio Co., New York    atomic-hea
ATR Electronics, St.Paul    atr
ATR Manufacturing Co. Inc.; St. Paul (MN)    atrmanufac
Atwater Kent Mfg. Co.; Philadelphia, USA 2 3 4 5   497   atwater
Auburn tubes; (where?)    auburn
Audak Company; Audax; New York (NY)    audak-comp
Audar Inc.   14   audar
Audialion Company; New York City, New York    audialion
Audio Communication Mfg. Co.; New York    audo-commu
Audio Development Co. (ADC); Minneapolis    audiodevel
Audio Devices, Inc.; Glenbrook (CT)    audiodevic
Audio Dynamics Corporation, New Milford (CT)    audio-dyn
Audio Industries (brand Ultratone); Michigan Cit...   23   audioindus
Audio Research, Plymouth   37   audiores
Audiogersh Corp., New York    audiogersh
Audiola Radio Co.; Chicago, Illinois 2   111   audiola
Audiophile, Inc.; Eden Prairie, Minnesota (USA)    audiophile
Audio-Tone Radio Company; New York City, New York    audiotone
Audiotron Sales Company; San Francisco   14   audiotron
Audiotronics Corporation (AC); North Hollywood   14   audiotroni
Audiovox Corporation; New York (NY)   12   audiovoxco
Audition; label of Woolworth   21   audition
Auditron Corporation; Indianapolis (IN)    auditronco
Aull-Ziegler Wireless Mfg. Co.; East St. Louis, IL    aull-ziegl
Aurex tubes; (where?)    aurex
Aurora Incorporated; Aurora, Ill    aurora
Aurora Plastics, West Hempstead, NY    auroraplas
Austin Antenna; Gonic, Rochester (NH)    austinant
Austin Co., M. B. (Radiogrand); Chicago, IL    austin-mb
Austin Radio Mfg. Corp. Ltd.; Los Angeles, CA    austin
Autek Research; Wesley Chapel, FL    autek
Auth Electric Co.; Long Island City, NY    auth
Auto Indicator Co.; Grand Rapids, Michigan    auto-indic
Auto Metal Products Co.; New York City, New York    autometalp
Auto Page Inc.; Commerce, CA    autopage
Auto Parts Mfg. Co.; Detroit, Mich.    autoparts
Autocrat Radio Co.; Chicago (IL) 2   106   autocrat
Automatic Bee-Less Radio; Minneapolis (MN)    autbeeless
Automatic Electrical Devices Co., The; Cincinnat...    automatice
Automatic Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston (MA) 2 3 4   371   automatic
Autometal Corp; Niagra Falls, New York    autometal
Automobile Radio Corp.    automobile
Automotive Specialty Corp.; The; New York City, ...    automotive
Autophone Company; Ithaca, NY    autophone2
Autophone Manufacturing Co.; New York City, New ...    autophone
Autorad Electric Corporation; Adrian, Michigan    autoradel
Avalon Radio Mfg.Co.; Los Angeles    avalon
Avanti Products; Miami (FL)    avanti
Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. (ASA); Newca...    asa
Aviola Radio Corp.Avalon Radio Co.   12   aviola
Avionics Research Products Corporation (ARP); Lo...    arp
Avon International Corp.; New York (NY)    avon
AWS Manufacturing Company Inc., The; Brooklyn, N...    aws
Ayan-Jay Sales Company; Chicago, Illinois    ayanjay
Aztec Radio Co.    aztec
A-1 Woodworking Co.; Los Angeles, California    a-1
B & C Radio Manufacturing Company; Boston, Massa...    b-c-radio
B. W. Battery & Radio Corp.; New York City, New ...    bwbattery
Babb Electronics, J. Wilbur; McAlester, OK    babb-elec
Babson Bros.; Chicago, IL    babson
Baby Grand Mfg. Co.    baby
Babyland General Hospital (Original Appalachian ...    babylandge
Bace Television Corporation; South Hackensack (NJ)    bacetelevi
Bach Auricon Inc., Hollywood, CA    bach-auric
Badger Radio Co.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    badger
Bailey & Co.    bailey
Bailey Eng. Co.    bailey-eng
Baird Atomic Inc.; Cambridge (MA)    bairdatomi
Baird Radio & Mfg. Co.; Boston, Massachusetts    bairdrad
Bakelite, General Bakelite Corp; New York (NY)    bakelite
Baker-Smith Co. Inc.; San Francisco   11   baker-smit
Balder Radio Corp.    balder
Baldor Electric Co.; Saint Louis, Missouri    baldor
Baldwin Inc., Nathaniel   20   baldwin
Baldwin Piano Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    baldwinp
Baldwin-Pacific & Co.; San Francisco (CA)    baldwinpac
Balkite - see Fansteel    balkite-9
Ball Sq. Radio Co.    ball
Ballantine Laboratories Inc.; Boonton, New Jersey   12   ballantine
Ballantyne Company, The; Omaha (NE)    ballantyne
Baltimore Hub-Wheel & Mfg. Co.; Baltimore, Maryl...   10   baltimore
Baltimore Radio Corp.    baltimore2
Bamberger, L. & Co; Newark, NJ    bamberger
Banfer Prod. Corp.    banfer
Banister & Pollard; Newark, New Jersey    banister
Banks Mfg. Co.,I.O.; Higginsville (MO)    banksmfgco
Barawik Co.; Chicago (IL)    barawik
Barber & Howard Co.; Westerly (RI)    barberhowa
Barber, Alfred W.;Flushing, N.Y.    barber
Barber-Colman Co.; Rockford Ill.    barber-col
Barbley's Radio Company; New York City, New York    barbley
Barfield Mfg. Co.; Chicago    barfield
Baritone Manufacturing Company, Chicago    baritone
Barker & Williamson Inc., Bristol (PA)    backer
Barker and Williamson; Cocoa (FL)    barker-wil
Barker Bros.    barker
Barnes & Noble (B & N), New York    barnes-nob
Barnett Instrument, Clarksville, TN    barnettin
Barnett Lloyd Co.    barnett
Barr Laboratories; New York City, New York    barrlab
BARR; Washington, D.C.    barr
Barty Radio Service; Long Island, New York    barty
Basler Electric Company; Highland, IL    basler
Bassett Radio; Newark, Bloomfield, N.J.    bassett
Bates-Rugee Radio; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    bates
Batteryless Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    batteryles
Bauer Electronics Corp.; San Carlos, (CA)    bauerele
Baughman Radio Engineering Co.    baughman
Bauman Co., Warren J.; Lock Haven, Pennsylvania    bauman
Bay State Electronics Co. (BSE); Boston    baystate
Bay View Furniture, Holland, Michigan    bayview
Beacon Radio & Electric Company; New York City, NY    beacon2
Beacon Radio Company; (where?)    beacon1
Beacon Radio Mfg. Co. (Trinity); Brooklyn, New Y...    beacon
Beam Tube Corp.; Mildford (MA)    beam-tube
Beamco Associates; Jenkintown (PA)    beamcoasso
Bear Radio Company; New York City, New York    bear
Bear Radio Products Corp.; New Jersey    bear1
Bearcat Radio Co.; Chicago    bearcat
Beardsley's Radio; Rock Island, Illinois    bearsley
Beauty-Kraft Co., New York.    beauty-kra
Beaver Electric Corp.; Brooklyn, New York    beaver-ele
Beaver Machine & Tool Co.; Newark, New Jersey    beaver-mac
Bechaud Radio Labs.; Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin    bechaud
Beckley-Ralston Co.; Chicago, Ill    beckley-ra
Beckman Instruments, Shasta, Shockley; Richmond ...   36   bekman-ins
BECO, Brown Electro-Measurement Corp.; Portland OR    beco
Beede Electrical Instrument Co.; New York, NY, P...    beede
Bee-Zee Products Company; New Haven, Connecticut    bee-zee
Belair Enterprises; Hawthorne CA   32   belair
Belar Electronics Lab Inc.; Upper Darby (PA)    belarelect
Bel-Canto Radio & Telephone Equipment Co.; New Y...    belcanto
Belden Inc.; Chicago (IL)    belden
BelgAtlantic (where)    belgatlant
Belknap Hardware and Mfg. Co.; Louisville, Kentu...   10   belknap
Bell & Howell, Wheeling (Illinois)   34   bell-howel
Bell Disc    bell
Bell Labs; Murray Hill, NJ.    belllabs
Bell Products Co.; St. Louis    bellprod
Bell Sound Systems; Columbus (OH)   100   bellsound
Bell Telephone, New York    belltele
Bellas Hess & Company; New York City, New York    bellas
Belle Electronics Corp.    belle
Belltone = Tube brand    belltone1
Belltone Radio Manufacturing Company; New York C...    belltone
Belltron; (where ?)    belltron
Belmont Radio Corp. (B.R.C.); Chicago, Ill. 2 3 4 5   426   belmont
Beltone Hearing Aid Company; Chicago (IL)    beltoneill
Bel-Tone Radio Company; Brooklyn, New York    beltone
Bemco Manufacturing Company; New York City, New ...    bemco
Ben Radio Corp.; Freeport, Long Island, New York    ben
Bencher; Antioch, Illinois    bencher
Bendix Radio Division; Baltimore, MD 2 3   288   bendix
Bendix, Red Bank Division, Eatontown (NJ)    bendix-rb
BendixKing - BK (brand); Albuquerque, NM    bendixking
Ben-Her Industries; New York    benher
Benjamin Electric; Chicago    benjamin
Benler Radio Co.; New York City, New York    benler
Bennett Laboratories Inc.; Redwood City, CA    bennett
Bennington Radio and Electric Mfg. Co. (Bremco);...    bennington
Benson Engineering Company; Chicago, Illinois    benson
Benson Melody Company; Chicago, Illinois    bensonmel
Bentley Industries Inc.; Los Angeles    bentleyind
Benwood Radio Co. Inc.; Saint Louis, Missouri    benwood
Berg Auto Trunk & Specialty Company; Long Island...    berg
Berkeley Models, Inc.; Long Island (NY)    berkeleymo
Berlant Associates; Los Angeles    berlant
Berman Sporting Goods Company; Saint Paul, Minne...    berman
Bernard, Herman; New York, NY    bernard
Bershaw Radio & Mfg. Company; Newark, New Jersey    bershaw
Berstan Radio Products Co.; Springfield, Massach...    berstan
Best Ever, B & E Sales Co. Inc.; Detroit (MI)    best-ever
Best, G.M., where?    best
Best Mfg. Co.; Newark, N.J.    bestmfg
Bestone = Tube brand    bestone
Beta-Tek; Acton, MA.    betatek
Bethlehem Radio Corporation; Bethlehem, (PA)    bethlehem
Betta-Tone Radio Co.    betta-tone
Better Radio Products; Muncie, Indiana    better
Betts & Betts Corp.; New York City, New York    betts
Beverly Radio; (Where?)    beverly
BF Electronics; Cardiff, CA    bfelectron
BGW Systems Inc.; Hawthorne (CA)    bgwsystems
B&H Electronics Corp.; Monroe (NY)    b-h-electr
Bible Alliance Inc.; Bradenton, FA    bibleall
BIC America; Cleveland (OH)   22   bicamerica
Biddinger, Chas. A.; Yonkers, New York    biddinger
Bierbower & Van Dunker; San Antonio (TX)    bierbowerv
Bierman-Everett Foundry Company; Irvington, NJ    bierman
Bigg of California (BOC); L.A., CA    bigg
Bigler (tube brand)    bigler
Biltmore Radio Co.; New York City, New York    biltmore
Biomation Corp.; Cupertina (CA)    biomationc
Bird Radio Corp.; Cincinnati, Ohio    bird
Bird Technologies, Bird Electronic Corp., Bird E...    birdtechno
Birk-Morton Vacuum Products Co. Inc. (B-M); Owen...    birk-morto
Birnbach Radio Co. Inc.; New York (NY)    birnbach
Bisby Manufacturing Company; New York City, New ...    bisby
Bissell Engineering Co.; New York City, New York    bissell
B&K (Precision), Dynascan Corp., Cobra Electroni...   99   bk-precisi
Blackburn Manufacturing Co.; San Antonio, Texas    blackburn
Blackhawk; (where?)    blackhawk
Blackout, Inc.; New York, N.Y.    blackout
Blackstone Manufacturing Company; Chicago (IL)    blackstone
Blackstone Radio Tube; Pawtucket, RI    blackst-tu
Blair Radio Laboratories; New York City, New York    blair
Bliley Electric Company; Erie, (PA)    bliley
Bliss Company, R. W.; Wollaston, Massachusetts    bliss
Blonder-Tongue Laboratories, Inc.; Newark (NJ)   27   blonder-to
Blood Tone Arm Company; Bay City, Michigan    blood
Bloomingdale Bros.; New York, NY.    bloomingda
Blue Ribbon (tube brand)    blueribbon
Blue Seal Manufacturing Co.; Chicago, Illinois    blue
Bluebird Tube Co.; New York City (NY)    bluebird
Bluetone (tube brand)    bluetone
Bodine Electric Co.; Chicago (IL)    bodineelec
Boehm Radio Co.; New York, NY    boehm
Boes Co., W.W.; Dayton, OH    boes
Boetsch Brothers Company; New Rochelle (NY)    boetschbro
Bogen, David Co., Inc.; New York (NY) 2   200   bogen
Bogen-Presto Co; Paramus (NJ)   44   bogenpr
Boissonnault Co. Inc., G.; New York City, New York    boissonnau
Boldo Radio & Electric Co.; Philadelphia, Pennsy...    boldo
Bomac Laboratories Inc., Beverly, Mass.    bomac
Boman Astrosonix; Downey (CA)    bomanastro
Bond Electric Corp.; Jersey City, NJ    bond
Bond Electric Corporation; New Haven (CT)    bondelectr
Bond Products Co.; Detroit    bondprod
Bonduaux & Knights; Bronx, New York    bonduaux
Bonine, Charles E.; (where?)    bonine
Bonitone; (where?)    bonitone
Boone Radio Corp, J. T.; Detroit, Michigan    boone
Boone (tubes), Tri-State Products Corp.; New Yor...    boone-tri
Boonton Electronics Corp.; Morris Plains (NJ)   10   boontonele
Boonton Radio Corp.; Boonton, New Jersey   20   boonton
Boonton Rubber Mfg. Co.; Boonton NJ    boonton-ru
Borch Radio Laboratory; Berkeley, California    borch
Borchert-Manegold Engineering & Mfg. Co.; Milwau...    borchert
Borden Radio Company; Houston, TX    borden
Borg-Johnson Electronics Inc. (where?)    borg-johns
Borkman Radio Corp.; Salt Lake City, Utah    borkman
Boro-Hall Music Co.; Brooklyn    boro-hall
BOSE Corporation; Framingham (MA),   27   bose
Boselli    boselli
Boss Audio Systems; Oxnard, CA    boss-audio
Bosserman Radio Labs.; San Francisco, California    bosserman
Boston Acoustics; Peabody, MA    boston-aco
Boston Radio Mfg. Co.; Boston, Massachusetts    boston
Boston Scale & Machine Co.; Boston    bostonscal
Bostron (tubes); (where?)    bostron
Bosworth Electric Mfg. Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    bosworth
Boudette Manufacturing Co.; Revere, Massachusetts    boudette-1
Boulevard Electronics; Chicago    boulevard
Bouquet - Brownson Co. Inc.; Saint Paul, Minnesota    bouquet
Bowers Battery & Spark Plug Co., Reading, PA.    bowers
Bowman & Co., A.W.; Boston, Massachusetts   31   bowman
Bowman's Sons, Ezra F.; Lancaster (PA)    bowmansson
Bozak, R.T., Co.; Buffalo (NY)   17   bozak
Brach Mfg. Co.,L.S.; Newark (NJ)    brach
Bradford; (brand of chain stores W.T.Grant Co.),...   19   bradford
Brandeis Corp., J. F.; Newark, New Jersey (Brand...    brandola
Brandeis Corp.,J.F.; Newark, New Jersey    brandeis
Brandeis Electric Mfg. Co.; New York City, NY    brande-ele
Brandes Products Corp.; Newark (NJ) and New York...   16   brandes
Branford Manufacturing Co. (Blue Bell); New York...    brandford
Branston, Chas. A.; Buffalo, New York   16   branston
Braun Company, W. C.; Chicago, Illinois    braun
Braynt    braynt
Breidenbach, J.N.; Philadelphia, PA    breidenbac
Bremer-Tully Mfg. Co.; Chicago (IL)   46   bremer-tul
Brenard Mfg.Co.; Iowa City, Iowa    brenard
Brendonne Corp.; Orange, New Jersey    brendonne
Breting Radio Mfg. Co.; Los Angeles (CA)    breting
Brewer, P & E, Radio Co. Inc.; New York City, N...    pebrewer
Brewer, P.& E.; Radio Co. Inc.; The; New York Ci...    brewer
Briggs & Stratton; Milwaukee    briggs
Bright Star Industries, Bright Star Battery Co. ...    brightstar
Brightson Laboratories, Inc. Newark, New Jersey    brightson
Brilliantone Radio Products Inc.    brillianto
Bristol Co., The; Waterbury (CT)   12   bristol
British Industries Co., N.Y.    britishind
Broadcast Mfrs. Inc.    broadcast
Broadcasting Stations    broadcasts
Broadmoor Industries, Ltd.; Des Plaines (IL)    broadmoori
Broadmoor; (where?)    broadmoor
Brociner Electronics Lab.; New York   10   brociner
Broksonic; New York (NY)    broksonic
Bronson Products Company; Chicago (IL)    bronsonpro
Bronswick Radio (where?)    bronswick
Bronx Radio Equipment Co. (BRECO); New York City...    bronx
Brook Electronics Inc.; Elizabeth, N.J.   10   brook
Brooklyn Metal Stamping Corp.; Brooklyn (NY)    brookly-me
Brooklyn Radio Laboratory; Brooklyn, New York    brookly-ra
Brooklyn Wireless Company; Brooklyn, New York    brooklyn2
Brooklyn Wireless Installation and Supply Co.; B...    brooklynin
Brook-Rad (tube brand)    brookrad
Brooks Laboratories, Inc.; Waltham    brooks-lab
Brother International Corporation; New York    brotherint
Brown & Manhart Co.    brown-manh
Brown & Pengilly, Electrical Products; Los Angeles    brown-peng
Brown Lynch Scott Company; Monmouth, IL    brownlyn
Brown Radio Corp.    brown-radi
Brown Radio Mfg. Co.; Kingston, Pennsylvania    brown-ramf
Browning Laboratories Inc.; USA   54   brownlabs
Browning-Drake Corp.; Brighton, Massachusetts   46   browning
Brunelli Jones Laboratories; Chicago, Illinois    brunelli
Bruno Labs.; New York    brunola
Bruno Radio Corp.; New York City, New York   19   bruno
Bruno-New York Industries Corp.; NY    brunonewy
Brunswick Div. Mersman Bros.   24   brunswmers
Brunswick Radio&Television, Inc   54   brunswratv
Brunswick-Balke-Collender Co.   99   brunswbalk
Brush Development Co.; Cleveland, Ohio   41   brush
Brush Pottery Co., Zanesville, OH    brushpott
Bryant Radio Company; Palo Alto, California    bryant
Buck Engineering Co., Inc.; Freehold NJ    buckeng
Buck (tube brand)    buck
Buckeye Electric Manufacturers; Gladwin, Michigan   12   buckeye
Buckingham Radio Corp.; (where?)   24   buckingham
Buckwalter Radio Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    buckwalter
Bud Radio Inc.; Cleveland (OH)   11   budradioin
Bud Speaker Co.; Toledo (OH)    budspeaker
Budwig Company Inc., S. Diego    budwig
Buell Manufacturing Co.; Chicago, Illinois    buell
Buick Motor, (where?)   24   buick
Bull Dog (tube brand)    bull-dog
Bulova Watch Corp.; Woodside (NY)   97   bulova
Bunnell & Co., J.H.; Kings Park, NY   35   bunnell
Burgess Battery Co.; Madison and Freeport   23   burgessbat
Burkaw Electric. Co.; New York, NY   10   burkaw
Burke & James Inc.; Chicago, ILL    burkej
Burndept Wireless Corp. of America; New York Cit...    burndeptus
Burndy; New York    burndy
Burroughs Corporation; Plainfield (NJ)    burroughs
Burstein-Applebee Co.; Kansas City (MO)    burstein
Burt Bros. Inc.    burt
Burton, C.W., Co.; Boston MA    burton-cw
Burton-Rogers Company; Boston MA   10   burton-rog
Burtt Manufacturing Co.; Wollaston, Massachusetts    burtt
Burwell Company, Lee D.; Minneapolis, Minnesota    burwell
Burwen Laboratories Inc.; Lexington (MA)    burwen
Buscher & Company, C. A.; Kansas City, Missouri ...    buscher
Bush & Lane Piano Co.; Holland, Michigan   51   bush
Bushwacker; (where?)    bushwacker
Butler Brothers (Sky Rover); where?   10   butler
Button, Paul H.; Detroit, Michigan    button
By Heck (tube brand)    by-heck
C & K Radio Manufacturing Co.; Brooklyn, New York    ckradio
C. & R. Radio Shop; Los Angeles, California    crradio
Cable Nelson, Howard Radio    cable
Cabriolet - see Crosley Radio Corp.    cabriolet
Cadet Battery Company; Philadelpia (PA)    cadetbatt
Cadillac Div.   35   cadillacge
Cadillac Radio Mfg. Co.   40   cadillac
Cadre Industries (where)    cadre
CAI, Communication Associates, Inc.; Huntington ...    cai
Caladyne Radio Company, San Francisco, California    caladyne
CaLan Inc.; Dingmans Ferry (PA)    calaninc
Calbest Electronics; Los Angeles, CA    calbest
Calfax Inc., Star Command (brand), New York    calfax
