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Radio Waves (HRSA)

Journal of the Historical Radio Society of Australia (HRSA)

Periodical   Number 153July 2020

created by: Franz Harder (10.Dec.19) available by: Gary Cowans
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created by
Franz Harder
  • Early National/Panasonic Transistor Radios Part 3


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Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

AUS: Breville; Sydney 20 (1933)
AUS: Amalgamated Wireless Radiola R74 Ch=C128 (1934)
AUS: Mullard Radio 651A (1947)
AUS: Tecnico Electronics Pye Ranchero MR-1 (1958/59)
AUS: Pye Industries Ltd Ranchero MR-2 (R16-04A) Ch= R16-1A (1959-61)
AUS: Pye Industries Ltd Ranchero TM7 (R21-2A) (1960-62)
AUS: Amalgamated Wireless Radiola Eight B29 (1963/64)
AUS: Astor brand, Radio Radiosonde UHF (1966)
AUS: Astor brand, Radio Radiosonde VHF (1966)
D: Loewe-Opta; Ortsempfänger OE333 (1927-31)
GB: Ekco, E.K.Cole Ltd.; Round Ekco AD75 (1940)


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