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Aren van Waarde
Aren van Waarde
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20.May.06 17:13

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Information on Philips IC2000

In a Dutch book which was written in March 1968 and which described recently introduced audio equipment with integrated circuits there is a chapter about this receiver.
The complete bibliographic reference is as follows:
J.Bron, "Geïntegreerde Schakelingen", Uitgeverij De Muiderkring N.V., Bussum 1968 (at that time there were not yet ISBN numbers...) Chapter J: "Philips IC2000", pages 40-43.
The chapter contains a complete schematic of the receiver (even the internal schematics of the 2 i.c.'s which were employed). The radio started with a self-oscillating mixer with a BF195 transistor, which was followed by 2 i.f. transformers and a ceramic filter, an i.f. amplifier with a N114OM i.c., finally the audio amplifier with TAA263, AC127 and AC132 plus BA114 bias diode. The receiver was fed by an inbuilt NiCd battery and a charger was provided.
The information in this book suggests that a date of origin of 1967 is probably correct. I do not believe it was already produced between 1962 and 1964.
If anyone is interested, I can send scans of the 4 pages in the book dealing with the IC2000.

Best regards from dark and rainy Holland,
Aren van Waarde
Leonardo Mureddu
Leonardo Mureddu
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23.May.06 12:10

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   2 Dear Aren,
just one week ago I bought a IC2000 receiver, complete in every parts but not working. I would be very glad to receive all the possible information on it, because I think it could be the first (or one of the first) IC-based, rechargeable radio sets. I will write an article on that receiver, in Italian for my website. So, thanks for your kind offer. My e-mail address is: l.mureddu[A*T]

Leonardo Mureddu, Cagliari (Sardinia), Italy
Jürgen Stichling
Jürgen Stichling
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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   3 Dear Aren van Waarde,

It would be great if you could upload the schematics to the model. For scanning and preparing the scan please follow this thread:

Thank you in advance!

With best regards
Jürgen Stichling
Jürgen Stichling
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23.May.06 13:58

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   4 Dear Leonardo Mureddo,

It is great that you intend to write an article on the IC 2000. Writing in Italian is welcome in order to extend the non-German contents of RMorg. So it would be great if you upload your article to the model as well. Of course it would be also great to have it in addition translated to English, German or other RMorg languages :-)

Good progress in writing!

Best regards
Marc Gianella
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25.May.06 18:07

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The german periodical Funkschau mentioned this set in the first october issue in 1967, nr. 19, in relation with an article about the TAA263 among other integrated circuits. The follwing issue nr. 20 gives a description of the Philips IC 2000 pocket radio, which has been introduced at the german fair Funkausstellung in 1967.The scheme from the article has been loaded to the model, incl. the circuits of the TAA263. The inside from the N1140M can be taken from the mentioned article above.

Respectfully, Marc Gianella

Funkschau erwähnt das Gerät 1967 im ersten Oktober Heft Nr. 19 im Zusammenhang mit der dort u.a. vorgestellten Integrierten Schaltung TAA263. Im folgenden Heft 20 erscheint ein Artikel über den Taschenempfänger IC 2000 von Philips, der an der Funkausstellung 1967 vorgestellt wurde.
Das dabei abgedruckte Schema sowie den ganzen Artikel habe ich zum Modell geladen. Ins Schema habe ich zusätzlich das Detail des TAA263 aus Heft 19 hineinkopiert, das Innenleben des N1140M kann aus dem Artikel entnommen werden.

Freundliche Grüsse, Marc Gianella

TAA263 techn. Datasheet uploaded


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