Califone International Inc.; San Fernando (CA)   24   califone
California Amplifier, Calamp Corp.; Camarillo / ...    californam
California Audio Labs; Garden Grove, CA    calif-audi
California Electric Supply Co.; San Francisco, C...    californi
California Electronics USA Corp., Lowell, Massac...    califelec
California Radio Company; Los Angeles, California    califradio
California Radio Corp.; Redwood City, California    california
Californian Radio Company; Pomona, California    cali4
Callophone Company of New York Inc.; N.Y.    callophon
Calrad - California Radio & Electronics Co.; Hol...   18   calradcali
Caltrade Mfg. & Trading Co.; San Francisco (CA)    caltrade
Calvert Motor Associates    calvert
Calvert Specialty Co.,Inc.; Philadelphia, Pennsy...    calvertspe
Calvertron (tubes) - see also CEI; Lafox, IL    calvertron
Cambridge (brand); where?    cambridge2
Cambridge Sanitary Manufacturing Company; Cambri...    cambridge
Camden, Radio Products Corp., Chicago   64   camden
Cameradio Co.; Pittsburgh, PA   23   cameradio
Camfield Radio Mfg. Co., Oakland, CA    camfield
Campbell Electric Co,; Lynn, Massachusetts    campbellel
Cannon & Hebbard; New Rochelle, NY    cannon
Cannon, C.F.,Co., Springwater, N.Y.    cannoncf
Cannon Translinear Systems Inc.; Sacramento    cannontls
Capehart Corp.; Fort Wayne, IN - see also Farnsw... 2 3   202   capehart
Capitol Appliance Distributor Div., (IN)    capitolapp
Capitol Distributing Co.; New York City, New York    capitol2
Capitol Phonolier Corp., New York City, NY (foll...    capitolpho
Capitol Radio Corporation; where?    capitol-ra
Capitol Records Distributing Corp.; Hollywood, CA    capitol-di
Capitol Records Inc.; Scranton, PA   21   capitolrec
Capps & Co. Inc., Frank L.; Valley Stream, NY    capps
Capwell's; Oakland, California    capwell
Caragol-Clarke Company, Inc. New York City, New ...    caragol
Carborundum Company, Niagara Falls    carborund
Cardinal Radio Mfg. Co.; New York and/or Los Ang...   17   cardinal
Cardinola Radio Corp.; Indianapolis, Indiana    cardinola
Cardon-Phonocraft Corp., The; Jackson, MI    cardon-pho
Cardwell Mfg. Corp., The Allen D.: Brooklyn, NY   15   cardwell
Carillon Radio Company; Essex, New York    carillon
Caringella Electronics Inc.; Upland, CA    caringella
Carloyd Electric & Radio Co.; New York City (Mal...    carloyd
Carl's, M. J.; Los Angeles, Califonia    carls
Caroled C.Inc.; New York    caroled
Carr-Nagy Corp.    carr-nagy
Carron Manufacturing Co.; Chicago (IL)    carronmanu
Carryola Co. of America; Milwaukee (WI)    carryolaco
Carter Electronics Corporation; Dallas (TX)    carterelec
Carter Genemotor Corp.    carter-ge
Carter Manufacturing Co., The; East Cleveland (OH)    carter-mf
Carter Radio Co.; Chicago (IL)    carter
Carteret Radio Labs.   11   carteret
Carver Corporation; Lynnwood (WA)   13   carver
Cary Audio Design, Cary, NC    cary
Case Toy & Sales Company; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    casetoy
Cass & Co., Phillip; Philadelphia, PA    cass
Caswell-Runyan Company; Huntington    caswell-ru
Catalin Corp; New York, NY    catalin
Cavalcade Radio Co.    cavalcade
Cavalier Radio and Television; Long Island City,...    cavalier
CBC Electronics Co. Inc.; Philadelphia (PA)    cbcelectro
CBS-Columbia Inc.; NY 2 3   269   cbs-columb
CeCo (tubes), C.E. Mfg. Co. Inc.; Providence, RI    ceco
CEI - Communication Electronics Inc.; Rockville    cei
CEI, Calvert Electronics Inc.; Lafox, IL    cei-calver
Central Electronics Inc., Chicago    central-el
Central Industries Corporation; Los Angeles (CA)    centralind
Central Manufacturing Company; Fairfield, IA    centralmfg
Central Radio Company (Cenraco); Louisville, Ken...    centralky
Central Radio Laboratories; CRL, Milwaukee (WI)    centralrad
Central Radio Supply; Chicago, IL    centralchi
Central Scientific Company - Cenco; Chicago    centralsc
Central States Engineering Co.; Chicago, IL.    centralsta
Central Station Equipment Co.; New York City, NY    central4
Century Electronics Co. Inc.; Mineola, N.Y.   12   centurye
Century Radio Products Co.   15   century
Century 20th Radio Co.    century-20
Certron Corporation; Los Angeles (CA)    certron
Cesco; Continental Electronics & Sound Co.; Dayt...    cescoconti
Cetec Corporation; Sacramento    cetec
Challenger Amplifier Co.; New York (NY)   20   challenger
Chambers F.B., Co., Philadelphia, PA   11   chambers
Champion Radio Labs (Champion Radio Mfg.); Lakew...   62   champion
Champion Radio Products Co.; Chicago, Illinois    champ-rapr
Champion Radio Works; Danvers, Massachusetts    champion-2
Channel Master Corp.; USA 2   131   channel
Chanson Laboratory; Los Angeles, California    chanson
Chanticleer Radio Co., Los Angeles, CA    chanticlee
Chapin Co., Chas. E.    chapin
Chase Products Corp., ACME tops all; New York    chase
Chatam Electronics; Newark, NJ    chatam-9
Chatham Electronics; Newark, NJ    chatham
Chatham Radio Corp.; Chatham, New Jersey    chathamrad
Chauncey Wing's Sons; Greenfield, MA    chauncey
Chelsea Radio Corp. (National); Chelsea, Boston ...   29   chelsea
Chelten Electric Company; Philadelphia, Pennsylv...    chelten
Cheney Talking Machine Co.; Grand Rapids, Michigan    cheney
Cherington Radio Products Co.; Waukegan, Illinois    cherington
CHESCO; where?    chesco
Cheshire Manufacturing Co.; West Cheshire, Conne...    cheshire
Chevrolet Div.   33   chevrolet
Chicago Apparatus Company; Chicago, Illinois    chicagoap2
Chicago Furniture Manufacturing Co., The; Chicag...    chicagofur
Chicago Musical Instrument Co.; Lincolnwood (IL)    chicagomus
Chicago Nipple Mfg. Co.    chicago-ni
Chicago Radio Apparatus Company; Chicago    chicago-ra
Chicago Salvage Stock Store; Chicago, OH    chicagosal
Chicago Signal Co. (Temple); Chicago, ILL    chicagosig
Chicago Solder Company; Chicago IL    chicagosol
Chicago Telephone Supply Co.; (IL)    chicagtel
Chicago Transformer; Division of Essex Wire Corp...    chicagotra
Chicago Wireless Supply Company; Chicago, Illinois    chicagowir
Chieftain Radio Corp.; Chicago (IL)    chieftainr
Chisholm-Barfield Corp.; New York City, New York    chisholm
Chloride of Silver Dry Cell Battery Co., The; Ba...    chloridesi
Christensen Phono Co. Inc.    christense
Christy Supply; Chicago    christy
Chromatic Telev. Lab., Inc.; New York + Oakland    chromatic
Chrysler Motor Parts Corporation (Mopar); Detroi...    chrysler-m
CI - Comtrad Industries; Midlothian (VA)    cicomtrad
Cinaudagraph Corp.; USA    cinaudagra
Cine 60, Inc.; New York, NY    cine60
CINO Radio Manufacuring Co.; Cincinnati    cino
Circle Radio Co.; New York City, New York    circle
Cities Service Oil Co.    cities
Citroen Electronics Corporation; (where?)    citroenele
Cizek Audio Systems Inc.; Newton, Andover, Lawre...    cizekaudio
Clago Radio Corp.; Chicago (IL)    clago
Claire Manufacturing Co.; Chicago, IL    claire
Clapp-Eastham Co.; Cambridge, MA 2   118   clapp-east
Claravox Co., The; Youngstown. Ohio    claravox
Clare, C.P. & Company, Chicago    clare
Claricon, World Mark Electronics Inc.; Pittsburg...   22   claricon
Clarified Schematics    clarified
Clarion Corporation; Chicago    clarion
Claritron (tubes) - Superior Radio Company; Newa...    claritron
Clark Co., Thomas E., Detroit    clark
Clark Radio Equipment Co.; Chicago    clarkradio
Clarodyne; USA    clarodyne
Clarostat Mfg. Co. Inc.; Brooklyn (NY); Dover (NH)    clarostat
Classic - Factory Direct Marketing (FDM) Inc.; L...    classicfdm
Clear Beam Antenna Corporation; Canoga Park (CA)    clearbeama
Clear Channel Corporation (Ranger); Issaquah, WA    clear-chan
Clearatone (tubes), Radio Tube Laboratory; New Y...    clearatone
Clearco Crystal Co.; Milwaukee (WI)    clearcocry
Cleartone Radio Co.; Cincinnati, OH   47   cleartone
Cleartone Radio Co.; Detroit, MI    cleartoner
Cleartone Radio Electrical Supply Co.; Providenc...    cleartone2
Cleartron Vacuum Tube; New York City, NY    cleartron
Cleftronic Corp.; Chicago (IL)    cleftronic
Clegg Laboratories; Mt.Tabor (NJ)   23   clegg-lab
Clemence & Enderle; Irvington, N.J.    clemence
Clemens Manufacturing Company; St.Louis (MO)    clemens
Clemetsen Company, Anton; Chicago, Illinois    clemetsen
Cleveland Automobile Accessories Co.; Cleveland,...    clevelanda
Cleveland Products Co.; Cleveland (OH)    clevelandp
Cleveland Radio Manufacturing Company; Cleveland...    clevelandw
Cliff Manufacturing Co.; Brookfield, Massachusetts    cliff
Climax Radio & Television Co, Inc.; Chicago (IL) 2   131   climax
Clinton Mfg.Co.; Chicago   62   clinton
Clinton Radio and Phonograph; New York, NY    clinton-ny
Clinton Radiophone Co.; Chicago, Illinois    clintonr
Clippard Instrument Lab. Inc.; Ohio    clippard
Clough-Brengle Co., Chicago (IL)   43   clough
Clover Battery Corp., Brooklyn, NY    clover
Clover Leaf (Cloverleaf) Manufacturing Co.; Chic...    clover-lea
CM Laboratories, Inc.; Norwalk and Stamford, CT    cmlaborato
Coast Navigation School; Santa Barbara (CA)    coastnavig
Coast to Coast Radio Co. NY,NY   12   coastradio
Coast to Coast Stores   23   coaststore
Coastal Navigator Co.; Woodinville (WA)    coastnav
Coastwise Electronics, Los Angeles    coastwise
Cobra electronic corporation; Chicago    cobra-elec
Coby Electronics Corporation; Lake Success (NY)    cobyelectr
Coca-Cola   30   cocacola
Cockaday, L. M. & Co.; New York City    cockaday
Cohn, Inc., T.; Brooklyn (NY)    cohninctbr
Cohu Electronics, Inc.; San Diego (CA)    cohuelectr
Coin Radio & Television Corp.; New York (NY)    coinradnyn
Coin Radio of America, Los Angeles (CA)    coinrad
Colburn Radio Laboratories    colburn
Colby's Telegraph School; Auburn, New York    colby
Cole Battery Sales Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    cole
Coleman Electric Co. Inc., Maywood. Ill.    coleman
Coletronics Service Inc.; Hewlett, Long Island    coletronic
Collins Audio Products Co. Inc.; Westfield (NJ)   15   collinsaud
Collins Radio Company; Cedar Rapids (IA)   90   collins
Collins Wireless Telephone Co.; Newark, New Jersey    collinswir
Colonial Radio Co.; Long Island and Buffalo, NY 2   160   colonial
Colonial Radio Equipment Co,; Chicago, IL    colonial2
Color Converter Inc.; Columbia City (IN)    colorcon
Colordaptor; Palo Alto (CA)    colordapt
Colortone Television Co., Inc.; New York (NY)    colortonet
Colt Communications, Inc.; Skokie / Chicago, IL    coltcomm
Columbia Phonograph, American / Volta Graphophon... 2   116   columb-pho
Columbia Print (Radio Division); New York City, ...    columb-pri
Columbia Radio Co. Inc.; Saint Louis, Missouri    columbiast
Columbia Radio Co.; Youngstown Ohio    columb-rad
Columbia Radio Company; Los Angeles, CA, Provide...    columbi-ca
Columbia Radio Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    columbia2
Columbia Radio Laboratories Inc. (Columbiatron);...    columbia-r
Columbia Records Sales Corp.; Hawthorne (NJ)   25   columbiare
Columbia Specialty Co.; New York, NY    columbiasp
Columbia Telecommunications Group Inc. (Tel-Com-...    coltelcomg
Columbian Hydrosonics; Freeport, NY    columbian
Comco, Communications Company, Inc.; Miami, FL    comco
Comcraft Company; Goleta, CA    comcraft
Comet Battery Co.,The; Cleveland, Ohio    comet
Command Electronics, Inc.; Schoolcraft (MI)    commandele
Commander Industries; Chicago, IL    commanderi
Commander Radio Tubes; (where?)    commandert
Commerce Radiophone Co.; Detroit, Michigan    commerce
Commercial Radio; Boston    commradio
Commercial Trades Institute; Chicago (IL)    commertrad
Commodore Importing Co., Brooklyn   15   commodore
Common type USA tube/semicond.    common
Commonwealth Radio Mfg. Co.   18   commonweal
Communication Measurement Lab.; New York    communic
Communication Technology Group; Federal Way, WA    comm-tech
Communications Specialists, Inc.; Orange (CA)    commun
Como Apparatus Co., Inc.; Manchester, NH    como
Compressed Wood Corp.; Chicago    compressed
Computron Electronics; New York (NY)    computron
Comspace Corporation; Long Island (NY)    comspace
Comtech Laboratories, Inc.; Smithtown (NY)    comtechlab
Conar Instruments; Washington (DC)   17   conar
Concert Master Mfg. Co. (brand) - see also Conti...    concertmas
Concert Radiophone Co.; Cleveland, Ohio    concert
Concertola Radio Shop; New York City, New York    concertola
Concord Electronics Corp.; California   12   concordel
Concord Radio Corp.; Chicago   64   concord
Concrete Specialty Co. Inc., CSC; Chicago (IL)    concretesp
Congress Radio Inc.; Chicago, Illinois    congress
Conn, C.G. Instruments Ltd (Conn-Selmer); Elkhar...    conn-instr
Connecticut Instrument Co.; Stamford, CT    connecti
Connecticut Telephone & Electric Company (Sodion...   19   connecticu
Conrac Inc.; Baldwin Park (CA)   11   conrac
Conrad-Johnson Design, Inc.; Fairfax & McLean (VA)   10   conradjohn
Consco Electric Co.; New York City, New York    consco
Consolidated Battery Co.    consolida2
Consolidated Radio & Television Co.    consolidat
Consolidated Radio Co.; Ann Arbor, MI   17   consolida3
Consolidated Specialties Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    consolid3
Consolidated Wire and Associated Corporations; C...    consolwire
Consomello    consomello
Consrad Co. Inc., The; New York City, New York    consrad
Consumers Radio Co.    consumers
Continental Corp. (Continental tube brand); Chic...    continent2
Continental Electric Co., Cetron Electronics; St...    conti-elco
Continental Electric Co., Inc., Newark, NJ / Roc...    contin
Continental Electronics Co.; Dallas (TX)    conti-elc1
Continental Electronics Ltd.; Brooklyn / New Yor...    conti-elc2
Continental Merchandise Co. Inc. (CMC); New York...   43   conti-merc
Continental Mfg. Inc.; Omaha (NE)   11   conti-manu
Continental Radio & Mfg. Co.; Newton, IA    conti-radm
Continental Specialties Co.; Newhaven. CT    conti-spec
Continental Tube Laboratories; Chicago, IL    continent1
Continental Wireless Supply Corp.; Hoboken, NJ    conti-wire
Controla-Tone Company; Tacoma (WA)    controla-t
Conversa - see Audio Communications    conversa9
Conversafone Co.; New York    conversa
Co-op Importing Co.; Kansas City (MO)    coopimport
Co-Operative Sales Co.    co-operati
Cooper-Automatic, USA    cooper
Cooper-Byron Radio Electric Corp.; Jersey City, ...    cooperb
Corad (tubes); (where?)    corad
Coradio Inc.; Paterson (NJ)    coradio
Corbett Cabinet Mfg. Co.; St. Marys, PA    corbett
Corcoran Lamp Co., Thomas J.; Cincinnati, Ohio    corcoran
Cordonic Mfg. Co.    cordonic
Cornell Electric Manufacturing Corp.; New York    cornell-el
Cornell-Dubilier Electric (CDE); Seattle (WA)   27   cornel-dub
Corona Electric Corp.; New York City, New York    coronael
Corona Radio & Telev. Corp.; ((where?)   34   corona
Coronado Mfg. Co; Saint Paul, MN    coronado
Coronado (tubes) - see also Gamble-Skogmo; Minne...    coronado-t
Coronet Radio & Television Co.   11   coronet-ra
Corwico; Label of Cornish Wire Co.; Williamstown...    corwicocor
Cosmo Communications Corporation; Miami (FL)    cosmocommu
Cosmopolitan Phusiformer Co.; New York City, New...    cosmopolit
Cosmos Electric Co.; New York City, New York   15   cosmos
Cosmotone Inc.   12   cosmotone
Cosrad Electronic Components; (where?)    cosradelec
Cosradio Company Inc.; Witchita, Kansas    cosradio
Coto Coil Manufacturing, Providence , RI    coto
Courier, E.C.I., Electronics Communications (NY)    courier
Cousino Electronics Corporation; Toledo (OH)    cousinoele
CPI, Palo Alto (CA)    cpi
Craftsman; Chicago, Illinois.    craftsman
Craig and Loughborough; Norwood, OH    craig2
Craig Panorama Inc.; Los Angeles (CA)   46   craig
Crain Bros. Radio Shoppe; Oakland (CA) (Aeriola)    crain
Cramer, W. R., Co.; Omaha, Nebraska    cramer
Crane, A. R. Co. Chicago    crane
C.R.C.; Chicago    crc
Crescent Industries, Inc.; Chicago   42   crescen-in
Crescent Radio Mfg. Co.; Minneapolis, Minnesota   19   crescen-ra
CREST AUDIO Inc.; Paramus, NJ    crest
Crest Laboratories, Inc. (NOT Crestwood)    crest-labs
Crestwood Recorder; see Daystrom or Crest Lab.    crestwood9
Crippen Company, The; New York (NY)    crippencom
Criterion; (where?)    criterion
Crocker-Wheeler Electric Co.; Ampere, NJ    crocker
Crosby Laboratories, Inc.; Mineola (NY)    crosby
Crosley Radio Corp.; Cincinnati (OH) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15   1439   crosley
Crosley Radio (Retro Electronics); Louisville (KY)   13   crosleyrep
Crosley Vacuum Products Corp., Cincinnati, Ohio    crosleydef
Cross    cross
Cross Electronics Inc.; Warrendale (PA)    crosselect
Crouch, Wilson & Co. ; Oneonta, New York    crouch
Crow; Los Angeles, CA    crow
Crowe; Chicago    crowe
Crown Controls Company Inc.; Ohio    crowncontr
Crown International (Amcron); Elkhart (IN)   14   crowninter
Crown Radio & Television, (where)    crownradio
Croydon (where?)    croydon
Cruver Mfg. Co. (Proudfoot); Chicago, IL    cruver
Crystal Devices Co.; New York (NY)    crystal-de
Crystal Products; Kansas City (MO)    crystal
CSI Electronics Inc.; Texas    csi
CTI; Cartridge Television Inc.; Palo Alto (CA)    cticartrid
Cubic Defense Systems; San Diego (CA)    cubicdefen
Culver-Stearns Mfg Co.; Worcester, MA    culver-ste
Cummings Radio Corp.; Springfield, Missouri    cummings
Cunningham; Detroit, Michigan    cunningha1
Cunningham Inc., E.T.; Harrison (NJ)    cunningham
Curkoid Corp.; New York City, New York    curkoid
Curry & Coutillier Labs.    curry
Curtis (brand)    curtis
Curtis Mathes MfG. Co.; Dallas (TX)   42   curtismat
Cushman Electronics Inc. (where?)    cushman
Cussins & Fearn Co.,The; Columbus, Ohio (Fearnola)    cussins
Custom Built Radio Co.    custom
CUSTOM-BUILT - see UNKNOWN (or the cmpany)    custom-b9
Cutler-Hammer; Milwaukee and New York    cutler
Cutting & Washington Radio Corp.; Minneapolis, M...   10   cutting
Cyart Plastics, Inc.; Bronx, NY    cyart
D & A Manufacturing Co.; Scottsbluff, Nebraska    damanu
D & M; Midland Park    dmmidland
Daco Dayton Acme Co.; Cincinnati OH    daco
Dade Wholesale Products Inc.,Opa-Locka , FL.    dade-whole
Dagher International Electronics Ltd.; Illinois    diel
Dahlberg Company; Minneapolis, USA    dahlberg
