19-Shanghai 101 Factory, 1981

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19-Shanghai 101 Factory, 1981 
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19-Shanghai 101 Factory, 1981

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Our member Taili Zhang, Beijing (ZTL), has scanned this catalog in November 2006, resulting in a file of 33.6 MB. He has given it to me on July 21, 2010 for creating the models and uploading his work. Like for China manual 11 and 16, he has done an excellent job.

In total there are 26 radio models from Shanghai 101 Factory (on 23 index entries) - for the period of 1970 to 1971 in this 58 page manual.
They are mainly transistor radios - except for Petrel 海燕 D321
(= 5-tube radio), Haiyan 海燕 D322 and D322-1 (= 6-tube radio incl. magic eye) plus Red Wave 红波 269 (= 6-tube radio incl. magic eye).
Index page beginning with models Petrel 海燕 T241, T321, T322, K103; Red Wave 红波 171 etc.

See the nice tube radios mentioned above. 

Work carried out
We separated the PDF, by numbering the pages according to the manual in an aotomatic process, gaining then JPG pages for cutting out the pictures, where we copied the brand and name of the model to the right place (below the picture). Full PNG pictures and reduced PNG pictures. Those are reduced to black and white and to two grey scales only.

By cutting out the pictures we entered the brand and name of the model but kept the catalog number and the page information. Example China19_Haiyan_161_2_page43.jpg. We will use the reduced PNG files, rotate them anticlockwise and upload them after naming them in a similar way - the last entry per name field bing the suffix like _title, _div1, _div2, but starting with the _sch (sometimes _title_sch). Our process then generates a PDF for each page, enabling you an easy view and/or printout.

Reference literature name on model pages:
19-Radio Manual Shanghai 101 Factory, 1981 (26 models)

Picture legend for uploaded pictures:
Picture from PRC: 19-Radio manual "Shanghai 101 Factory" of 1981, page ..., as a reference when somebody is uploading real photos - and as reference for collectors, comparing models. Special thanks to Taili ZHANG, Beijing for his scan for RMorg.
Reference model: Petrel 海燕 B321
If new pictures have been added, you have to select the reference picture to this manual if you want to compare if it is for the correct model.
Without knowing the year for a model, we use for this manual 1975 ?? - since the models start about 1970 and the latest models will be around 1980.

Schematic Finder: (accessible for members only)
PRC: 19-Shanghai 101 Factory, 1981 (1970 - 1981)

Manufacturer description for Shanghai 101 Factory; Shanghai. 上海一〇一厂

Full content of this manual:

台式 = Tái​shì​ = Desk type radios
Petrel 海燕 T241

Petrel 海燕 T321
Haiyan 海燕 T322

Petrel 海燕 K103
Red Wave 红波 171
Red Wave 红波 601
Petrel 海燕 D321 = 5-tube radio
Petrel 海燕 D322 = 6-tube radio (magic eye)
Petrel 海燕 D322-1 = 6-tube radio (magic eye)
Red Wave 红波 269 = 6-tube radio (magic eye)
Red Wave 红波 269
Petrel 海燕 F321

便携式 = Biàn​xié​shì​ = Portable (radios)
Petrel 海燕 B321
Petrel 海燕 B331
Petrel 海燕 B332
Petrel 海燕 B332-1

Red Wave 红波 172
Red Wave 红波 161
Petrel 海燕 161-2
Red Wave 红波 151
Red Wave 红波 152
Petrel 海燕 B411
Petrel 海燕 B412

袖珍式 = Xiù​zhēn​shì = Pocket-sized type (radios)​
Haiyan 海燕 X411
Haiyan 海燕 X412
Petrel 海燕 X413
Petrel 海燕 X418 (on index page 57).

Translation help:

1. 目录—catalog,台式—table type, 便携式—portable type, 袖珍式—pocket type;
2. 海燕牌—Petrel brand, 红波牌—Red Wave brand ,型—model;
3. 半导体管=晶体管—transistor, 电子管—tube, 石英电子钟控——control by quartz clock;
4. 波段—band, 单波段—single band(BC band), 交流—AC, 直流—DC;
5. 收(short for 收音机)—radio, 扩(short for 扩音机)—amplifier,对讲(short for 对讲机)—interphone, 电唱(short for 电唱机)—phonograph;
6. 两用—double functions, 三用—three functions, 四用—four functions.

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