DAK Industries Inc.; Canoga Park, CA.    dak
Dalbar Mfg. Co.; Dallas    dalbar
Dalco Radio Co. (Dalcofone); New York City, NY    dalco
Dalmo-Victor Co.; San Carlos (CA)    dalmo
Dalton, Whittier, True Co.; Chicago, IL    daltonwhit
Da-Myko Products Co., New York    da-myko
Dana Exact Electronics Inc.; Hillsboro (OR)    danaexacte
Dana Laboratories Inc.; Irvine (CA)    dana
Danbury-Knudsen Inc.; Cleveland, Ohio    danbury
Dank & Company, M. Carlton; Brooklyn, NY    dank
Danziger-Jones, Inc.; New York City, New York    danziger-j
Darwall Corp.; New York City, New York    darwal
Data Precision Corp.; Wakefield    dataprecis
Daven Radio Co. ; Newark (NJ)    daven
David Berning Company; Potomac    dbco
David Clark Company, Inc.; Worcester (MA)    davidclark
Davidson; Eatonton    davids
Davidson Radio Corp.    davidson
Davis, J. W.    davis-jw
Davis Manufacturing Co., Richard T. Inc. (Vogue)...    davismfg
Davis Radio Co.    davis
Davis Radio Laboratory; Fenton, Michigan    davislab
Davison-Haynes Mfg. Co. (Davidson-Haynes); Los ...   12   davison-ha
Dawson & Winger Electric Company; Chicago, Illin...    dawson
Dayco Radio Corporation; Dayton (OH)    daycoradio
Day-Fan Electric Co.; Dayton, Ohio (Fan and Moto... 2   110   dayfan
Daynor Radio Electric Co.; Wilkinsburg, Pennsylv...    daynor
Dayrad - see Radio Products Corp.    dayrad9
Daystrom Electric Corp.; Poughkeepsie (NY)    daystromel
DB Systems; Rindge    dbsystems
dbx Inc.; Waltham (MA)   15   dbxinc
De Forest Electronics; West Caldwell, NJ    deforestel
De Luxe Mfg. Co., Chicago, IL    de-luxe
De Roy Radio Corp.    deroy
Deagan, J.C., Chicago    deagan
Dearborn Industries; Chicago    dearborn-i
Decca Distributing Corp., New York   42   decca-dis
Decimeter; (where?)    decimeter
Defender (tubes) - see also Sears; Chicago, IL    defender
Defiance Radio & Electric Co.; Tacoma, Washington    defiance
DeForest, Lee, Manufacturing Co.; Los Angeles    deforestle
DeForest Radio Telephone & Telegraph Co. (De For... 2   138   deforest
DeForest's Training inc; Chicago    deforests
deForest-Sanabria Corp. - American Television In...    deforestsa
DeForest-Tubes    deforesttu
Deitrickson Radio Co. Inc.; Saint Joseph, Missouri    deitrickso
DeJay Corporation; Holbrook (MA)    dejaycorpm
DeJur, DeJur-AMSCO; Long Island City (NY)    dejurusa
Delancey, Felch & Co.    delancey
Delatone (tubes); (where?)    delatone
Delco - tubes; USA    delcotubes
Delco Radio Corp. (Appliance)    delco
Delco-Remy Division, Gen-l Motors Corp    delco-remy
Delmonico; Long Island City (NY)   39   delmonico
Delta Electronics, Inc.; Springfield, Virginia    deltaelect
Delta Midget Tube Co., Newark NJ    delta
Deluxe (brand?); where?    deluxe
Demco Electronics Inc.; Bristol (IN)    demcoelect
Dentron Radio Co.; Twinsburg (OH)   17   dentron
DePree Sales Co.    depree
Deterling Manufacturing Co., Inc.; Tipton (IN)    deterling
Determined Productions Inc.; San Francisco (CA)    determined
Detroit Amplifier Company; (Where)    detroitamp
Detroit Electric Company; Detroit, Michigan    detroitel
Detroit Radio Co.; Detroit (MI)    detroit
Detroit Radio Company.; New York City, New York    detroitny
Detroit Radio Laboratories, Inc.; Detroit, Michi...    detroitlab
Detroit Woodcraft Corp.; Detroit, MI    detroitw
Detrola; Detroit (MI) 2 3 4   317   detrola
Detron (tubes), Detroit Radio Products Corp. (DR...    detron
DeVeaux Radio Corp.    deveaux
Develco Inc.; Palo Alto, CA    develco
DeVry Technical Institute; Chicago    devry
DeWald Radio Mfg. Corp., Pierce Airo Inc. 2 3 4 5   422   dewald
Dewalt Industrial Tool Co.; Baltimore, Maryland    dewalt
DeWitt McJilton; Chicago, IL    dewitt-m
DeWitt-LaFrance Co. Inc.; Cambridge, MA    dewitt-la
Dextron Radio Laboratory (Mastertone); East Oran...    dextron
DFP (D.F.P.) Vacuum Products; Toledo, OH    dfp
DGM Electronics, Inc.; Roscoe (IL)    dgmelectro
Dial Less Radio Corp.;    dial-less
Diamant Tool & Mfg. Co. Inc.; Newark, New Jersey    diamant
Diamond Antenna; San Marcos, CA    diamondant
Diamond Electric (Specialties) Corp.; Newark, NJ...    diamond-tu
Diamond Multimedia SA; Chatsworth CA    diamond2
Diamond Radio Co.; Chicago, IL    diamond
Diamond State Fibre Company; Bridgeport and Chic...    diamondfi
Diamond T Radio; South Bend, IN   23   diamond-t
Diana Laboratories; New York, NY    diana
Diatron (tubes), Diamond Vacuum Products Co; Chi...    diatron
Dickson, W.A.; Detroit, Michigan    dickson
Dictaphone Co.; New York, Mountan View   16   dictaphone
Dictograph Products Co. International (General A...   28   dictograph
Dietzen Inc., Modells (Mail Order House); New Yo...   13   dietzen
DigiMax Instruments Corp., DSI Digital Signal In...    digimax
Digital Blue Inc.; Marietta (GA)    digitalblu
DigiTec - United Systems Corp.; Dayton, Ohio    digitec
Dilco Radio Corp. / Dilco Lamp Works, Inc.; Harr...    dilco
Dilette Internet Sales; Chandler AZ    dilette
Dimmock-Bogart Radio Co. Inc.; New York City, Ne...    dimmock
Disbecker & Co.; New York City, New York    disbecker
Dish Network Corporation; Englewood, CO    dish
Distantone Radio Inc.; Lynbrook   16   distantone
Distatron (tubes), DX Electric Products Corp.; N...    distatron
DisXron / DisXtron (tubes), Justrite Sales Co.; ...    disxron
Dittmore-Freimuth Co.; Milwaukee (WI)    dittmore-f
Diva Radio Corp.; New York City, New York   16   diva
Dixie Radio Corp.    dixie
Dobbins Manufacturing Co., The; Cleveland (OH)    dobbinsmfg
Dolby Laboratories, Inc.; San Francisco, CA    dolbylab
Don Bosco Electronics Inc.; Hanover (N.J.)    donbosco
Donehue, L. R. Lumber Company; New Albany, IN    donehue
Dongan Electric Mfg. Co.; Detroit (MI)    donganelec
Donle-Bristol Co., Meriden, Conn.    donle
Donnell Manufacturing Co.,L.H.; Ann Arbor, Michi...    donnell
Doolittle Co., F.M.; New Haven, Connecticut    doolittle
Doolittle Radio, Inc.; Chicago (IL)    doolittler
Dorne & Margolin; Bohemia, NY    dorne-marg
Doron Bros. Electric Co.; Hamilton, Ohio   14   doron
Dorrough Electronics; Woodland Hills, CA    dorrough
Dorsal Electronics; New York (NY)    dorsal
Doss Electronic Research; Kansas City , MO    dosselectr
Dotson Hiebert Co.; Minneapolis, Minnesota    dotson
Doubleday-Hill Electric Company; Pittsburg, PA    doubleday
Doublell Radio Company; New York City, New York    doublell
Douglas Microwave Co. Inc.; Mt. Vernon, NY    douglas-mi
Dovetron; Pasadena (CA)    dovetron
Drake Radio Mfg. Co. (NOT R.L Drake for Amateur ...    drake2
Drake, R.L. Miamisburg, Ohio 2   149   drake
Dray Radio Laboratory; Chicago, Illinois    dray
Dresner Radio Mfg Corp.; New York (NY)    dresnerrad
Drexel Radio Mfg. Co.; Chicago, Illinois (Drexola)    drexel
Dreyfuss Company Inc., P.M.; New York City, New ...    dreyfuss
Du Bois-Leach Radio Service    dubois
Dual Engineering Corp.    dual
Dual Loud Speaker Company; New York City, NY    dualloud
Dual Tool Company, The; Cleveland, Ohio    dualtool
Dubilier Clock Corp.; New York (NY)    dubilie-cl
Dubilier Condenser and Radio Corp.; New York (NY)    dubilieran
Duck Co., J.J. and William B.; Toledo, OH   56   duck
DuKane Corporation; St. Charles (IL)   23   dukanecorp
Duke Radio Co. (where?)    dukeradio
Dumont Electric Co. Inc.; New York (NY)   14   dumont-el
DuMont Labs, Allen B., Inc. 2 3   231   dumont-la
Duncan Electricians, L. A. (Ladco); Los Angeles,...    duncan
Dungan-Sternfield Radio Sales    dungan-ste
Dunham Products, D.F.; Los Angeles (CA)    dunhamprod
Dunn Mfg. Co.; Clarinda, Iowa (Kisonet)    dunn
Dunwell Mfg. Co.; Carlstadt (NJ)    dunwell
Duo Magnetic Manufacturing Company; New York    duomagn
Duosonic Radio Corp., New York    duosonic
Duovac Radio Tube Company; Brooklyn (NY)    duovac
Duplex Engine Governor Co. Inc., The; Brooklyn, ...    duplexeng
Duplex Phonograph Co., The; Kalamazoo (MI)    dublexphon
Durabrand (Wal-Mart); Bentonville, Arkansas    durabrand
Duraco (tubes), Duratron Products Corp.; Union C...    duraco
Durban Electric Company; Chicago, Illinois    durban
Durham & Co., Inc.; Philadelphia; PA    durhamco
Duro / El Duro (tubes)    duro
Duro Metal Products Co., (Quali-tone); Chicago, ...    durometal
Durotron (tubes), Electrical Products Corporatio...    durotron
Durrant Radio Ltd.; New York City, New York    durrant
Duval Tube Co. / Duval Radio Corp.; (where?)    duval
DX Instrument Co.; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania    dxinstrumt
DX Radio Company; Summit, Ill    dxradio
D.X.L. Radio Corp.; Detroit, Michigan    dxl
Dyn Electronics Inc.; Miami and Hialeah (FL)   10   dynelectro
Dyna Co. (Dynaco); Philadelphia PA   22   dynaco
Dyna Radio Company; New York City, New York    dyna
Dynalab; (where?)    dynalab
Dynamic Electronics New York. Inc.; (NY)   20   dynamicele
Dynamic Radio Tube Works; Newark, NJ    dynamic
Dynamotive Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    dynamotive
Dynaport Electronics Inc.; (where?)    dynaport
Dynavox Corp., Long Island City    dynavox
Dynax, USA    dynax
Dynex, Hahne & Company; Newark, NJ    dynex
Dyras; Miami    dyras
E.& N. Products Co.    en-product
E. P. Radio Company; Brooklyn, New York    epradio
Eagle Charger Corp.; Philadelphia    eagle-char
Eagle Electric Mfg. Co. Inc.; Long Island City (...    eagleelect
Eagle Electronics, Inc.; New York (NY)    eagleelein
Eagle Radio Co.; Newark, New Jersey   18   eagle
Earl Webber Company; Chicago    earl-webbe
Eastern America Trio; College Point, N.Y.;(triso...    easternam
Eastern Amplifier Corporation (EAC); New York (NY)    easternamp
Eastern Coil Corporation; New York    easternc
Eastern Electric & Manufacturing Co.; Providence...    eastern-e2
Eastern Electronics Corp.; New Haven, Conn.    eastern-el
Eastern Precision Electrical Instrument Co.; Roc...    easternpre
Eastern Radio Company; Washington, D.C.    easternrad
Eastern Radio Laboratory; West Fort Lee, New Je...    easternra2
Eastern Radio Manufacturing Co., New York    easternr
Eastern Radio Specialty Co. (Peak); New York, NY    eastrspec
Eastern Specialty Co., The; Philadelphia, Pennsy...    eastern
Eaton-Edwards Radio Co.; Long Island, New York (...    eaton
Eby, H. H. Mfg. Company; Philadelphia, PA    eby-hh
EBY Sales Co. Inc.; Jamaica, N.Y.    ebysales
ECA, New York   16   eca2
Echo Radio Company; Chicago, IL    echoradio
Echophone Manufacturing Co.; Los Angeles, Califo...    echophonel
Echophone Radio, Inc. - see also (The) Radio Sho...   83   echophone
Echostar Corporation; Englewood, CO    echostar
Echotron (tubes); (where ?)    echotron
Eckenroth Co., Inc.    eckenroth
Eckstein Radio and Television, Karadio, L'Tatro;...   11   eckstein
Eclipse Tube Works; Newark, NJ    eclipse
Ecodyne Radio Co.; Irwin, Pennsylvania    ecodyne
Economic Appliance Co.    economic
Econotron (tubes), Nulite Electric Co.; New York...    econotron
E-D Manufacturing Co., The; Philadelphia, PA    ed-mfco
Edco Manufacturing Co. (EMC); Chicago, IL    edco
Edelman, P. E., E. E. Manufactring; New York Cit...    edelman
Edgcomb-Pyle Wireless Mfg. Co.; Pittsburgh, PA   12   edgcomb-py
Edgerton, Germeshausen, and Grier, Inc. (EG&G); ...    edgerton
EDI Electronic Devices, Yonkers    edi
Edison Lamp Works; Menlo Park, N.J.    edisonlamp
Edison Manufacturing Company; Orange, New Jersey    edisonman
Edison, Thomas A., North American Phonograph / N...   76   edison
EDLO (tubes), DeWitt-LaFrance Co. Inc.; Cambridg...    edlo
EDO Commercial Corporation; New York    edo
Edtron Instruments; Kalispell (MT)    edtron
Educational Electronics Company; Chicago (IL)    educatione
Edwards & Company; New York City, New York    edwardsny
Edward-s F-M Radio Corp.; New York    edwards
Edwards Sound Engineering Co.; Kansas City, MO    edwardssou
E-H Research Laboratories, Oakland    e-h
Ehrhorn Technological Operations Inc.; Colorado ...    ehrhorn
EICO (Electronic Instrument Co.Inc.) Brooklyn 2   155   eico
Eicor Inc.; Chicago (IL)    eicorinc
Eidson Electronic Co.; Temple (TX)    eidson
Eilen Radio Laboratories; New York (NY)   59   eilen
Eimac (brand name)    eimac
Eip Microwave Inc.; San Jose, CA    eip-microw
Eisemann Magneto Corp.; Brooklyn, New York    eisemann
Ekeradio Electronic Developments; Pasadena CA    eke
Eldico Inc., New York   11   eldico
Eldredge Electrical Corporation; Springfield, Ma...    eldredge
Elecraft; Aptos, CA    elecra
Electra Corporation; Indiana   15   electracor
Electrad Corporation of America; New York (NY)    electra-co
Electrad Inc.; New York (NY)   12   electrad
Electrex - Special Sales Products; Los Angeles (...    electrex
Electric & Automotive Prod. Co.   13   elect-auto
Electric Auto-Lite Co.    elect-auli
Electric City Novelty & Mfg. Co.; Schenectady, N...    elect-city
Electric Division, Compressor Corp. of America; ...    electdivis
Electric Machine Corp.; Indianapolis, Indiana    elect-mach
Electric Mfg. & Sales Co. (Emsco); Newark, NJ    electricma
Electric Service Co.; Morris, Illinois (Escodyne)    elect-serv
Electric Service Engineering Corp.    elect-seng
Electric Service Products Co,; Chicago, Illinois    elecserv
Electric Service Shop    elect-sesh
Electric Shop; Boston, Massachusetts    electrics2
Electric Spec. Export Corp.; (where?)    elect-spec
Electric Specialty Company (Esco); Stamford, Conn.    electricsp
Electric Specialty MFG Co; Cedar Rapids, Iowa    elecspecia
Electric Storage Battery Co., The (ESB); Philade...    electricst
Electric Supply and Equipment Co.; New York City    elecsuppl
Electrical Engineers Equipment Co.; Chicago    electrical
Electrical Instrument Service Inc.; Mount Vernon...    eleinstsei
Electrical Laboratories Co. (Walco); New York (NY)    electrilab
Electrical Products Mfg.Co.; Providence, Rhode I...    electricpr
Electrical Research & Mfg. Co.; Waterloo, Iowa    electricre
Electrical Research Laboratories Inc. (Erla); Ch... 2   132   erla
Electrical Specialty Co. (Esco); Columbus, Ohio    electrspec
Electro Acoustic Products Co.    electro-ac
Electro Appliances Mfg. Co.; New York, NY    electro-ap
Electro Engineering & Mfg. Co.; Detroit, MI    electroeng
Electro Importing Co. (Eico); New York City, NY   56   electro-im
Electro Impulse Laboratory Inc.; Neptune, New Je...    electroimp
Electro International, Inc.; Annapolis (MD)    electroint
Electro MFG. Co.; San Francisco, CA    electromfg
Electro Music; Pasadena    electromus
Electro Products Laboratories; Chicago    electropro
Electro Technical Industries; Philadelphia (PA)    electrotec
Electro-Brand Inc.; Westchester, IL   51   electro-br
Electrodyne (tubes), Wireless Equipment Co.; New...    electrodyn
Electrolux Corporation USA; Old Greenwich, CT    electrolux
Electromagnetic Technology; Colmar    electromag
Electromatic Mfg. Corp.   17   electromat
Electron Enterprises Inc.; Berwyn (IL)    electronen
Electron Mfg. Co., Berkeley, California    elektron
Electron; (where?)    electron3
Electronator (tubes)    electronat
Electro-Neutronics Inc.; Oakland CA    electro-ne
Electronic Age Manufacturing, EAM; (where?)    electronag
Electronic Design Company (EDC), Goldentone; Min...    electrode
Electronic Designs Inc; Irvington    eldesirv
Electronic Designs; Yonkers (NY)    electronde
Electronic Development Corp. (EDC); Boston, MA    electr-dev
Electronic Development Laboratories, Inc. (EDL);...    electrodel
Electronic Devices Co.; New York    electrodev
Electronic Devices Inc.; Cincinnati    electron2
Electronic Instrument Co.; Tiffin, OH.    electron-i
Electronic Laboratories, Inc. (E/L); Indianapoli...   29   electronic
Electronic Measurements Corp. (EMC); New York, NY.   18   electroni2
Electronic Measurements Inc.; Neptune, N.J.    electron-m
Electronic Mfg. Co. ; Harrisburg    elecharris
Electronic Products Co.; New York, NY    electronip
Electronic Products Corp.; St. Louise (MO)    electropr
Electronic Research Labs.; New York City 7    electronre
Electronic Specialty Co., Los Angeles    electron
Electronic Training Aids Inc.; (where?)    electrontr
Electronic Workshop inc.; New York, NY    electronwo
Electronics International; (where?)    elecintern
Electronics Systems Corp.; Kansas City (MO)    electrsyco
Electrons Inc.; USA (tubes)    electrons
Electrophone Corp., Harris Mfg. Co.    electropho
Electrophysics Corp.; Costa Mesa, CA    electrophy
Electro-Scientific, Portland    electrosci
Electrose (trade mark)    electrose
Electro-Set Company, The; Cleveland, Ohio    electroset
Electrosonics International, Inc.; Philadelphia ...    electroson
Electrostatic Sound Systems. Inc.; Sacramento (CA)    electrosta
Electro-Technical Laboratories Inc., Leonia, N.J.    electrote1
Electro-Tone Corp.; Hoboken, NJ (before New York)    electroto2
Electrotone Laboratories Inc.; Chicago (IL)    electroton
Electro-Voice Inc.; USA   99   electro-vo
Elektron (tubes), Lectrodio Corp.; Lynn, MA    elektron-t
Elenco Electronics Inc., Illinois    elenco
Elgin Radio & Television Corp.    elgin-ratv
Elgin Radio Co.    elgin-ra
Elgin Radio Division; Maspeth, (NY)   21   elginnatio
Elgin Radio Supply Co.; Chicago, Illinois    elgin-rasu
Elimino Company, The, H. Browning; West Toledo (...    elimino
Eling Co., R. W.; Chicago, Illinois    eling
Elion Instruments, Burlington    elioninstr
Elite Radio Stores; Bedford, Massachusetts (Tzig...    elite
Elitetron (tubes)    elitetron
Elkay, Langbein Kaufmann Co.    elkay
Elkay Manufacturing Corp.; New York City, New York    elkaymfg
Elkon; Port Chester N. Y.    elkon
Ell Ess Radio Exchange Inc.    ell-ess
Ellamac Inc.; Chicago IL    ellamac
Ellinwood Industries; Los Angeles, CA    ellinwood
Elliot-Shaw,J., Company; Philadelphia, Pennsylva...    elliotshaw
Elliott Electric Co.; Shreveport, LA    elliot
Ellis Electrical Labratory; (where)    elliselec
Ellis, J.H.; Milwaukee (WI)    ellisjhmil
Ellwood Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Woodland, CA    ellwood
Elmore-Lambling Radio Co.    elmore-lam
El-Paige Radio Co.; New York City, New York    el-paige
Elrey Radio Mfg.- Co.    elrey
Elyria Wireless Supply Company; Elyria, Ohio    elyria
EMCO Radio Products; Brooklyn, New York    emco
Emenee Industries, Inc.; Flushing (NY), Stryker ...    emeneeind
Emerson Electric Mfg. Co., The; St. Louis (MO)    emersonele
Emerson Radio & Phonograph Corp.; New York, NY 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18   1720   emerson
Emerson Radval Co.; New York City    eme
Emery, A. H., Poughkeepsie, NY    emery
EMI/US; North Hollywood (CA)    emi-us
Emor Radio Ltd.    emor
Empire Designing Corp.    empire-des
Empire Devices Products Corp.; Amsterdam (NY)    empire-dev
Empire Electric Mfg. Co.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    empire-ele
Empire Electrical Products Co. (Empire-Tron); Ne...   25   empire-elp
Empire Mfg. Corp.    empire-mf
Empire Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    empire-rad
Empire Scientific Corp.; Garden City N.Y.    empire-sci
Empire-Tron (tube brand)    empiretron
Encore (trade name)   13   encore
Endless-Graph Manufacturing Co., Fairy Phonograp...    endless
Energizer (brand), Energizer Holdings Inc.; Town...    energizer
Englishtown International Ltd.; New York    englishtow
Ensco - Engineers Service Co.; New York (NY)    ensco
Epiphone Company, Long Island City, New York    epiphone
Eppley Laboratory, The; Newport, RI    eppley
Epsilon Electronics; Montebello, CA    epsilonel
Equitable Radio Corp.; Hughesville, Pennsylvania.    equitable
ERA Acoustics Corp.; Moonachie (NJ)    era-acoust
ERC, Eastern Radio Corp. (E.R.C.); Arlington, MA    erc
Ercona Corp., Electronic, New York    ercona
Ergon Electric; Brooklyn, N.Y.    ergon
Eric Engineering; Santa Monica CA    ericelectr
Ericsson Inc.; Virginia, USA    ericsson
Erie Resistor Corp.; Erie, (PA)    erieresist
Erisman Labs, the; New York    erisman
Ernest Electric Co.; Saint Louis, Missouri    ernest
Ertl Company; Dyersville (IA)    ertl
Erwood Co., The; Chicago    erwood
Eschner Company, Chicago, Illinois    eschner
Esetroc Manufacturing Co. (Cecilian); Newark, NJ    esetroc
Espey Mfg. Co., Inc.; New York (NY) 2   142   espey
Esquire Radio Corp., New York    esquire
ESS Co., Electric Service Supplies Co.; Philadel...    esscoelect
Essenbee Radio Devices Co.; Chicago, IL    essenbee
Essex Manufacturing Co.; Newark, New Jersey (Kni...    essex-manu
Essex Radio Corp..    essex-radi
Essex Radio Service, Inc. (Erasinc); Newark, New...    erasinc
Essex Specialty Company Inc.; Berkeley Heights, ...    essexspec
Estey; Brattleboro, Vermont    estey
ETC, General Atronics Corp. USA    etc
Etheredge Radio Company; Spartanburg, South Caro...    etheredge
Etheric Electric Co.; New York City, New York    etheric
Etón Corp, Lextronix Inc (Grundig); Redwood City...   10   eton
Eureka Outlet Corp.; New York City, New York (Go...    eureka
Eureka Tube and Manufacturing (T. & M.) Co.; New...    eureka1
Eurekatron; (Where ?)    eurekatron
European All Wave Radio Co. Inc; New York (NY)    european
Evans Radio Co.; Evanston (IL)    evansradio
Evansville Radio Laboratory; Evansville, Indiana    evansville
Everbest Radio Corporation; New York, NY    everbest
Eveready, National Carbon Company (NCC), Columbia 2   136   eveready
Everedy (tubes), Nussbaum & Silver; New York, NY    everedy
Everest Manufacturing Co.; Central Falls, RI    everest
Everett Electric Corporation; New York City, NY    everett
Everite Tube Co.; Providence, RI    everite
Everlast Radio Products Co.; New York City, New ...    everlast
Evolution Phone Co    evolution
Exact Electronics Inc.; Hillsboro (OR)    exact
Exar Corp.; San Jose (CA)    exarcorp
Excel Corp. of America, New York (NY)    excel
Excell Radio Mfg.    excell
Excello Products Corp.   24   excello
Exceltron (tubes), Excell Laboratories; New York...    exceltron
Executone Inc.; New York (NY)    executone
Exide; Philadelphia    exide
Exlntone Corp.    exlntone
Extron Electronics; Anaheim, CA    extron
F. &. H. Radio Laboratories, Fargo, North Dakota    fhradiolab
Fada Radio & Electric Co.; Long Island (NY) 2 3 4 5 6 7   700   fada
Fahnestock Electric Co.; Long Island City, NY    fahnestock
Fairbanks, Morse & Co.; Chicago (IL) 2   141   fairbanks
Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp.; Clifton, ...    fairdumont
Fairchild Recording Equipment Corp.; Whitestone NY   21   fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Inc., South Portland/Maine    fairsemi
Fairview Electric Shop; Binghamton, New York    fairview
Fake, falsi, fakes, Faelschung, Fälschung    fakeusa
Falck (only tubes), Advance Electric Co.; Los An...    falck
Falko Communications; Stillwater OK    falkos
Fallgatter, Marvin B. (Marvin B. Fallgatter); Wa...    fallgatter
Fanon/Courier Corporation; Pasadena CA    fanoncou
Fanon-Masco Long Island City, New York   38   fanon
Fansteel Products (Pfanstiehl, Pfansteihl, Balki... 2   129   fansteel
Farad Corp.; New York    farad
Faraday Corp.; New Haven, Connecticut    faradaycor
Faraway Radio Co., The; Cincinnati, Ohio    faraway
Farenheit Technologies; Montebello, CA    farenheit
Farmers Wireless Telephone Co.; New York, NY (Au...   11   farmers
Farnsworth Television & Radio Corp. - see also C... 2 3 4   392   farnsworth
Farrand Manufacturing Co.; Newark, New Jersey   18   farrand
Fasco Industries Inc.; Rochester (NY)    fascoindus
Fastron, F.A. Schiller, Inc.; Irvington, NJ    fastron
Fear, Ralph G.; Hollywood, California    fear
Fearnola (tubes)    fearnola
Fedders Mfg. Co.; Buffalo, New York    fedders
Federal Electric and Radio Co.; New York City, NY    federal-1
Federal Manufacturing & Engineering Corp.; (NY)    federalman
Federal Mfg. & Electronic Co.; Chicago    federal-el
Federal Radio and Research Laboratory; Somervill...    federal3
Federal Radio Corp. / Federal Telephone & Telegr... 2   199   federal-ra
Federal Radio Laboratories, Inc.; Elmira, New York    federallab
Federal Radio Products; Schenectady, New York    federalsch
Federal Sign and Signal Corp.; Blue Island (IL)    federalsig
Federal Stamping & Engineering Corp.; Brooklyn, ...    federalsta
Federal Telegraph Co.;    federal-te
Federal Television Corporation; (where?)    federaltv
Federal Transistor Co. Inc.; Los Angeles (CA)    fedareltra
Federated Department Stores, Inc.; where?    federatedd
Federated Purchaser, Inc. (Acratone, Acratest); ... 2 3   209   federatedp
Fedtro Inc.; Long Island (NY)   11   fedtro
Feiler; Chicago    feiler
Feiler Instr. Co.; (where?)    feilco
Feldstern & McCusker; Philadelphia, PA    feldstern
Fender Electric Instrument Co.; Fullerton (CA)   33   fender
Fenway    fenway
Ferbend Electric Company; Chicago    ferbend
Ferguson (in the United States - see text)   66   ferguson
Ferranti, Inc.; New York (NY)    ferranti
Ferrar Radio and Television Corp.    ferrar
Ferris Instrument Co.; Boonton, (NJ)    ferrisin
Ferris, J. Herbert ; Royal Oak, Michigan    ferris2
Ferris Radio Supply Co.    ferris
Ferro Manufacturing Company; Belvidere, IL    ferro
Fichter Electronics; Cedar Grove, NJ    fichter
Fidelipac; New Jersey    fidelipac
Fields, Henry; Shenandoah    fieldshenr
Fiesta; (where)    fiesta
Filter-Flex Radio Corp.; Los Angeles, California.    filter-fle
Finch Radio MFG. Co.; New York City, New York    finchr
Finch Telecommunications Inc.; Passaic, N.J.    finch
Find All Radio Co.    find
Fink Industries    fink
Finney Company, The; Bedford (OH)    finneycomp
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co. (Air Chief & Roamer,... 2 3 4   362   firestone
Firth, John & Co. (Firco); New York, (NY)   18   firth
Fischer & Company Inc., H. G.; Chicago, Illinois    fischer
Fischer Radio Company; Philadelphia, PA    fischerrad
Fisher Radio; New York (NY) 2 3 4 5 6   527   fisher
Fisher Research Laboratories Inc.; Palo Alto (CA)    fisherrese
Fisher-Price; East Aurora (NY)   13   fisherpric
Fishwick Radio Co.,The; Cincinnati, Ohio    fishwick
Fitch Radio Co.; New York City    fitch
Fitzgerald, F.J. Co.    fitzgerald
Flash Radio Corp.; Boston, Massachusetts    flash
Fleetwood Radio Corp.    fleetwood
Fleron, M. M. & Son, Inc., Trenton    fleron
Fletcher-Stanley Company; New York City, New York    fletcher
Flex-O-Dyne Company, The; New York City, NY    flexodyne
Flint Radio Co. Inc.; Los Angeles, CA   20   flint
Florentine Art Productions, Inc; Chicago    florentin
Fluke, John, Mfg. Co. Inc.; Everett (WA)   81   fluke
Flush Wall Radio Co. , Newark, NJ    flush
F.M. Specialties, Inc.; New York; also: Edwards ...    fmedwards
Fonotalk Corp.    fonotalk
Ford, B.K. & Co.; Chicago, IL.    fordbk
Ford Company, K. N.; Los Angeles, California    fordla
Ford Motor Car Co. (FoMoCo); Dearborn, MI   34   ford
Ford Radio & Mica Corp.; New York City, New York    fordradio
Fordson Radio Mfg. Corp.; Detroit, MI   11   fordson
Foreign & Dom. Elec. Com.    foreign
Foreign & Domestic Commodities Inc.; Philadelphi...    foreigndom
Forman & Co.    forman
Formica Insulation Company, The; Cincinnati, Ohio    formica
Fosco Corporation, The; Chicago, Illinois    fosco
Fossil Inc.; Richardson (TX)    fossilgrou
Fourjay Industries, Dayton, Ohio    fourjay
Four-Star - Fortune Star Prod. Co.; New York (NY)   21   fourstar
Fox; Toledo    foxsound
Foxboro Company, The; Foxboro, Massachusetts    foxboro
France, Mfg. Co., The; Cleveland, Ohio    france
Francrone Inc.; Brooklyn, New York    francrone
Frank Radio Company; New York City, New York    franco
Frankford Arsenal, Philadelphia    frankford
Franklin Electric Novelty & Mfg. Co.; New York C...   29   franklinel
Franklin Electronics Inc.; Bridgeport, PA.    franklin1
Franklin, L.K., Co., Inc.; Los Angeles CA    franklin-l
Franklin Mfg. Co. Inc.; Westmont (NJ)    franklinmf
Franklin Radio Company; Chicago, IL    franklinch
Franklin Radio Corp.; Dayton (OH)   36   franklin
Franklin Radio Manufacturing Co.; Wilkinsburg, P...    franklinra
Franklin, the Rembert; Ohio    franklinre
Frazier Inc.; Dallas, TX    frazier
Frederick Electronic Corp.; Frederick, MD    frederick
Frederick Wholesale Corp., New York, N.Y.   17   frederickW
Freed Television and Radio Co., N.Y.   86   freedtele
Freed-Eisemann Radio Corporation; New York (Broo... 2   113   freed-eise
Freeport Radio Corp.    freeport
Fremont Radio Sales Co.; New York City, New York    fremont
French, Jesse Mfg. Co.; Newcastle, Ind. (Jesse F...   26   french
Freshman Co. Inc., Chas.., (Polydyne); New York 2   129   freshmanco
Friedman-Maaskoff, Inc. (Silver King); New York ...    friedman-m
Frost, Herbert H.; Chicago (IL)   18   frost
Frost-Minton Corp.    frost-mint
F.R.S. Radio Corp.; Detroit, Mich.    frs
F-S (Fail-Safe) Electronics; Fort Wayne, IN    f-s-electr
FTR, Federal Telephone & Radio Corp. Ltd.; Newark    ftr
Fuller Electrical Apparatus, Seth W.; Boston. MA    fuller
Fulltone Corp.; Culver City (CA)    fulltone
Fulmer, Inc., Arthur; Memphis (TN)    fulmerarth
Fulton Radio Corp.    fulton
Fultone (tube brand)    fultone
Furman Sound, LLC; Petaluma    furman
Furnell Manufacturing Corporation;, Newark , N.Y.    furnell
Furr Radio, Phoenix, Arizona    furr
Futuronic Engineering Co.; New York    futuronic
G & M Equipment Co., Inc.; Hollywood, CA    g-m
G. A. Radio Manufacturing Corp.    ga
Gabel Manufacturing Company; Chicago    gabel
Gabriel Toy Co., Inc.; New York (NY)    gabrieltoy
Galaxy Electronics, Council Bluffs (IA)   12   galaxy
Galena Century Radio; Trophy Club (TX)    galenacenu
Galloway; Waterloo, Iowa    galloway
Galoob Lewis Toys Inc.; San Francisco    galoob
Gamble-Skogmo, Inc.; Minneapolis, MN 2 3 4 5 6   567   gamble-sko
Gardenhour, A. J.; Waynesboro, Pennsylvania    gardenhour
Gardiner & Company; Stratford NJ    gardiner
Gardner Laboratories; Los Angeles, California    gardner
Garod Radio Corp.; Brooklyn (NY) 2 3 4   377   garod
Gates, Ainsworth-Gates, Ainsworth Radio Co.; Cin...    gates-ains
Gates Radio & Supply Co.; Quincy, IL   17   gates
Gauge Company, US; New York    gaugeco
Gavin Instruments Inc.; Somerville (NJ)    gavininstr
GC Electronics, Division of Textron Electronics ...    gcelectron
Gearheart-Schleuter    gearheart
G.E.C.    gec
Gee-Lar Mfg. Co.; Rockford (IL)    geelar
Gehman & Weinert; Newark, New Jersey    gehman
Geiger Engineering Corp., Chicago    geiger
Gelman Instrument Co.; Ann Arbor, Michigan    gelman
GEM Earphone Co., The; New York    gemearphon
GEM Tube Co.; New York City, NY    gem
Gemini Industries; Clifton (NJ)    geminiindu
Gemini Sound Products Corp.; Carteret, Elizabeth...    gemini
Gemini Sound Products Corporation, Edison; New J...    geminidjc
General American Radio Mfg. Corp.; New York City...   12   general-am
General Apparatus Co.; New York City, New York    generalapp
General Atronics Corporation, Philadelphia, PA    generalatr
General Auto Electric Co.; Newark, New Jersey    generalaut
General Aviation Electronics; Indianapolis    generalavi
General Cement Mfg. Co., GC Electronics; Rockfor...    generalcem
General Dry Batteries, Inc.; Cleveland (OH)    generaldry
General Electric Co. (GE); Bridgeport CT, Syracu... 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26   2596   general-el
General Electric for Brand RCA-Radiotron; Bridge...    ge-for-rca
General Electronic Dist.Co.; New York    general1
General Electronics Corp.; (where?)    general-eo
General Household Utilities Co. (Grunow); Chicag... 2   137   general-ho
General Implement Corp.    general-im
General Industries Co.   10   general-in
General Instrument & Appliance Corp.; (post WW2)...    genein-cor
General Instrument Corporation (GI); New York, C...   15   generin-co
General Magnetics & Electronics, Inc.; (NY)    generalmag
General Motors Radio Corp.   54   general-mo
General Radio & Television (General Television);...   12   general-tv
General Radio Company; Cambridge (MA) 2   183   gener-raco
General Radio Equipment Mfg. Co.; Chicago, Illin...    general7
General Radio Laboratories Inc.; Chicago, Illinois    genradchi
General Radio Manufacturing Co.; East Liberty, P...    generalmfg
General Radio Winding Co.; New York City, New York    generalwin
General Radiotelephone Company; Burbank (CA)    generalrad
General Resistance Inc.; Branford, CT    general
General Telev.& Radio Corp., Chicago   91   genera-tv
General Television Corp.,(where?)    generaltel
General Television, Incorporated; (where?)   13   gentelinc
General Tire (brand);    generaltir
Gen-Ral - General Manufacturing Company; Chicago...    gen-ral
Gensound Mfg. Co.; Hyannis, Massachusetts    gensound
Gerson, Louis Jay Co.; New York City, New York    gerson
Gertsch Products Inc.; Los Angeles (CA)    gertsch
Getz, W. C.; Baltimore, Maryland    getz
G&F Sales Company, Chicago (IL)    gfsales
Gibbons-Dustin Radio Mfg. Co.; Los Angeles, Cali...    gibbons
Gibraltar Mfg., Co., Inc.; Jersey City (NJ)    gibraltarm
Gibraltar Radio Supply Co.; Newark, NJ, New York    gibraltar
Gibson Labs; Seattle    gibson-lab
Gibson Manufacturing Co., Kalamazoo (MI)   18   gibsonco
Gibson Sears Radio Corp. (Sterling), where?    gibson
Gilbert, R. W.; Los Angeles (CA)    gilbert
Gilfillan Bros.Inc.; Los Angeles (CA) 2   181   gilfillan
Gillet; (where?); Marvel (brand?)    gillet
Girton Company, T. C.; San Francisco, California...    girton
Glaser - Steers Co.; Newark    glaserstee
Gled Radio Company; Philadelphia, PA    gled
Glenhurst Research Laboratories; Omaha, Nebraska    glenhurst
GLF (Grange League Federation); New York.    glf
Globe Electric Co.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin (Duodyne)   34   globe
Globe Electric Company; Pittsburgh, PA    globe1
Globe Electronics, Inc.; New York   22   globe-elec
Globe Phone Manufacturing Co.; Reading, Massachu...    globe-phon
Globe Radio Co.; Detroit, Michigan    globeradio
Globe Radio Equipment Co.; New York City, NY    globeradny
Globe Television & Phone Corp.; Boston, MA    globe-tv
Globe Trotter Radio; Chicago, IL    globechic
Gloria Tube Works; Newark, NJ    gloria-tub
Gluck Radio Manufacturing Co.    gluck
GM Scientific Instrument Co.; Urbana (IL)    gmscientif
Godfrey Mfg. Co.,Milwaukee, Wis.    godfrey
Goerdes Co., Fred W.; Newark, New Jersey (Doleres)    goerdes
Goertz August & Co.; Newark    goertz
Goetz Co., The Edw. J.    goetz
Gold Bond (tube brand)    goldbond
Gold Label (tubes), W.Guild; Newark, NJ    goldlabel
Gold Line; Norwalk, Connecticut    goldline
Gold Medal Radio C., Consco El.Co., Warwick Mfg. C    gold-medal
Gold Products, Inc. Addison, Illinois    goldprod
Gold Seal Electrical Co., Inc.; New York    gold-seal
Goldbeam Electronics Inc.; Gardena (CA)    goldbeamel
Goldblatt Bond (tubes)    goldblattb
Golden Comet, Gebhart Stores; Dekatur, IL    goldencome
Golden Eagle; (where?)    goldeneagl
Golden Falcon; (where?)    goldenfalc
Golden Shield; Great Neck (NY)   14   golden
Golden West Radio Co.; Hollywood, California (Pa...    goldenwest
Goldentone (tubes), United Radio and Electric Co...    goldentone
Goldsound; Englewood, Colorado    goldsound
Gold-Tone Radio Company; New York City, NY    goldtone
Gollos Radio Corp.    gollos
Gonset Inc., Waterproof Elect. Co.; Burbank (CA)   54   gonset
Good Corp., George; City of Industry (CA)    goodcorp
Goodchild Electrical Company; New York City, NY    goodchild
Goode Tube Corp.; Owensboro, KY - Evansville, IN    goode
Goodrich, B.F.; Akron,Ohio 2   110   goodrich
Goodwin Radio Research Lab.; Jersey City, N.J.    goodwinrad
Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Inc.; (where?) 2   105   goodyear
Gordon Radio & Electric Mfg. Co.; Seattle, Washi...    gordon
Gormac Electric Co.; New York City, New York    gormac
Gossard Radio & Wire Co.; Belvidere, Illinois   12   gossard
Gotham Wireless, Inc.; New York City, New York    gotham
Gott Radio Mfg. Co.; Inglewood (CA)    gott-radio
Gould Supply Co., The; Kansas City, MO    gould
Gould (tubes), Manhattan Electric Supply Co.; Ne...    gould-tube
Goulding Manufacturing Co.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    goulding
GPX Inc. - Gran Prix; St. Louis (MO)   21   gpxincgran
Grado Laboratories Inc.; Brooklyn (NY)    gradolabs
Graham Research inc.; Minneapolis, Minn.    grahamres
Grainger W.W.,Co., (Dayton)    grainger
Granco Products, Inc.; Long Island City (NY)   34   granco
Grand Rapids Radio Mfg.    grand
Grandtone, F. & W. Grand (5-10-15 cent stores); ...    grandtone
Granger (tubes)    granger
Grant Co., H.R.; Caldwell, NJ    granthr
Grant Company, W.T. (Grantline); New York (NY)   25   grant
Grass Instrument Co.; Quincy (MA)    grassinstr
Grasso Sound Systems; Staten Island (NY)    grassosoun
Gray Instrument Co.; Andalusia (PA)    grayinstru
Gray Manufacturing Co., Inc. Hartford, CT    gray
Gray Research A. Dev. Co. Inc.; Manchester, Conn.    grayres
Graybar Electric Co.; New York (NY)   31   graybar
Grayburne Corporation; Yonkers (NY)    grayburne
Graymark Educational Products, Inc. Los Angeles,...    graymark
Great Eastern Radio Corp.; New York, NY    great-east
Great Western Radio Corp.; San Francisco, Califo...    great-west
Greater Atlantic and Pacific Radio Corp. New Yor...    greaterat
Grebe, A.H. & Co.; Richmond Hill (NY) 2   185   grebe
Green; New York    green
Green Seal (tubes), Air-Way Electric Appliance C...    greenseal
Greene, Lloyd C.; Boston    greene
Greene-Brown Manufacturing Co., Chicago    greenebrow
Greentron (tubes)    greentron
Greylock Electronics; New York, NY    greylock
Griffin-Smith Mfg. Co.; Los Angeles (CA)   48   griffin-sm
Griffith Piano Co.; Newark, New Jersey    griffith
Grigsby-Grunow (-Hinds) Co. (Majestic pre 1933);... 2   197   grigsby-g
Grimes, David Inc.; Staten Island, NY   16   grimes
Grommes Precision Electronics, Inc.; Chicago (IL)   64   grommes
Gross & Company,J.; New York City, New York    gross
Gross Radio, Inc.; New York, NY   15   grossrad
Grossman Mfg. Co.; Carrollton, Missouri    grossman2
Grossman Music Co.; Cleveland Ohio    grossmanmu
GTC, General Transformer Corporation; Chicago, IL    gtc
Guarantee Radio Company; Los Angeles, California    guarantela
Guarantee Sales, New York    guarantee
Guarantee Specialty Manufacturing Co.; Cleveland...    guarantees
Guaranteed Manufacturing Co.; (where?)    guaranteed
Guaranteed Radio Sales Company; Chicago, Illinois    guarantee2
Guild Radio & Television Co.; Inglewood (CA)   24   guild
Gulbransen Co.; Chicago   64   gulbransen
Gulf Tire & Supply Company; Pittsburgh (PA)    gulftire
Gulton Industries, Inc; Metuchen,N.J.    gulton
Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Co.; Rochester, New Y...    gundlach
Gurian, Edward E. & Co, Inc; Chicago, IL    gurian
Gurney Seed & Nursery Co.; Yankton, SD    gurney
Guthman & Co., Inc., Edwin I.; Chicago (IL)    guthmancoi
Guthrie Company (Nightingale); Grafton, OH   13   guthrie
GW Electronics Incorporated; Norcross    gwelectr
Haddaway Manufacturing Co.    haddaway
Hafler Co., David; Pennsauken (NJ)    haflercoda
Hafstrom Technical Products; San Diego, CA    hafstrom
Haigis Laboraties, The, Inc.; Maple Shade, NJ    haigis
Haji Company; Boston, Massachusetts    haji
Hal Communications, Urbana   12   hal
Hale's (Hales); where?    hales
Hall & Wells.; Chicago, Illinois    hallwells
Hall Radio Corp.; Syracuse, New York    hall
Halldorson Co.; Chicago, Illinois    halldorson
Haller, W. B.; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Hallerio)   13   haller-wb
Haller-Cunningham, Halcun; San Francisco   28   haller
Hallicrafters, The; Chicago, IL and Arlington/Gr... 2 3 4 5 6 7 8   761   hallicraft
Halliwell Electric Company.; New York City, New ...    halliwell
Hallmark Electronics Corp.; New York    hallmark
Hallock & Watson Radio Corp.; Portland, Oregon (...   14   hallock-wa
Halson Radio Mfg. Co.; New York City (NY) 2   104   halson
Halverson Co., H. J.    halverson
Ham Radio Center; St. Louis, Missouri.    ham
Hamburg Brothers; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   14   hamburg
Hamilton Electronics (HE) Corporation; Chicago IL    hamiltonel
Hamilton Mfg. Co., Two Rivers    hamiltionc
Hamilton Radio, Hammarlund Mfg. Co.    hamilton
Hamilton-Carr Corp.; Chicago    hamilton-c
Hamlin's Audio Workshop; Seattle, Washington    hamlins
Hammarlund Mfg. Co. Inc.; New York, NY 2   138   hammarl-mf
Hammarlund-Roberts, Inc.   11   hammarl-ro
Hammond Instrument Co.; Chicago, IL    hammond
Hammond Radio Research Laboratory; Gloucester (MA)    hammondrad
Hamner Electronics Co. Inc.; Princeton N.J.    hamner
Hamrick, J. C., Electrical Company; (where?)    hamrick
Handel Electric Co.; New York    handel
Hanley-Burke Co. (Puretone); Chicago, Illinois    hanley
Hanscom Radio Devices; Woonsocket, Rhode Island    hanscom
Hansen Storage Company; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    hansen
Harco Products Co.; Chicago    harco
Harcourt Radio Co.    harcourt
Harding Manufacturing Corp.    harding
Hardsocg Manufacturing Company; Ottumwa, Iowa    hardsocg1
Hargraves, C. E. & H. T.; Lakewood, Rhode Island    hargraves
Harkness Radio Corp.; Newark    harkness
Harlie Transistor Products / Trans-Aire; Jamaica...   10   harlietran
Harman Kardon; New York 2 3   237   harman
Harmograph Talking Machine Company; St. Louis (MO)   14   harmograph
Harmon & Sons Co. W. H.; Grove City, Pennsylvania   14   harmon
Harmonique (Tube Brand), A. E. Simon; Chicago, IL    harmonique
Harmony Manufacturing Co.; Cincinnati (OH)    harmony
Harold Herbert Inc.    harold-her
Harold Lifton Co. (Halton), USA    haroldlift
Harold Shevers, Inc.    harold-she
Harp (tubes), Royal Manufacturing Co.; New York ...    harp
Harper Radio Laboratory; Chicago (IL)    harperrad
Harpers International Inc.; (where)   14   harpers
Harris & Birdseye    harris-bir
Harris Corporation; Melbourne, Florida    harris
Harris Mfg. Co.   10   harris-mf
Harrison Radio Co. (Royal, Fultone); New York Ci...    harrison
Harrison Wholesale Co., Chicago    harrison-w
Harron Labs; Bayside (NY)    harronlabs
Hart & Hegeman Mfg. Co.; Hartford, CT    hart-hegem
Hartco (where?)    hartco
Hartford Metal Products Co., Post & Lester (Ario...    hartford-m
Hartman Electrical Mfg. Co., The; Mansfield, Ohio   25   hartman
Harvard Electronics Co.; New York, NY    harvardele
Harvey Manufacturing Co.    harvey
Harvey Radio Labs., Harvey - Wells; Brookline, S...   35   harvey-wel
Hasbro Inc.; Pawtucket (RI)    hasbroinc
Hastings Products Inc, Boston - Massachusetts    hastings
Hatfield Electric Company; Indianapolis, IN    hatfield
Hatry & Young    hatry
Hawes-Farmer Electric Company; New Bedford, MA    hawes
Hawk Radio Supply Co.; New York City, New York    hawk
Hayden, A. C. Radio & Research Co. ; Brockton,...    hayden
Hayden's Electric Service, Los Angeles, California    haydens
Haydu Brothers, Plainfield, NJ    haydu
Hayes & Newton; Urbana, Illinois    hayes
Hayes Products Co.; Grand Haven, Michigan    hayes-prod
Haynes Radio Co.; New York City, New York    haynesrad
Haynes-Griffin Radio Service Inc.    haynes-gri
Hazeltine Corporation; Greenlawn, NY    hazeltine
HC Electronics, Inc.; Palo Alto (CA)    hcelectron
Heacock Radio Service; La Grande, OR   12   heacock
Heard Company, The; Saint Louis, Missouri    heard
Hearever Company Inc.; Castro Valley (CA)    hearever
Hearwell Electric Co.; Boston, Massachusetts    hearwell
Heath Radio & Electric Mfg. Co.; Newark, NJ    heathrad
Heath Schlumberger Scientific Instruments; Bento...    heathsschl
Heathkit (Brand), Heath Co.; Benton Harbor (MI) 2 3 4 5 6 7   652   heath
Hecco Electric Co.; Menominee, Michigan    hecco
Hect Radio Industries; New York City, New York    hect
Hedco, Chicago    hedco
Heil Sound, Ltd.; Fairview Heights (IL)    heilsound
Heindell Radio Co.; Rochester, New York    heindell
Heinemann Electric Co.    heinemann
Heintz & Kaufman Ltd.; San Francisco    heintz-kau
Heintz-Kohlmoos; San Francisco, California    heintzkohl
Heinz Electric Company; Lowell, Massachusetts    heinz
Heliotron, Helios Electric Co.; West New York, NJ    heliotron
Hemphill Schools Intercontinental; Los Angeles, CA    hemphill
Henderson Brothers; Boston, Massachusetts    henderson
Hendricks & Harvey, Hartford (CT)    hendr-harv
Henninger Corp., A.P.    henninger
Henry Radio, Inc.; Los Angeles, CA   10   henryrad
Herald Electric Co, Inc.; New York, N.Y.    haraldele
Herald Electronics, Co.; Chicago, IL    heraldelec
Herald Radio Co.; New York City, New York    herald
Hercules, Lincoln Radio Tube Co.; New York, NY    hercules
Herke Radio Product Co.    herke
Herman Miller; (where?)    hermanmi
Herold Radio & Television Mfg Corporation; New Y...    herold
Herold; Scarsdale    heroldscar
Herophone; USA    herophone
Herschkowitz, O., Voltron (tubes); Newark, NY    herschkowi
Hertzian Electric Co.; Brooklyn, New York    hertzian
Herzog Radio Corp.; Brooklyn, New York    herzog
Hessler Surgical Instrument Co., The E.M.; Cleve...    hessler
Hesson Radio Laboratories    hesson
Heteroplex Manufacturing Co.; Philadelphia, PA    heteroplex
Hetro Electrical Industries; Chicago, IL   79   hetro
Hetrola Radio Co. Ltd. - see also Branston Inc.,...    hetrola
Hewlett-Packard, (HP); Palo Alto, CA 2 3 4   339   hewlett-pa
H&H Antenna and Tower; Iuka, Mississipi    hhantenna
Hickok Electrical Instrument Co.; Cleveland, OH 2   132   hickok
HI-Constron (tubes), Cleartron Vacuum Tube; New ...    hi-constro
Hi-Gee Radio Manufacturing Co.; Marion, Illinois    hi-gee
Higgy-Avery Company, The; Columbus, Ohio    higgy
High Frequency Laboratories; Chicago, Illinois   31   high
Highland Company; Washington, D.C.    highland
Hi-Grade Wireless Instrument Co.; Asheville, Nor...    higrade
Hilco Scientific Radio Apparatus (A.E.Hill Mfg.)...    hilco
Hill Wireless Specialty Company; Jersey City, Ne...    hillwire
Hi-Lo TV Antenna Corp.; Chicago (IL)    hilotvante
Himmer, Vitalis; New York City, New York    himmer
Hi-Mu, K and H Electric Corp.; Newark, NJ    himu
Hinners-Galanek Radio Corp.; Long Island City   10   hinners-ga
Hipwell Mfg. Company; Pittsburgh, PA.    hipwell
Hoag Manufacturing Co.; Vernon, New York    hoag
Hoban Receiver Holder Corp.; New York City, New ...    hoban
Hobrecht's: Sacramento, California    hobrecht
Hoffman Radio Corp.; Los Angeles (CA) 2 3 4 5   440   hoffman
Hollywood Radio & Television Institute;Los Angeles    hollywood
Hollywood Radio Co.    hollywo-ra
Hollywood Yale Corp.    hollywo-ya
Holman, E. E.; Portland, Oregon    holman
Holmar International Corporation; Garfield (NJ),...    holmarinte
Holmes Jordan Radio Co.; Minneapolis, MN    holmes
Holt Engler Corp.    holt
Holt Stereo; Burbank CA    holtstereo
Holtzer-Cabot Electric Co., (The); Boston, Massa...    holtzer
Home Electric & Mfg. Co.; (where?)    home
Home Radio Corp.; New York City    homeradio
Homebrew - ORIGINAL, USA   30   homebrew-o
Homebrew - RECENT but NOT Replica, USA   17   homebrew-n
Homebrew - REPLICA, USA   18   homebrew-r
Homer Products Inc.; Long Island City, NY    homer
Homestead Radio; Homestead, Allegheny County, PA    homestead
Honesdale Radio Co.    honesdale
Honeytone; (where)    honeytone
Hoodwin Co., Charles; Chicago (IL)   21   hoodwin
Hope Webbing Company    hope
Horn, Edgar J.; New York    horned
Horn Radio Mfg. Co. (Tiffany Tone); L.A.   93   horn
Horne Manufacturing Co.; New York City, New York    horne
Hotel Radio Corporation; Detroit (MI)    hotelradio
Hotpoint Inc.; Chicago (IL)   36   hotpoint
Hotronic; Campbell, California    hotronic
Hotspot Electric Co.; Philadelphia (PA)    hotspot
House of Television, Inc., The; New York (NY)    houseoftel
Howard Paper Mache Company Inc.; New York City, ...    howardpap
Howard Radio Company; Chicago (IL) 2 3 4   352   howard
Howe Auto Products Co.; Chicago, Illinois    howe
Hoyt Electrical Instrument Works; New Hampshire    hoyt
HRB Systems Inc., Linthicum Heights (MD)    hrb
HRC, Heslar Radio Corporation; Indianapolis (IN)    hrcheslarr
Hubbard Laboratories; San Francisco (CA)    hubbardlab
Hubtron (where ?)    hubtron
Hudson American Corp.; New York    hudson-ame
Hudson Electronics, Mt. Vernon, NY    hudsonele
Hudson Motor Car Co.   14   hudson-mot
Hudson Radio & Electric Co.; New York City, New ...    hudson2
Hudson Radio Company; Brooklyn, New York    hudsonrad
Hudson Terminal Radio & Elec. Co.    hudson-tem
Hudson; (where ?)    hudson
Hudson-Ross, Inc.   14   hudson-ros
Huff, H. I. Company; Los Angeles, California    huff
Huffman Manufacturing Company Co., Dayton, Ohio    huffman
Huffy Company; Dayton, Ohio    huffy
Huggins Laboratories, Inc.; Sunnyvale (CA)    huggins
Hughes Aircraft - Los Angeles    hughes
Hunt & McCree (M'Cree); New York City, New York    huntmcree
Hunt Company Inc., W. D.; Los Angeles, CA    hunt
Hunter Manufacturing Company, Inc.; Iowa City, IA    hunter
Huntington Radio Co.    hunting-ra
Huntron Instruments Inc.; Lynnwood (WA)    huntron
Hutchinson Radio Company; New York City, New York    hutchinson
Hyatt Electric Corp.; Chicago. Illinois    hyatt-elec
Hycon Manufacturing Co.; Pasadena (CA)    hycon
Hy-Gain Electronics Corporation; Lincoln (NE)    hygain
Hygrade Lamp Co. (Neptron); Salem, Massachusetts    hygrade
Hylon (tubes), brand    hylon
Hyman, Henry & Co., Inc.; New York City, New York   24   hyman
HY-SE Radio Manufacturing Co.; New York City, Ne...    hyse
Hytron; Salem (MA)    hytron
Hyvac; Newark    hyvac
IA Sales Co. of California, Inc.; North Westlake...    iasalesco
IBM; Armonk, N.Y.   11   ibm
ICN - Italian Communications Network Inc.; Norwo...    icnitalcom
ICP Ltd.; New York (NY)    icpltd
ID Electronics (Ideal), International Distributi...    idelectron
Identcorporation; (where?)    identcorp
IEE, Industrial Electronic Engineers; Van Nuys (...    iee
IEH MFG. Co., Inc.; N.Y. (NY)    iehmfgcoin
IFR; Wichita (KS)    ifr
Illini Electric Company; Champaign, Illinois    illini
Illinois Radio Appliance Co.    illinois
Illinois Radio Engineers    illinois2
Imperial Electric & Manufacturing Co.; Chicago, ...    imperialel
Imperial (post WW2); (where)   12   imperial
Imperial Radio Company; Chicago, IL   27   imperial2
Imperial Radio Corporation; Chicago, IL    imperial1
Imperial Radio Corporation, The; Grand Rapids, MI    imperial3
Imperial Radio Laboratories; Union City, Indiana    imperialla
Imperialtron; (Where ?)    imperialtr
Incandescent Supply Co.    incandesce
Independent Radio Appliance Co.; Chicago, Illinois    independ2
Independent Radio Co.; New York City, New York    independ
Independent Radio Labs.    independen
Independent Radio Tube Manufacturing Co.; New Yo...    independe1
Independent Wireless Telegraph Co. Inc.; New Yor...    independ3
India Ivory Company; Providence, RI    indiaivory
Indiana Mfg. & Elec. Co.; Marian, Indiana (Pre-1...   36   indiana
Indiana Phonograph Supply Co.; Indianapolis (IN)    indianapho
Industrial Arts Supply Company (IASCO), Minneapo...    industrart
Industrial Electronic Corp.; New York    industr-el
Industrial Instrument Service Corporation; Chicago    industrial
Industrial Radio Service; Saginaw, Michigan    industr-ra
Industrial Television; Nutley, N.J.    indutele
Industrial Timer Corp.; Newark, N.J.    industimer
Industro Transistor Corporation; New York (NY)    industro
Infinity Systems Inc.; Canoga Park (CA)    infinitysy
Infonics Inc. ,Santa Monica; USA    infonics
Infrared Industries Inc.; Waltham (MA)    infrared
Ingraham Co.; Bristol, CT    ingraham
Inlaid Company; Providence, Rhode, Island    inlaid
Inland Dynatronics, Inc., IDI; Hackensack (NJ)    inland-idi
Inman Specialty Store; Holyoke, Massachusetts    inman
Instructograph Co.; Chicago (IL)    instructog
Instrument Electronics; Little Neck NY    instrument
Instruments Design, Inc.; New York, NY    instru-des
Insulating Company of America Inc.; New York    insulating
Insuline Corp. Of America (ICA); New York City   89   insuline
Intensitronics Corp.; Ashland (WI)    intensitro
Intercity Radio Co.    intercity
Inter-Communication System (Flash-A-Call); Chica...    inter-comm
Intercontinental Industries Inc.; Chicago (IL)    interconti
Interelectronics Corporation, New York    interelec
International Crystal Mfg. Co., Inc.; Oklahoma   16   interncrys
International Electronics Company; Philadelphia...    internel
International Mutoscope Corporation; Long Island    int-mutos
International Projector Corporation; Bloomfield...    internproj
International Radio Company.; San Francisco, Cal...    interradio
International Radio Corp (Kadette); Ann Arbor, MI. 2 3   205   intern-rc
International Radio Corp.; Los Angeles, CA    internatla
International Radio Corp.; Newark, New Jersey    interradco
International Radio Corp. (Radico); New York Cit...    inter-radi
International Radio Electronics Corp. (Crown); E...    intern-rec
International Radio Telegraph Co.; New York City    intrad
International Rectifier; Los Angeles    internrect
International Research Associates; Santa Monica,...    internat4
International Telegraph Construction Co.; New Yo...    intelconst
International Video Corporation; Sunnyvale (CA)    intervidco
International Wireless; Lima, Ohio    interwire
International Wireless Signal Co.; West New York...    interwesco
Inter-Ocean Radio Corp.; Jersey Electric, New Je...    intero
Interocean Radio Corp., Zenith Radio Corp   19   interocean
Interpur; Orlando, FL    interpur
Interstate Electric Co.; St. Louis, MO    inter-elec
Interstate Electronics Corp., Anaheim    interstate
Interstate Home Equipment Co.    inter-home
Inter-State Radio Company; New York City, New York    interst5
Interstate Radio Corp.; The; New York City, New ...    interstat2
Interstate Stores Buying Corp.    inter-stor
ION Radio Corp.; New York City    ion
IPC - International Products Co.; Los Angeles (CA)    ipcintprod
IPC - International Projector Corporation; New Y...    ipcintproc
IRC - International Resistance Company; Philadel...    ircinter
Irving Radio Corp.; Columbus, OH   10   irving
Isaacson, Sidney; New York City (NY)    isaacson
Islip Radio Mfg Corp.; Islip    islip
ISP Int. Sound Products, Inc.; Los Angeles    isp
ITC Instruments Corp.; San Diego (CA)    itcinstrum
ITT, International Telephone & Telegraph.; Clifton    ittusa
ITT Manufacturing Enterprises Inc.; Wilmington (...    ittmfge
IVIE Technologies Inc.; Springville, UT    ivie
I.W.B. Electric Company; Newark, New Jersey    iwb
I.W.T. Wireless Co. (IWT); Brooklyn, New York    iwtwireles
J & C Group Inc.; Mentor, Ohio    jcg
Jackson Industries   30   jackson-in
Jackson Radio & Television Co.   10   jackson-ra
Jackson Radio Company; Chicago, Illinois    jackson3
Jackson Research Labs.    jackson-re
Jackson (The) Electrical Instrument CO., Dayton   60   jackson-el
Jackson (where?)    jackson
Jackson-Bell Co. (pre 1935); Los Angeles   82   jackson-be
Jacobs Bros. Co., Inc., (The ...); Brooklyn, NY    jacobs-bro
Jaeger Research Laboratories; Weehawken, NJ    jaeger
James Knights Co., The; Sandwich (IL)    jamesknigh
James Millen Mfg. Co., Inc.; Malden, MA   15   millen
Jameson Electronic Laboratory Co. Inc.; Dayton, ...    jamesonel
Jampro Antenna Company; Sacramento    jampro
Jan Crystals; Fort Myers (FL)    jancrystal
Jandy Industries; San Rafael, CA    jandy
Jasco Products Co. Inc.; Oklahoma City (OK)    jascoprodu
Jay Electronics, Inc.; Flushing, NY    jayelectr
Jaynxon Laboratories    jaynxon
JBT Instruments, Inc.; New Haven, Ct,    jbt
JCPenney, Penney's, J.C.Penney, Penncrest (brand...   96   jcpenney
JDR Instruments; San Jose, CA    jdr
Jebsee Enterprises Inc.; New York (NY)    jebseeente
Jefferson Electric Mfg. Co.; Chicago (IL)    jeffers-el
Jefferson Travis Corp.   11   jeffers-tr
Jeico; Dayton (OH)    jeico
Jenkins, J.E., & S.E. Adair; Chicago, IL   19   jenkins-ad
Jenkins Manufacturing Company; Chicago, Ill    jenkinschi
Jenkins Television Corp. - see also J.E. Jenkins...    jenkins-te
Jennings Radio; San Jose (CA)    jennings
Jensen Radio Manufacturing Co.; Chicago   45   jensen
Jerrold Electronics Corporation, Philadelphia   18   jerrold
Jesse French - see French, Jesse Mfg. Co    jesse-fr9
Jet Sales Co., Jetco; Seattle (WA)    jetsalesco
Jetstream; Hamilton, OH    jetstream
Jewel Co. Inc.; Franklin Park (IL)    jewelcoin
Jewel Mfg. Co., Salt Lake City    jewel-mf
Jewel Radio Company; New York, NY    jewel-comp
Jewel Radio Corp., New York   80   jewelradio
Jewell Radio Company; Henderson, NC    jewellnc
Jewett Manufacturing Corp.; New York    jewett2
Jewett Radio & Phonograph Co.; Pontiac etc.    jewett
JFC Electronics Inc.; Marlboro, N. J.    jfc
JFD Mfg. Co. Inc.; Brooklyn (NY)   10   jfdmfgcoin
JFW Industries, Inc., Indianapolis    jfw
J.K. Corp.; (where?)    jkcorp
J.M.P. Mfg. Co.    jmp
Jodra Mfg. Co. Inc.; Seattle (WA)    jodra
Joffe-Golbert Company; New York City, New York    joffe
John Jorgensen Co., Inc.; New York    jorgensen
Johnson Company, E.F.; Waseca, MN   60   johnson-vi
Johnson Electronics; Casselberry (Florida)    johnsonele
Johnson Motor Products Co., Chicago    johnsonmot
Johnstown Radio Co.; Johnstown, PA    johnstown
Jolley RadioCompany; New York City, New York    jolley
Jones & Lamphere Radio Manufacturers; Spokane, W...    jones3
Jones Agencies, Edward    jones-agen
Jones Electric & Radio Mfg. Co.; Baltimore, MD    joneselec
Jones Electronics Co., M. C.; Bristol (CT)    joneselect
Jones Radio Co.; Brooklyn, NY   22   jones-radi
Jones Radio Mfg. Co., Jos. W.; New York   33   jonesradio
Joslyn Defence Systems, Inc.; Shelburne, Vermont    joslyn
Jove Lamp Works; New York, NY    jove
Joy-Kelsey Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    joykelsey
J-P, Johns-Pratt Company; Hartford (CT)    jpjohnspra
J-Ray Manufacturing Co.; Saint Louis, MO    j-ray
JRC, Johnsonburg Radio Corporation; Johnsonburg,...    jrc-johnso
Jubilee Manufacturing Co.; Omaha, Nebraska    jubilee
Jupiter; (where)   10   jupiter
Justin, Inc.; San Gabriel, CA    justin
K. & G. Wireless Supply Co.; New York City, NY    kgwireles
Kaar Engineering Co.; Palo Alto (CA)    kaarengine
Kaess Manufacturing Corp.    kaess
Kahn Research Laboratories, Inc.; Freeport, NY    kahn
Kaito Electronics Inc.; Montclair (CA)    kaito
Kalbar Products, Inc. Chicago    kalbar
Kalmus, Natalie; (CA)    kalmusnata
Kaltman & Romander; Newark, NJ    kaltman
Kansas City Radio Mfg. Co.; Kansas City    kansascity
Kantronics; Olathe, KS    kantronix
Kappler, The, Co.; (where?)    kappler
Karas Electric Co.; Chicago (IL)    karas
Kardon Products Co.; New York City, New York    kardon
Karlowa Radio Co., The; Rock Island, Illinois    karlowa
Karola Corporation;Minneapolis,MN    karola
Kato Engineering Co.; Mankato (MN)    katoengine
Katone Corporation; Lawrence (NY)    katone
Katzenstein & Keene, New York, NY, USA    katzen
Kay Dee Radio Supply Co.; Brooklyn, New York    kaydee
Kay Electric Company, Pine Brook, N.J.   14   kay
Kay Musical Instruments Co., Chicago, Ill.    kaymusic
Kaye, George, Audio Labs, Inc.; New York, NY    kayeaudio
Kaye-Halbert Corp,; Los Angeles (CA)    kayehalber
Kaysons Import Co. , Los Angeles    kaysons
Kay-Townes Antenna Company; Rome (GA)    kay-townes
Keeney, J.H., (where ?)    keeney
Keentone, K.T. Products; New York, NY    keentone
Kees, G. Hilton: New York City    kees
Kehler Radio Laboratories; Abilene, Kansas    kehler
Keith Radio; Laurel (MS)    keithradio
Keithley Instruments Inc.; Cleveland (OH)   31   keithley
Keletron; (Where ?)    keletron
Keller-Fuller Mfg. Co.; Los Angeles (CA)   22   keller-ful
Kelley-Koett Manufacturing Co., The (Keleket); C...    kelley-koe
Kellogg Switchboard & Supply Co.; Chicago (IL)   65   kellogg
Kelly Tube Co.; New York, NY    kelly
Kelvin Electronics Inc.; (NY)    kelvin
Kemper Radio Laboratories; Los Angeles (CA)   11   kemperradi
Kem-Tron Industries; Youngstown, Ohio    kemtron
Kenman Electric Co. Inc., New York (NY)    kenman
Ken-Mar Radio Corp.    ken-mar
Kenmore Co. (Kenco); Boston, MA    kenmore
Kennedy Co., Colin B.; San Francisco & St.Louis 2   141   kennedy
Kenneke Communications LLC; (where?)    kenneke
Kenner Products, Cincinnati (OH)    kenner
Kenola Radio Corp.; New York City (NY)    kenola
Ken-Rad, The Kentucky Radio Corporation; Owensbo...    ken-rad
Kenro Corporation; Fredonia (WI)    kenrocorpo
Kenstate (tubes); (where?)    kenstate
Kent Company, F. C. (F. C. Kent); Irvington, Ne...    kentcomp
Kent Energy Corp.; Clifton (NJ)    kentenergy
Kent Radio; (where?)    kent
Kent Television Inc.; Brooklyn, NY    kentttv
Kenwood Radio Company; New York City. NY    kenwoodny
Kenwood Wireless Supply Company; Chicago, Illinois    kenwoodsup
Kenyon, New York    kenyon
Kernwood Radio Corp.    kernwood
Ketay Mfg. Corp.    ketay
Keysight Technologies; Santa Rosa, CA    keysight
Keystone Electric & Radio Co.; New York, NY    keystone1
Keystone Radio Co.    keyst-ra
Keystone Radio Laboratories   11   keyst-rala
Keystone Radio Service Co.; Los Angeles, Califor...    keystone
Keystone Radio Service, Philadelphia    keyst-rase
K-G Electronics Corp.; Chicago (IL)    kgelectron
KIC Electronics Division; Los Angeles (CA)    kicelectro
Kid designs, Inc.; Rahway, NJ    kiddesigns
Kilbourne & Clark Mfg. Co.; Seattle, Washington   21   kilbourne
Killark Electric Mfg. Co.; Saint Louis, Missouri    killark
Kilovac Corporation. Carpinteria California    kilovac
Kimberch Phono Co.    kimberch
Kimley Electric Company, Inc; Buffalo, N.Y.    kimley
Kin Tel (KinTel); San Diego, California    kin-tel
Kinematix, Inc. (KX); Chicago (IL)    kinematix
Kinevox Inc.; Burbank, CA.    kinevox
King Amplitone Co.; New York    kingampli
King, F.B., Co.; Oakland, CA    fbking
King Manufacturing Corp.; Buffalo   47   kingmanuf
King Radio Corp.; Olathe, KS    kingradio
Kings Electronics; Brooklyn (NY)    kingselect
Kings Radio Sales Co.    kings
Kingston Electronic Corporation; Cambridge, Mass...    kingstonel
Kingston Radio (Kingston Products) Co.Inc.; Koko...   11   kingston
Kirbury (brand)    kirbury
Kirby Products Corporation; Philadelphia (NY)    kirby
Kirkman Engineering Corp. (K-E); New York (NY)    kirkman
Klar-O-Dyne; (where?), MN    klarodyne
Kleertone (National Radio Outlet Co.); New York ...    kleertone
Klein Electric Mfg. Co., The; New York City, New...    klein
KLH R&D Co.; Cambridge (MA)   19   klh
Klipsch Audio Technologies; USA    klipsch
Klitzen Radio Manufacturing Co.; Racine WI   20   klitzen
Klosner, Morris: New York, NY    klosner
Kloss Video Corporation; Cambridge (MA)    klossvideo
KMA, May Seed and Nursery Co.; Shenandoah, IA    kma
Kmart Corporation; Troy (MI)   21   kmart
Knapp Electric & Novelty Co.; New York City, New...    knapp
Knickerbocker, Balder Radio Co.    knickerboc
Knight (tubes), brand    knight
Knott,W.T. Co.    knott
Knox & Shain; Philadelphia, PA    knox
Knox Porcelain Corp.; Knoxville (TN)    knoxporcel
KNY-Scheerer Corp. of America; New York City, Ne...    kny
Koch, John R.; Charleston, West Virginia    koch
Kodak - Eastman Kodak Company; Rochester (NY)    kodakeastm
Kodel Radio Corp. The; (Automatic El.Devices); C...   46   kodel
Kohn Co., Frank S.; Chicago IL    kohn
Kokomo Electric Co.; Kokomo (IN)    kokomoelec
Kolster; USA 2   101   kolster-us
Konel Corporation; San Francisco    konel
Korach Radio Co.; Chicago IL    korach
Kor-Rad Co., The; New York City, New York    kor-rad
Kor/Sonic - Korvettes Products, Inc.; New York (...    korsonic
Korting Record Sales Corp.; New York    kortingrec
Korvettes, Division of Spartans Industries, Inc....    korvettes
Koss Corperation; Milwaukee (MN)   16   koss
Kovac (tubes), Consolidated Vacuum Tube Co.; (wh...    kovac
K-R Tube Inc.; (where?)    krtube
Kraco Enterprises Inc.; Compton (CA)    kracoenter
Kraft, Bates & Spencer Inc.; Boston, Massachusetts    kraftbates
Kraft, J.    kraft
Krakauer Bros.    krakauer
Kranz & Sell Co.    kranz
Krasberg Tool & MFG. Co.; Chicago, Ill.    krasberg
Krasco Manufacturing Co. Inc./ Krasberg Tool & M...    krasco
Kreisler Communications; New York    kreisler
Krell Industries, Inc.; Orange    krell
Kresge Co., S.S.; Detroit, MI    kresge
Kress & Co., S.H.; (anywhere)    kressco
Kris Inc.; Cedarburg (WI)    krisincwis
Krohler (Kroehler, Kröhler) Mfg. Co.    kroehler
Krohn-Hite Corp.; Cambridge and Brockton, MA   14   krohn-hite
Kroy Radio Corporation; New York    kroy
Kruse & Bahlmann Hardware Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    krusebahl
Kuprox (brand), USA?    kuprox
Kusterman; (where?)    kusterman
Kustom Kreations Inc.; (where?).    kustomkrea
Kwik-lite (Kwiklite), Usona Manufacturing Co.; T...    kwiklite
L. M. Sandwick Associates, Chicago    lmsandwick
La Mar Manufacturing Co.; Binghamton, New York    la-mar
La Pointe Electronics Inc.; Rockville (CT)    lapointe
La Salle Light Company; Chicago, IL    lasalle
Lab-Volt; Farmingdale, NJ    labvolt
Laco Products, Kitcraft; LA    lacokit
Lafayette Radio & TV Corp; New York (NY) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13   1290   lafayette
Lake Radio Sales; Chicago    lakeradio
Lakeside Supply Company; Chicago, Illinois    lakeside
Lalley Radio Corp.; Detroit, Michigan    lalley
LaMagna Mfg. Co.    la-magna
Lamb, F. Jos. ; Detroit, Michigan    lamb
Lambda Electronics Corp., Corona NY    lambdaelec
Lambda Electronics Corp.; Huntington NY    lambda-us
Lambert, Leon, Wichita    lambert
Lampkin Laboratories; Bradenton, Florida, USA    lampkin
Lanagan & Hoke; Philadelphia PA    lanagan
Lance Industries; Sylmar (CA)    lanceindus
Lancer (where?)    lancer
Lander Radio Company; Wichita, Kansas    lander
Lane Company, Frank; New York City    lanefrank
Lang Radio Co.; (where?)   39   lang
Lang Radio Enterprises Inc., New York    langrad
Langbein-Kaufman Radio Co., New Haven, CT   10   langbein
Lansing, James B. (JBL), Los Angeles, CA   57   lansing
Lantz International Corporation; Villanova, PA    lantz
Larcoflex, (where?)    larcoflex
Larkin Co. Inc.    larkin
Larrel; (where?)    larrel
LaSalle Radio Products Co.; New York    lasallerad
Laurehk Radio Mfg. Co.; Wayne, Mich.   12   laurehk
Laurel Motors Corp.    laurel
Laurence Radio-Lectric Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    laurence
Lavoie Laboratories; Morganville (NJ)   20   lavoie
Lawrence Co. Ltd.; Cincinnati    lawrenceco
Lawrence Radio Corp.; Saint Louis, Missouri    lawrence
Lawsam Electric Company; New York    lawsam
LDG Electronics ; Saint Leonard    ldg
Le Radion; Chicago    leradion
Lead (trade name), where?    lead
Leander Electronics Corp.    leander
Lear; Chicago    learchi
Lear Inc.; Grand Rapids and Los Angeles   46   lear
Lear Jet, Tucson    learjet
Lear Operations R&D Corp. (Lorad), Stinger; Miami    learop
Lear-Wuerful Co.    lear-wuerf
LE-BO Products Co., Inc.; Woodsyde (NY)    leboproduc
Lectradio Corporation; Newark NJ    lectradio
Lectrosonics; Albuquerque    lectroson
Lectrotech Inc.; Chicago (IL)    lectrotech
Lee De Forest Laboratories, Ltd.; Los Angeles, C...    deforestla
Lee Electric & Mfg. Co.; San Francisco, Californ...   14   lemco
Lee Tone - see Boro-Hall    leetone9
Leeds & Northrup; Philadelphia   12   leedsnorth
Leeds Radio Co.; New York City (NY)   15   leedsradio
Leeds Radio Laboratories; New York (NY)    leeds
Leich Electric Co.; Genoa, ILL.    leich
Lektophone Corp.; (where?)    lektophone
Lemke Electric Company; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    lemke
LeMor Radio Inc.    le-mor
Lenford Inc.    lenford
Lenoxx Electronics Corp.; Avanel, N.J.    lenoxx
Lenzite Crystal Corporation; Pasadena, California    lenzite
Leotone Radio Co.; New York City    leotone
Lesa of America, New York.    lesa
Lestein Corp. of America (Lestron); New York Cit...    lestein
Lester Radio Shop    lester
Lettine Radio Mfg. Co.; Long Island, NY    lettine
Leutz, C.R., Inc.(Golden-Leutz, Norden-Hauck); A...   71   leutz
Levy Electric Company; San Francisco, California    levy
Lewis & DeRoy Radio Corp.; New York City, NY    lewis-dero
Lewis & Kaufman Ltd, Los Gatos, CA    lewisk
Lewis, E.B., Co.Inc.; East Hartford    lewiseb
Lewol Mfg. Corp.; Chicago (IL)   10   lewol
Lewyt Corp.    lewyt
Liberty Electric Corporation; Port Chester (NY)    libertyele
Liberty Mail Order House    liberty-ma
Liberty Metal Products Corp.; Berea, Ohio    libertymet
Liberty Radio Manufacturing Co.; Kansas City, Mi...    libertyrad
Liberty Starter Co. of Detroit, Michigan    libertysta
Liberty Transformer Co.    liberty-tr
Lifetime Sound Equipment. Co., The Lifetime Corp...    lifetime-s
Lightrite Co. Inc., The (Light-Rite); Bloomfield...    lightrite
Lillie Co., J. P.    lillie
Lincoln Electronics Corp.; New York, NY    lincoln-el
Lincoln Radio Corporation (Allied); Chicago (IL)   42   lincoln
Lindell Electric Shop; Seattle, Washington    lindell
Lindex Corp.; New York    lindexcorp
Lindstrom Corporation, The; Bridgeport Conn    lindstrom
Line 6; Agoura Hills, CA    line6
Linear Systems , Watsonville   14   linearsys
Link Radio Co.; New York (NY)    linkradio
Linmark; Shriro Trading Co.; (NY) (LA)    linmark
Linwood, New York    linwood
Linze Electrical Supply Co.; Saint Louis, Missouri    linze
Lionel Electric Train Company, Chesterfield MI    lionel
Lionel Toy Corporation, The; Hillside (NJ)    lioneltoyc
Lipman; Pittsburgh    lipman
Listen-In Co.; Boston, MA    listenin
Listening Post, The    listening
Litton Corp.; Williamsport (PA)    litton
LJN Toys Ltd.; New York City (NY)    ljntoyslt
L&L Electric Co.; Memphis, TN    ll-electri
Llewellyn Electric Appliance Shop; Los Angeles, ...    llewellyn
Lloyd's Electronics; Chicago, IL 2   127   lloyds
LND Inc.; Oceanside, NY    lnd
Logan, Les, Co.; San Francisco    logan
Lombard ,E.T.; Oakland, CA    lombard
Lone Wolf Radio Corp.    lone
Long Distance Wireless Instrument Company; Bosto...    longdist
Long Hall Technologies, L.L.C.; Farmingdale (NY)    longhallt
Long Radio Co.    long
Longines Symphonette; (where?)   23   longinessy
Longwood Radio Distributors Inc; New York    longwood
Lorch Microwave; Salisbury, MD    lorch
Los Angeles Radio Supply Co.; Los Angeles, CA    losangeles
Los Angeles Sales Co. Inc.; Los Angeles, CA    los-angele
LOUD Technologies, Mackie Designs; Woodinville (...    loudtechno
Louis, O.T., Wireless Department; New York City,...    louis
Louisville Electric Mfg. Co.; Louisville, KY    louisville
Loverin & Browne Company; Chicago, Illinois    loverin
Lowenstein Radio Company; Brooklyn, N.Y.    lowenstein
Lowrey Organ; Chicago, IL    lowrey
LPB Inc., Low Power Broadcasting; Frazer (PA)    lpb
Lucor, (where?)    lucor
Ludlow Co., Perry; Dayton (OH)    ludlowco
Luxem & Dazis Co.    luxem
Luxor Radio Mfg. Co.; New York (NY)    luxor
Lykes Electronics Corp.; Hillsborough, Tampa (FL)    lykeselect
LYMAN Electronic Corp., 12 Cass St., Springfield...    lyman
Lynch Inc., Arthur H. ; New York City (NY)    lynchincne
Lyons, A. S.; New York City, NY    lyons
Lyons Company, G. E.; St. Louis, MO    lyon
Lyradion Manufacturing Co.; Mishawaka, Indiana    lyradion
Lysco, USA    lysco
Lytle & Canon    lytle
Lytton Inc., Walter; Chicago, IL   19   lytton
M. & H. Sporting Goods Co.; Philadelphia, PA    mhsport
M & W Laboratories; Dayton    mwlab
M. P. Radio Company; New York City, New York    mpradio
Maas-Rowe; (where?)    maasrowe
Mac Laren Manufacturing, Voltron (tubes); New Yo...    maclaren
MacDonald Corporation (Instruments), R.J.; North...    macdonaldc
Machen Electric Co.    machen-ele
Machen Mfg. & Distr. Co.; Cedar Rapids, Iowa    machen-mfg
Machlett Labs; USA (tubes)    machlett
Mack Company; Philadelphia, PA    mack
Mack Trucks, Inc.; Greensboro NC    macktrucks
Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company; New York    mackay
Maclite Radio Co.; Boston, Massachusetts    maclite
Maco Electric Corp.; New York (NY)    macoelectr
Macromin Electronics Co.; (where?)    macromin
Macy & Co.; New York City, New York    macy
Madison Fielding Corp., Brooklyn    madisonfi
Madison Industries; Toledo (OH)    madisonind
Madison Moore    madison
Magna Electronics Corp; Inglewood, CA   12   magna
Magna Instrument Co,; New York City, New York    magnainst
Magna-Kit Co.; Los Angeles (CA)    magnakitco
Magnasync Manufacturing Co. Ltd.; Hollywood (CA)    magnasync
Magnatron, Connewey; Hoboken N.J.    magnatron
Magnavox Co.; Fort Wayne (ex Oakland) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9   805   magnavox
Magnecord, Inc. (Magnecorder); Chicago (IL)   32   magnecord
Magnepan: White Bear Lake    magnepan
Magnetic Amplifiers, Inc.; New York    magnetic
Magnite Laboratories, Dynetron / Dyn-A-Blue / Th...    magnite
Magnus Electric Co. (Magnadyne); New York City, ...   26   magnus
Maguire & Shotton Co.; Albany, New York    maguiresh
Maguire Industries, Inc.   16   maguire
Main Radiophone Co.; Cedar Rapids    mainradio
Majestic Radio & Television Co.,(post 1932) 2 3 4   333   majestic
Majestic tubes of Grigsby-Grunow    majestic-t
Major Electronics; (where?)    majorelect
Major Laboratories    major
Major Speaker Co.; Cleveland, Ohio    majorspeak
Mallory P.R. & Co.; Indianapolis   24   mallory
Malone Lemon Products, Inc.   16   malone
Manatt-King Radio Co.; Riverside, CA    manattking
Man-Day Corporation; New York    manday
Maney Radio Corp.    maney
Manhattan Electrical Supply Co. Inc. (Mesco); Ne...   25   manhattan
Manley Laboratories, Inc.; Chino (CA)    manleylabs
Mann & Snell; San Francisco, California    mannsnell
Marantz; Itasca 2 3 4   366   marantz
Marathon Battery Co.; Wausau, WI    marathon-b
Marathon Radio Co.; (where?)    marathon
Marathon (tubes), Northern Manufacturing Co.; Ne...    marathon-t
Marcof Electronics; Webster Groves (MO)    marcofelec
Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. of America   24   marconiusa
Marconiphone, Inc.; (where?)    marconipho
Marcraft International Corporation; Kennewick (WH)    marcraftin
Margo (brand)    margo
Marine Radio Company; Richmond Hill, NY    marinerc
Marine Radio Manufacturing Co.; New York City, N...    marinerad
Marine Radio Service, Inc.; Wilmington (CA)    marinerads
Marinette Electric Corp.; Marinette (WI)    marinette
Maritek Inc. Marine Air Technology. Washington    maritek
Maritime Radio Corporation; Bay Harbor Island, FLA    maritime
Mark Levinson Audio Systems; Elkhart    marklevin
Mark Products Company; Skokie (IL)    markprod
Markel Electric Products, Inc.; Buffalo N.Y.    markelelec
Marko Storage Battery Corp.; Brooklyn (NY)    markostora
Marle; (where?)    marle
Marlow, Ernest Co. ; Asbury Park, New Jersey    marlow
Marquette Radio Corp.; Chicago, Ill    marquettec
Marquette Radio Inc.   14   marquette
Marshall Electronics; Newark NJ    marshal-el
Marshall Radio Products Inc.; Chicago, Illinois    marshal-ra
Marshall-Gerken Co., The; Toledo, Ohio   12   marshal-ge
Martel Electronics (Telmar); Los Angeles (CA), N...   12   martel
Marti Electric Radio Co. Inc.; West Orange (also...   13   marti
Marti Electronics Inc.; Cleburne, TX    marti-tx
Martian Manufacturing Co. Inc.; Newark (NJ)    martian
Martin Co., The Glenn L.; Cleveland, Ohio    martinco
Martin Copeland Co. (MAR-CO); Providence, R.I.    martin-cop
Martin H.S. & Co.;Evanston, IL    martinandc
Martin Radio & Electric Co.    martin-rad
MartinLogan, Ltd.; Lawrence, KS    martinloga
Marvel Lens Industries, Inc.; Philadelphia    marvellens
Marvel Mfg. and Sales Co., The; Denver, Colorado    marvel2
Marvel Radio Company; New York City, New York    marvel
Marvin Radio Tube Company; Irvington, NJ    marvin
Marwol Radio Corp.; New York City, New York   13   marwol
Marwood Radio Corp.    marwood
Marx, Conrad; Brooklyn, New York    marx
Marx, Louis; and Co. Inc., New York (NY)    marxandcoi
Masco Mark Simpson Company Inc., Long Island 2   106   masco
Mason Radio Products Co.; Kingston, NY    masonradio
Massie Wireless Telegraph Co.; Providence, RI    massie
Master Electric Co.; Chicago, Illinois    master-ele
Master Engineering; Chicago    mastereng
Master Laboratories; New York (NY)    masterlabs
Master Mobile Mounts Inc.; Los Angeles, CA    mastermob
Master Radio Manufacturing Co.; Los Angeles, CA    master-rad
Master-Craft Products Co.; Chicago, IL    mastercraf
Masterphone Company; Iowa City, Iowa    masterphon
Master's Art Inc.; Yonkers (NY)    mastersart
Matchless Electric Company; Chicago (IL)    matchless
Mathematics of Radio    mathematic
Matheson Bell, J., Inc. Chicago    matheson
Mathiesen-Sandberg Company; Chicago, Illinois    mathies
Mattatuck Radio Apparatus Co.; Waterbury, Connec...    mattatuck
Mattel Inc.; El Segundo (CA)    mattelinc
Maximum Specialty Co.; Ithaca, New York    maximum
Maxon America Inc.; Kansas City (MO)    maxonameri
Maxon Electronics, Inc.; Bronx, N.Y.    maxonelec
Maxwell Electronics Corporation, Garland Texas    maxwellele
Maxwell Radio Corp.    maxwell
May, D. W.; Newark, New Jersey    may
Mayfair Electronics Company; Chicago (IL)   17   mayfairele
Mayo Laboratories Inc.    mayo
Mayolian Radio Corporation; New York City    mayolian
Mazda Radio Manufacturing Co.; Cleveland (OH)   15   mazda
Mc Gee Radio Company; Kansas City, MO    mcgeeradio
MCA - American Magnetics Corporation; (where?)    mcaameric
McAdam Electronics Inc.; San Diego    mcadam
McCall Novelty Co.; Springfield, IL    mccall2
McCall Radio Laboratories Inc.; Grand Rapids, Mi...    mccall
McCandless & Co, H.W.; New York City, NY    mccandless
McCreary-Moore; Kansas City, Kansas    mccreary
McCulla Manufacturing Co.; Waukegan, IL    mcculla
McCullough, Frederick, S. Co.; Wilkinsburg, late...    mccullough
McElroy, T.R.; Boston MA   33   mcelroy
McGohan Inc., Don; Chicago, Ill.   17   mcgohan
McGorkle Manufacturing Co, D. H.; Oakland, Calif...    mcgorkle
McGrade Mfg. Co., E.W.; Kansas City    McGrade
McGraw-Edison Company, Electronics Div.; (where?)    mcgrawed
McGuire Radio Laboratory; San Francisco, Califor...    mcguire
McIntosh Audio Company; Binghamton, NY   76   mcintosh
McIntosh Electrical Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    mcintoshel
McIntosh Stereopticon Co.    mcintosh-s
McIntyre Radio Corp., The; St. Louis, MO    mcintyre
McKay Dymek Company; Claremont (CA)   14   mckaydymek
McKinley Phonograph Co.; Chicago, Illinois    mckinley
McMahon & ST John; South Norwalk, Connecticut    mcmahon
McMartin Industries Ltd; Omaha, Nebraska    mcmartin
McMillan Radio Corp.; Chicago, Illinois   33   mcmillan
McMurdo Silver Co., Inc.(post WW2); Hartford   15   mcmurdoaf
McMurdo Silver, Inc.(pre WW2); Chicago   38   mcmurdo
Mears Ear Phone Company; New York City, NY    mears
Measurements Corporation, Boonton NJ   22   measurem
Measurements Corporation; Boonton, NJ    measure
Meck, John, Industries, Inc.; Plymouth (IN)   93   meck
Mectron Corp.    mectron
Medco Manufacturing Co., New York    medco
Megard    megard
Meissner Mfg. Div., Maguire Industries, Inc. (IL)   63   meissner
Melchior Equipment Company; New York City, New Y...    melchior
Mellinger Co., The (Melson); Los Angeles (CA)    mellinger
Mellodyne Radio Co., The; Cincinnati, Ohio    mellody-ra
Mellodyne; (where?)    mellodyne
Mel-O-Dee Manufacturing Co.; Philadelphia, PA, N...    melodee
Melodian Laboratories; (where?)    melodian
Melody Radio Corp.; Bronx, N.Y.    melody
Melodyne Radio Co.; New York City, New York    melodyne
Melomite , Kansas City,    melomiteco
Memorex; Silicon Valley, CA    memorex
Mengel Company Inc., The; Louisville (KY)    mengelco
Menzel Co., The    menzel
Mercantile Stores Inc.    mercantile
Mercedes Products; Chicago    mercedesp
Mercedes Television; New York (NY)    mercedes
Merchants Radio Company; Kansas City, MO    merchants
Merco Recording Company, Inc.; Long Island, NY    merco-reco
Mercury Electric Corp.; New York City, New York    mercury-el
Mercury Electronics Corporation; NY   24   mercuryele
Mercury Radio & Battery Corp.; Clarence (NY)    mercuryrab
Mercury Radio Appliance Co. (Meraco); Brooklyn, NY    mercury2
Mercury Radio Co.; New York, NY    mercuryrad
Mercury Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    mercurys
Mercury Radio Products Co.; Orange / Little Fall...    mercury-ra
Meridale Radio Company; Baltimore, Maryland    meridale
Merit Coil & Transformer Corp.; Chicago (IL)    meritcoil
Merit Radio; where?    merit
Merle Duston Co.; Detroit    merle
Merrell Electronics Inc.; New York    merrell
Mershon, Ralph D.; New York City    mershon
Messenger Corp., Chas. A. (Fieldmaster); Burbank...    messenger
Metalcraft Manufactures; Brooklyn NY    metalcraft
Meteor Phono Co.    meteor-pho
Meteor Radio Laboratories Co.; Piqua, Ohio    meteor2
Metro Electric Co.; Chicago (IL)   16   metro
Metro Electric Manufacturing Company Inc.; NY.    metroelect
Metropolitan Electric Co (MECO); Des Moins, IA    metropoli1
Metropolitan Electronic & Instrument Co; New Yor...    metropoli2
Metropolitan Eng, Service Co.; Boston, Massachus...    metropo-en
Metropolitan Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    metradio
Metropolitan Radio Corp.; Newark, NJ (Metro)    metro-elec
Metrotek Electronics Inc.; Raleigh (NC)    metrotek
Metzger, William E. Company; Detroit, Michigan    metzger
Metzner Electronics Corporation; Hollywood    metzner
Meyberg Company, Leo J.; San Francisco    meyberg
Meyers Electrical House, B. M.; Evansville, Wisc...    meyers
MF Solutions, Pittsford, VT    mfs
MFJ Enterprises; Starkville (MS)   46   mfj
MGA Entertainment; Van Nuys, CA    mga-entert
Micamold Radio Corporation; Brooklyn, NY    micamold
Michigan Paper Tube & Can Co.; Detroit, Michigan    michiganpa
Michigan Radio Corp.; Grand Rapids, Michigan   14   michigan
Microcraft Corp.; Thiensville, Wisconsin    microcraft
Micro-Electronic, Peru (Indiana)    micro
Micron Technology, Inc.; Boise (ID)    micron
Microsonics Corporation; Los Angeles (CA)    microsonic
Micro-Trak Corp.; Holyoke (MA)    microtrak
Microtube; Chicago    microtube
Micro-Vox, Inc.; Chicago 6 (IL)    microvox
Microwave Associates, Inc.; Burlington (MA)    microwave
Mid State Communications Inc.; Beech Grove, IN    mid-state
Middlesex Wireless Supply Co.; Somerville, Massa...    middlesex
Midget Radio Company; Keanery, Nebraska    midget
Midland Electric Co.; (where?)    midland
Midland International Corporation, Midland Elect... 2   174   midlandint
Midland Mfg., Decorah    midland2
Midway Sales Inc.; Kearney (NK)    midway
Midwest Radio Co.,The; Cincinnati (OH) 2 3 4   317   midwest
Miessner Radio Co.    miessner
Mifflinburg Radio Corp.; Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania    mifflinbur
Mignon Mfg., Newark    mignonmfg
Mignon Products Corp., Buffalo, New York    mignon
Mignon Wireless Corp., Elmira, NY   13   mignonwire
Miida Electronics, Inc.; Lyndhurst (NJ)    miidaelect
Mi-Kerm Radio Company; Burlington, IA    mikerm
Miles Reproducer Co., Inc.; New York (NY)    milesrepro
MILITARY U.S. (different makers for same model) 2 3 4   320   military
Millard & Company, Wm. J. Inc. (Tillman); New Yo...    millardcom
Miller, Bertrand F. Co.    miller
Miller, J.L. Company; Beloit, Wisconsin    miller-jl
Miller, J.W.; Los Angeles (CA)   16   millerjw
Miller Manufacturing Co., New York N.Y.    miller man
Miller Radio Co., A. H.; Detroit, Michigan    millerah
Miller Rubber Co.; Akron,Ohio    millerrub
Miller Wireless Instrument Company; Seattle, WA    millerwirl
Million, USA    million
Mills Novelty Company, Chicago (IL)    mills
Mills Radio Manufacturing Co.,The; Irvington, Ne...    millsradio
Mills, S.W.; New York City, New York    millssw
Milo Manufacturing Co.; Newark, New Jersey    milo
Milwaukee Stamping Co.    milwaukee
Minerva Radio Co.(post WW2); New York (NY)   25   minerva
Minerva Radio Mfg.(pre WW2); Chicago   29   minerva2
Mini-Circuits; Brooklyn, New York    mincircui
Minnesota Electronics Corp., The; Saint Paul, Mi...    minnesotae
Minnesota Radio Sales Corp.; Minneapolis, MN    minnesota
Minstrel, Montgomery Ward    minstrel
Miracle Radio Manufacturing Co.; Dallas, Texas    miracle
Miratel Inc.; St. Paul (MN)    miratel
Mission Bell Radio Mfg. Co.; Los Angeles (CA)   77   mission-be
Mississippi Valley Radio Co.; St. Louis    mississipp
Missouri Radio Corp.; Saint Louis, Missouri    missouri
Mitchell Blair Company (Blairco, Atlas); Chicago...    mitchel-bl
Mitchell Industries; Mineral Wells, TX    mitchellin
Mitchell Mfg. Co., (ELCO, ESCO); Chicago, IL   41   mitchel-mf
Mitchell Speaker Co.; Riverside CA    mitchellsp
M&M Electric Mfg. Co.    mm-electri
MMA, Manufacturers Marketing Association Inc.; C...    mma-manufa
M&M's World® Merchandise Brand Store; Henderson ...   13   mmsworldm
Modern Electric Mfg. Co.; Toledo, OH    modernelec
Modern Engineering Co.; Toledo, Ohio    moderneng
Modern Radio Equipment Co.; Elizabeth, NJ    modernrad
Modern Radio Laboratories; Minneapolis    modradio
Modernola Co. Inc.    modernola
Moe Manufacturing Co.; Fall River, Mass.    moe
Mogul Electric Company (Dexaphone); New York Cit...    mogul
Mohawk Battery and Radio Co.; Los Angeles, Calif...    mohawkbatt
Mohawk Business Machines Co.; Brooklyn    mohawkbusi
Molded Insulation Co.; Philadelphia PA    molded
Monarch Electric and Wire Co.; Chicago, Illinois    monarchele
Monarch Electronics Int. Inc.; North Hollywood, CA   27   monarch
Monarch, King Manufacturing Corp.    monarch-ki
Monarch Mfg. Co.; Chicago, IL    monarch-mf
Monarch Radio Corp.; Chicago, Illinois    monarchrad
Monarch Telephone Manufacturing Co.; Fort Dodge,...    monarchtel
Mondial Designs Limited; Dobbs Ferry, New York    mondialdes
Monitor Equipment Corp.    monitor
Monitor Products Co.; Los Angeles    monitorpro
Monitoradio; Indianapolis (IN)   23   monitoradi
Monroe H. McKillip Co.; Chicago, Illinois    monroe2
Monroe Radio Manufacturing Co.; Monroe, Michigan    monroe
Montage Productions Inc.; Rutherford (NJ)    montagepro
Montclair Radio Manufacturing Corp.; Montclair, ...    montclair
Monterey Electronic Products; Monterey (CA)    montereyel
Montgomery Ward & Co. (Wards, Airline); Chicago,... 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21   2019   montgomery
Montrose Manufacturing Co.; Brooklyn, New York    montrose2
Montrose-Hast Radio Labs.    montrose
Moon Radio Corp.; Long Island City, New York   10   moon
Mooney Radio Co., The    mooney
Moore Manufacturing Co. Inc.; Bloomfield, New Je...    moore
Moorhead Laboratories (Pacific); San Francisco    moorhead
More Tone Radio Company; Chicago, Illinois    moretone
Moreland Sales Corp.,The; Cincinnati, Ohio    moreland
Morgan Powell; Los Angeles    morganpow
Morris Radio Manufacturing Co.; Worcester, Massa...    morrisrad
Morris Register Company; Council Bluffs, Iowa    morris-reg
Morris, Walter C.; Yonkers, New York    morris
Morrison Radiophone Co.; Bridgeport, Connecticut    morrison
Morrow Radio Mfg. Co., Moradco; Salem (OR)   14   morrow
Morscan Radio Company; Newark, NJ    morscan
Morse Electro Products Corp.; N.Y.; brand Electr...   16   morseelec
Morse, Frank W. (Morse Eureka); Boston, Massachu...    morse
Morse Manufacturing Co.; Newark, New Jersey    morsemfg
Mortimer Radio Corp. (Melco); New York, NY    mortimer
Morton, George    morton
Morvillo & Sons, G.; Providence, Rhode Island    movillo
Mosley Electronics, Inc.; Union (MO)    mosleyelec
Moss Electronic Dist. Co.; New York, NY    moss-ny
Moss Manufacturing Company, Inc.; San Francisco ...    moss
Motiograph; Chicago, ILL.    motiograph
Moto Meter Gauge & Equipment Co.    moto
Motomaster Radio Corp.,Warwick Mfg. Corp    motomaster
Motorola Inc.; Schaumburg (IL) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39   3869   motorola
Motorphone Radio Corp. Of America    motorphone
Mountford C. E.; New York    mountford
Moviola Manufacturing Co.; Hollywood, CA    moviola
Mozart Grand Co.; Newark    mozartgr
MrChristmas (Gold Label); Memphis TN    mrchrist
M.R&T; Chicago    mrt
Mueller Radio Company; Toledo, OH    mueller
Multi-Audi-Fone; Elizabeth, N.J.   14   multiaudi
Multiphone Company; Oakland, California    multiphone
Multiple Storage Battery Corp.; New York    multiplest
Multi-Point Company, H. P.; Philadelphia, Pennsy...    multipoint
Multi-Products Company (Elmac), Michigan   12   multielmac
Multivox Corporation of America, New York    multivox
Munn-Landon    munn
Munston MFG. & Service Inc.; New York City    munston
Muntz Stereo Pak; Hollywood (CA)    muntz-ster
Muntz TV Inc.; Hollywood (CA)   93   muntztv
Mura Corporation; Westbury (NY)    muracorp
Mu-Rad Laboratories Inc.; Asbury Park (NJ)   18   mu-rad
Murch Electronics, Inc.; Franklin, ME.    murch
Murdock, WM.J. Co.; Chelsea   79   murdock
Murphy G. C. Co.; McKeesport    murphygcco
Muse Electronics Inc.; Garden Grove (CA)    museelectr
Musette    musette
Music King; Chicago    musicking
Music Man Inc., Anaheim, CA    musicman
Music Master; Chicago (1930's)    musicmast2
Music Master Corp. (pre 1927); Philadelphia   22   music-mast
Music Radio Co.    music-rad
Musical Products Distributing Co.; New York City...    musical
Musicpet of California (Music Pet), Universal; L...    musicpet
MusiCraft; (where?)    musicraft
Musio Radio Co.; Pittsburgh, PA    musio
Musitron Co., "The", Chicago, ILL.   14   musitron
Muskat Industries, Inc.; Miami, FL    muskat
Muskegon Coil Company; Muskegon, MI    muskegon
Musselman, A.J., Inc.; Chicago (Tubes, see also ...    musselman
Mutiphone Operating Company; New York City, New ...    multiphon2
Mutual Radio Supply Co.; Chicago, Illinois   39   mutual
Muzak Corporation; Fort Mill, SC    muzakcorpo
MXR Innovations Inc.; Rochester, New York    mxr
My Own Radio Inc.    my-own
Mydar Radio Company; Newark, N. J.    mydar
Myers, E.B. Ltd.; Cleveland (Myers4)    myers3
Myers-Blackwell Company Inc.; Portland, OR    myersblack
Myradio Co.    myradio
Nady Systems, Inc.; Oakland, CA    nady-syst
NAFR Radio Corp. (Slocumb); St. Louis, MO    nafr-radio
Nagel, W.G., Electric Company; Toledo, Ohio    nagel
Naken; Chicago    naken
Narco, National Aeronautical Corporation; Fort W...    narconatio
Narda Microwave. Multiple locations, USA   12   narda
NASA, National Aeronautics and Space Administrat...    nasa
Nash-Odell Company, The; Chicago, IL    nash-odell
Nassau Radio Co., Inc.; Brooklyn, New York   12   nassau
Nasta Industries Inc.; (NY & PA)   18   nasta
Natco Film Projection Equipment; Chicago    natcofilm
Nathaniel Baldwin - see Baldwin    nathaniel9
National Company; Cambridge & Malden (MA) 2 3 4 5   428   national
National Acoustic Products; Chicago    national01
National Airphone Corp.; New York (NY)   15   national02
National Cooperatives, Inc.; Chicago    natcoop
National Dobro Co.; San Louis   13   nat-dobro
National Electric Company; Cedar Rapids, Iowa    nationale
National Electric Manufacturing Co. (NEM); Chicago    nationelec
National Electric Signaling Co. (NESCO) or Suppl...   24   nesco
National Electric Specialty Co.; Toledo    nationale2
National Electronics, Inc. ; GENEVA Illinois    national17
National Gramophone Company; New York    nationgram
National Industries Inc.; (where?)    national05
National Lead Battery Co.; St. Paul (MN)    nationalle
National Motor Accessories Corp.; New York City,...    nationalmo
National Page; (where?)    national06
National Products Sales Co.; Boston, Mass.    nationalpr
National Radio & Auto Supply; Cedar Rapids, Iowa    national7
National Radio & Television Co.; (where?)    national08
National Radio Co.; Marshall, Minnesota    nationalmn
National Radio Company; New York City, New York    nationalra
National Radio Company; Saint Louis, Missouri    national5
National Radio Corp.; (where?)    national10
National Radio Engineering Co.; (where?)    national11
National Radio Institute (NRI); Washington, DC   18   nri
National Radio Manufacturing Co.; Oklahoma City   17   national12
National Radio Products Corp.; (where?)    national13
National Radio Works; Newark, NJ    nation-rad
National Service; (where, who and what?)    national14
National Supply Service; Chicago (IL)    nationalsu
National (Technical) Schools, Los Angeles CA-USA    nationalte
National Transformer Co. - see also Balkeit    national15
National Tube Mfg. Co. (brand) - see also Contin...    national1
National Union Radio Corp.; Orange (NJ)   12   national16
Navigator (tubes) - see also A-C Dayton; Dayton,...    navigator
Naylor Radio Corp. (Sterling); New York    naylor
Nazeley Co., J.; New York City (NY)    nezeley
NEIC (where?)    neic
Neill R.W. Co., Inc; Chicago    neill
Nelge Electric Co. Ltd., Jersey City, NJ    nelge-el
Nelson Radio Parts Company.; Newark, New Jersey    nelson
NEMS-Clarke Company, Silver Spring, Maryland    nems
Neon Lamp Works, Inc.; New York City, NY    neon
Nepage-McKenny Co.; K.W.A. Engineering Co.; Seat...    nepage
Neptron Corporation; Salem MA (subs. of Hygrade ...    neptron
Neutrowound Radio Mfg. Co.; Homewood   10   neutrowoun
New England Coil Winding Co.; Atlantic, Massachu...    newengland
New England Engineering Co.; Waterbury, CT    newengleng
New Haven Radio Company Manufacturers; New Haven...    newhavenr
New Jersey Radio Supply Co.; Newark, New Jersey    newjerseyr
New London Instrument - New London, Conn.    newlondon
New York Album & Card Co.; New York City, New York    newyork-al
New York Audio Labs., Inc.; Croton-on-Hudson (NY)    newyorkaud
New York Coil Co. Inc.; New York City, New York    newyork-co
New York Transformer Co.; New York (NY)    newyorktra
New Yorker; (where?)    newyorker
Newark Electric Co.   15   newark
Newbery Electric Corp.; Los Angeles, California    newberry
Newcomb Audio Products Co.; Hollywood, (CA)   47   newcomb
Newcombe-Hawley; St. Charles, IL.   16   newcombe
Newman-Stern Co., The; Clevelan, Ohio    newman
NEWMAR (Newport Marine Engineering; Inc.); Newpo...    newmar
Newport Electronics, Newport Laboratories; Santa...    newportel
Newport Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    newport
Newsonic Radio Corp.    newsonic
Nichols Electric Company ; New York   10   nichols
Nicolet Instrument Corporation; Madison, WI    nicolet
Niehoff, Paul G. & Co.; Chicago, IL    niehoff
Niles Audio Corporation; Miami    niles
Niteingale; (brand name)    niteingale
No-Battery Radio Co.; (where?)    no-battery
Nola Radio Company; New Orleans, LA    nola
Non Skid Crystal Mfg. Co.; Kansas City, Missouri    nonskid
Non-Linear Systems INC, Solana Beach, CA    non-linear
Norbert Radio Service    norbert
Norco Mfg. Co. - see also text    norco
Norco Radio Factory; Chicago, IL    norcorad
Norcom Electronics Corporation; Norwalk (CT)    norcomelec
Norden Radio Laboratories; New York    nordenrad
Norris Electrical Specialties Co., Inc.; New Yor...    norriselec
North American Foreign Trading Corporation, Unis...   15   northamftc
North American Philips Co. Inc. (Norelco); Dobbs...   68   northam
North American Radio Corp. (Narco); Pittsburgh, ...    narco
North Atlantic Industries, Inc.; Plainview, Bohe...    northatlan
North Chicago Radio Products Co.    north
North Ward Radio Co.; Newark, New Jersey    northward
Northeastern Engineering Inc.    northeaste
Northern Electric Sales Co.    norther-el
Northern Engineering Laboratories Inc: Burlingto...    northern-e
Northern Radio Co.; New York   30   norther-ra
Northland Radio Co.; Minneapolis, Minnesota    northland
Northome: (Where?)    northome
Northwest Radio Service Company.; Seattle, Washi...    northwestr
Northwest Specialty Co.    northwest
Northwestern Radio Mfg. Co.; Portland, Oregan   17   northweste
Northwestern Wireless Company; Duluth, MN    northwest2
Nortronics Co., Inc.; Minneapolis (MN)    nortronics
Norver Co., Inc.; Pennsauken (NJ)    norverco
Novaline Inc.; Norwood MA    novaline
Nova-Tech, Manhattan Beach, CA   11   novatech
Novelty Radio Manufacturing Co.; Saint Louis, Mi...    novelty
NOVO Manufacturing Co.; New York City, New York    novo
NRC, National Research Corp.; Newton, MA    nrc
Nuclear-Chicago, Instrument Development Laborato...    nuclear-ch
Numark Industries, LLC; (where?)    numark
Nunn-Landon Co.; Milwaukee, Wisconsin    nunn
NuTone Inc.; Cincinnati, Ohio    nutoneinc
Nu-Tone Laboratories, Inc.; Chicago    nu-tonelab
Nu-Tone Radio Co.; Salt Lake City, Utah    nutone
Nutron Manufacturing Co.; Passaic, N.J.    nutron
Nye, Wm. M. Co. Inc.; Bellevue, Washington    nye
O. & T. (O-T) Electric Corporation (Silvertone);...    o-t-electr
Oak Industries Inc.; Waltham (MA)    oakindustr
Oak Mfg. Co.    oak
Oard Radio Laboratories Inc; Stockton, CA    oardlabs
O'Connor & Co.; Cleveland, Ohio    oconnor
Odell Ferry Corporation; Chicago, Illinois    odell
Ogden Wireless Laboratories, The; New York City,...    ogden
Ohio Cities Radio Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    ohiocities
Ohio Electronics Inc.; Toledo, Ohio    ohioelect
Ohio Stamping & Engineering Co.; Dayton, Ohio    ohio
Ohmite Manufacturing Company; Chicago (IL)    ohmitemanu
OK (tubes), S.S. Kresge Co.; Detroit, MI    ok
Okay Radio Corp.; Brazil, Indiana    okay
Oklahoma Aerotronics Inc.; Hartshorne (OK)    aerotron
Oldroyd, Walter J.    oldroyd
Oldsmobile Motors; Lansing (MI)   32   oldsmobile
Olson Electronics Inc.; Akron, Ohio    olsonelec
Olson Radio Corporation, Olson Electronics Inc; ...   31   olson
Olympic Radio & Television, Inc.; New York (NY) 2 3 4 5   444   olympic
Omega-t Systems Inc.; Richardson, TX    omega-t
O'Neil Mfg.Co.; West New York, New Jersey    oneil
O'Neill & Company, E. Holman; Downers Grove, Ill...    oneill
Opek Technologies Inc.; Sumter, South Carolina    opek
Operadio Corp.; St. Charles (IL)   64   operadio
OR - Oak Ridge Products - Video Television, Inc....    oroakridge
Oranola Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    oranola
Orator Radio Corp.; New York City, New York    orator
Orbit Industries Inc.; Brooklyn (NY)    orbitindus
Oregon Electronic Mfg. Co.; Portland (OR)    oregon
Oregon Scientific Inc.; Portland    oregonscie
Orient-Fair; Susanville (CA)    orientfair
Oriole (brand) Continental Radio & Television Co. 2   118   oriolecont
Orion Battery Company; Brooklyn (NY)    orionbatte
Orradio Industries Inc. (Irish); Opelika, ALA.    orradio
Orrtronic Company; Opelika, Alabama    orrtronic
Orsenigo Company, Inc., The; New York City, NY    orsenigo
Orthocraft    orthocraft
Orthodyne Radio Manufacturing Co.    orthodyne
Orthon    orthon
Osborne Electronics Corp.; (CA)    osborne
Ostrander & Co., W. R.; New York City, New York    ostrander
Otarion Electronics, Inc.; Chicago (IL)    otarion
Ott Radio, Inc.    ott
Ottawa Furniture Co.    ottawa
Our Own Hardware Company; Burnsville (MI)    ourownhard
Ovenshire Laboratories; Los Angeles, CA    ovenshire
Overland Radio and Equipment Corp. (Super-Radyne...    overland
Owens-Illinois, (Kimble), Toledo (Ohio)    owensilli
Oxford (Tartak) Radio Corporation; Chicago    oxfordradi
Ozarka Inc.; Chicago   92   ozarka
P & M Radio Company; Niles, OH    pm
Pace Communications; Harbor City (CA)   24   pace
Pace Electrical Instruments Co. Inc.; Brooklyn /...    pace-elect
Pace Electronic Products Inc.; Mission Viejo, CA    pace-el
Pacent, New York City   36   pacent
Pacific Claratone    pacific-cl
Pacific Heterograph Co.; San Francisco (CA)    pacifichet
Pacific Mfg. Co.; Spokane (WA)    pacificmfg
Pacific Radio Corp.; Chicago, Ill 2   124   pacific-ra
Pacific Radio Corporation (Jackson-Bell post 193...   32   pacific-r2
Pacific Radio Exchange; San Francisco, CA    pacif-raex
Pacific Radio Supply Co. (Superba); Seattle, Was...    pacific2
Pacific Screw Co.; Portland, Oregon    pacific-sc
Pacific Sound Equipment Company; Hollywood (CA)    pacificsoe
Pacific Vogue Radio & Television Mfg. Co., Los A...    pacific-vo
Pacific Wireless Specialty Co. Los Angeles    pacificwir
Packard Bell Co.; Los Angeles (CA) 2 3   298   packard-be
Packard Electric Company, The; Warren, Ohio    packardel
Packard Motor Car Co.    packard-mo
Packard Pla-Mor; Milwaukee (WI)    packardpla
Packard Radio Products Co.; Chicago   12   packard-ra
PACO Electronics Co., Inc.; Glendale, NY   18   paco
Paige Radio Co.    paige
Pakette Electric Corp., Tinytone; Kearney (NE)    paketteele
PAL Communications Corporation; Westminster (CA)    palcommuni
PAL Electronics; Phoenix AZ    pal
Pal Radio Co., Chicago    pal-radio1
Pal Radio Co.; Jersey City, New Jersey    pal-radio2
Palmer Electric & MFG. CO.; Toledo (OH)    palmer
Palomar Electronics , Escondido (CA)    palomar
Palomar Engineers Inc.; Escondido, CA    palomaren
Pan American Electric Co., Inc.; New York    panamerica
Pan Radio Products, Pan Electric; New York, NY    pan-radio
Pandora, International Radio Corp    pandora
Panoramic Radio Corp.; New York (NY)    panoramicr
Para Dynamics Corporation; Scottsdale, AZ    paradyna
Paramount Radio Co. Inc.; Saint Louis, Missouri    paramount3
Paramount Radio Co., Los Angeles   18   paramou-ra
Paramount Radio Corp.; Duluth, Minnesota    paramountd
Paramount Radio Corporation; Newark, NJ   18   paramount
Parasound; San Francisco (CA)    parasound
Park Radio Corp.; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania    park
Parke & Co., John Y.; Philadelphia, PA    parke
Parker McCrory Mfg. Co.; Kansas City, Missouri   28   parker-mc
Parker Metal Goods Co.    parker-me
Parker Radio Co.; Cincinnati, Ohio    parker
Parkin Manufacturing Co.; San Rafael, California    parkin
Parks Electronics Laboratory; Beaverton (OR)    parkselect
Parmater Products Co.; Lansing, Michigan    parmater
Paromel Electronics Corporation; Chicago, IL    paromel
Parsons Laboratories Inc.; St. Paul, MN    parsons
Partridge Factories Associates, Inc.; Brooklyn, NY    partridge
Paso Sound; Charleston (SC)   10   paso
Patent Development Co.    patent
Paterson Radio Corp.    paterson
Pathe Phono & Radio Co.; Brooklyn   33   pathe
Patterson Radio Corp.; Los Angeles 2   111   patters-ra
Pausin Engineering Co.; Newark (NJ)    pausin
Pax Ltd.; Skokie (IL)    paxltdskok
Payne Radio; Springfield, TN    payne
Paywin Industries; New York. N.Y.    paywin
PCA - Photronic Corporation of America; (where?)    pca
Pearce-Simpson, Inc.; Miami, Florida    pearce
Pearl Radio Corporation; Philadelphia, PA    pearlradph
Peavey Electronics, Meridian - Mississippi    peavey
Pedersen Electronics; Lafayette (CA)    pedersen
Pee Wee Pocket Radio Co.; Los Angeles    peewee
Peerless Radio Co.; Lynbrook NY   10   peerles-ra
Peerless Radio Laboratories; San Francisco, Cali...    peerlessra
Peerless Wireless Company; Detroit, MI    peerlesswi
Peerless-Premier; Belleville, IL    peerless-p
Peirce Wire Recorder, Evanston, IL    peircewire
Peko Inc.    peko
Penberthy Injector Co.; Detroit, Michigan    penberthy
Peninsula Electric Co.; Portland, Oregon    peninsula
Penn Radio Apparatus Co.; Greenville, PA    pennradioa
Penn. Radio Manufacturing Co.    penn
Pennsylvania Radio Laboratories (PARLA); West Ph...    pennsylvan
Pennsylvania Wireless Mfg. Co., Penna Wireless (...   12   pennsylwir
Pennwood Numechron Co.; Pittsburgh, PA    pennwood
Penta Laboratories; Chatsworth (CA)    penta
Pentron Corporation; Chicago (IL)   60   pentron
Pentz Radio Factory; Minneapolis, Minnesota    pentz
Pep Manufacturing Co.; New York, NY and Wilmingt...    pep
Pepsi Cola Company, The, USA   14   pepsi
Perfection Radio Mfg. Co.; Philadelphia, PA    perfectio2
Perfection Radiophone Co.; New York    perfection
Perfectograph Co.; New York (NY)    perfectogr
Perfectone Inc.; Chicago (IL)    perfectone
Perkins Phonograph Co.    perkins
Perlesz Radio Corp.    perlesz
Perma-Power Co.; Chicago (IL)   12   permapower
Permatron (tubes), Duratron Products Corp.; Unio...    permatron
Permoflux Corporation; Chicago (IL)    permoflux
Perry & Sons, Frank B.; Providence (RI)    perrysonsf
Perry Mason Company; Boston (MA)    perrymason
Perry Radio Supply Co.; River Forest, Illinois   13   perry
Perryman Electric Co., Inc.; North Bergen, NJ    perryman
Personal Music Corporation; Newark (NJ)    personalmu
Perth Amboy Electric Co.; Perth Amboy, New Jersey    perth
Peter Pan Radio Co. - see also Jackson-Bell   10   peter
Petersen Radio Company, Inc.,(PR); Council Bluffs    petersen
Pezet, C. A.; New York City, NY    pezet
PH Electronics Inc., P & H; Lafayette (IN)    phelectron
Phaostron Corp., Los Angeles    phaostron
Phase Linear; Edmonds (WA)   39   phase
Phelps Radio Corp.    phelps
Phenix Radio Corp.; New York   15   phenix
Philadelphia School of Wireless Telegraphy; Phil...    philadelph
Philbrick Researches, George A (GAP/R).; Dedham,...    philbrick
Philco, Philadelphia Stg. Batt. Co.; USA 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36   3588   philco
Philharmonic Radio Corp.; (where?)   21   philharmra
Philip's Sport Shop; New York City, New York    philipsny
Philips USA   33   philips
Phillips 66, Petroleum Co.   34   phillips
Philmore Mfg. Co.; New York (NY)   66   philmore
Philsonic; USA    philsonic
Phoenix (brand)    phoen
Photion Instrument Corporation; New York City (NY)    photionins
PIC; New York, NY    pic
Picard Radio Corp.; Chicago/New York    picard
Pickerill, E.N.; New York, NY    pickerill
Pickering Radio Company; Portsmouth, RI    pickering
Pictur-Fone Co.; Lima Ohio    pictur-fon
Pierce Radio Sales Corp.    pierce-ra
Pierce Wire, - see Peirce    pierce-9
Pierpont Industries, Inc.; Brooklyn (NY)    pierpontin
Pierson - De Lane Co.; Los Angeles    pierson-de
Pierson Co.,The - or Pierson Radio; Rockford, Ill.    pierson
Pierson Electronic Co.; L.A.    pierson3
Pignolet Instrument Co.,Inc. New York City    pignolet
Pilgrim Electric Corp.; New York   39   pilgrim
Pilot Electric Mfg. Co. (Radio Corp.); Brooklyn ... 2 3 4 5   494   pilot
Pilot Radio Manufacturing Co.; Newark, New Jersey    pilotradio
Pine-Tree Radio Corp.    pine-tree
Pin-It-Up Radio Corp.    pinitup
Pinkerton Electric Equipment Co.; New York City    pinkerton
Pinto Speaking Clock Co.    pinto
Pioneer Electric & Research Corp. (Perco); Fores...    pioneerel
Pioneer Electric Co.; Chicago, IL    pioneer-el
Pioneer Gen-E-Motor Corp.; Chicago, IL    pioneer-ge
Pioneer Products Corp.; Plano, IL    pioneer-pr
Pioneer Radio Corp.; Galesburg, IL    pioneer2
Pioneer Radio Laboratories; Chicago, IL    pioneer3
Pioneer Radio Mfg. Co.; San Francisco (CA)    pioneer4
Pioneer Sound Laboratory; New York City, NY    pioneersou
Pioneer Television Co.; Jersey City, NJ    pioneer5
Pioneer (tubes); (where?)    pioneer-tu
Piroxloid Products Corp.; New York (NY)    piroxloid
Pitts Company, Inc., F. D.; Boston Massachusetts    pitts
Pittsburgh Radio Supply House; Pittsburgh, PA    pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Wireless Equipment Co.; Ridgway, Penn...    pittsburg2
Planet Radio Corporation; Chicago, IL    planetrad
Planet Radio Mfg. Corp.; Cleveland (OH)    planetrado
Plant Company; Minneapolis, MN    plant
Pla-Pal Radio and Television Co.; Chicago, IL   63   pla-pal
Pla-Pal, USA    plapal
Player-Tone Talking Machine Co.; Pittsburgh, Pen...    playertone
Playtape Inc.; New York    playtape
Plaza Manufacturing Co.; New York    plazamanuf
Plaza Music Co.   29   plaza
Plectron Corporation; Overton (NE)    plectronco
Pliotone; New York    pliotone
Plymouth Radio & Phonograph Co.; Plymouth WI    prymouthra
Plymouth Radio Corp.; Los Angeles   12   plymout-ra
Pocket Radio Corp.; Des Moines, Iowa    pocket
Point of Purchase Displays, - see also Coca-Cola    pointofpur
Polak-Green Manufacturing Co.; Jersey City, NJ    polak
Polarad Electronics Corp.- Long Island, NY   63   polarad
Polaroid Corporation; Minnetonka (MN)    polaroidco
Politronics Lab Inc.; N.J.    politronic
Polk Audio, Baltimore    polkaudio
Polly Portable Phonograph Co. Inc.; New York (NY)    pollyporta
Polo Engineering Laboratories; New York, NY    polo
Polon Communications Corp.; Santa Monica (CA)    poloncommu
Polymet Mfg. Corp.; New York City (NY)    polymetmfg
PolyPhaser; Minden NV    polyphaser
Polypower Products, Collins Audio Products; Cali...    polypower
Polyrad Corp.; Cincinnati (OH)    polyrad
Polytechnic Research & Development Co, Inc. (PRD...   11   polytechni
Polytran Industries, Inc.; San Mateo (CA)    polytranin
Polytronics Labaratory Inc., Clifton, N. J.    polytronic
Pomona Electronics (PECO); Pomona (CA)    pomonaelec
Pontiac Div.    pontiac
Pontree Radio Laboratory; Brooklyn, New York    pontree
Pooley Co.; Philadelphia   28   pooley
Popular Electronics - Magazine of Ziff Davis Pub...    popularele
Popular Radio, Inc.; New York, NY    popular-ra
Portable Products Co., C.J.Tagliabue Div.; Brook...    portable2
Portable Wireless Telephone Company Inc.; Stockt...    portable-3
Portem Distributing, Inc.; New York 19, NY    portem
Porter, Frank Co.    porter
Portofonic; New York    portof
Portola Radio Co.; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania    portola
Port-O-Matic Corp., The; New York (NY)   29   port
Porto-Server (-Products) Inc.; Chicago    porto-serv
Ports Radio Mfg. Co.; Fresno, California    ports
Post Electric Company; NY.    postelectr
Postal Radio, New York    postalrad
Potter & Brumfield Inc., Princeton, USA    potterbrum
Potter Manufacturing Co.; North Chicago, IL    potter
Poucel Electronics; Babylon, NY    poucel
Powell Manufacturing Co.    powell
Power Acoustik Electronics, Inc.; Montebello, CA    poweracou
Power Bright; Fort Lauderdale (FL) and Suzhou (P...    powerbr
Power Radio Co.    power
Powerola Radio Co.   14   powerola
Powerphonic Co.    powerphoni
Powertone (brand): Barfield Electrical Laborator...    powertone
Powertone Electric Co.; New York City, NY    powerton2
Praco, Pittsburgh Radio and Appliance Co. Inc.; ...    praco
Prague Electric Company; Providence, Rhode Island    prague