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VR 1000

VR 1000 ; Ampex; San Carlos, (ID = 2537507) R-Player VR 1000 ; Ampex; San Carlos, (ID = 174201) R-Player
VR 1000 ; Ampex; San Carlos, (ID = 174202) R-Player
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VR 1000 ; Ampex; San Carlos, (ID = 2537507) R-Player
Ampex; San Carlos,: VR 1000 [R-Player] ID = 2537507 1400x1564
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For model VR 1000, Ampex; San Carlos, CA:
Videorecorder Ampex VR 1000-B von 1961 steht im Museum für Kommunikation Frankfurt.
Country:  United States of America (USA)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Ampex; San Carlos, CA
Year: 1956 Category: Sound/Video Recorder and/or Player
Details Video-Taperecorder/-Player
Power out
from Model: VR 1000 - Ampex; San Carlos, CA
Material Metal case
Shape Console with Push Buttons.

Schwarz/weiß Bildaufzeichnungsanlage MAZ aus einem Fernsehstudio.

Documents about this model
  Ampex 1000 was a revolutionary video recorder, that since 1957 changed the way to do television. This is the article from Electronics, August 1957, describing its operation. 1448 KB

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Ampex; San Carlos,: VR 1000
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ampex: 60 years of Video Tape Recording
Joe Sousa

Fellow radiophiles:

On April 14 1956, Ampex unveilled the world's first commercial video tape recorder. This was 60 years ago, as of 2016.

James O'Neal, technology editor for TV Technology magazine, marked the occasion 10 years ago with an comprehensive article on the debut of video tape recording and just gave an excellent talk that expanded his article at this year's Early Television convention in Hilliard, Ohio on April 30th 2016.

The article follows the historical thread and explains the technical constraints very clearly.



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ampex: VR 1000 description
Emilio Ciardiello

In 1957 Ampex introduced its VR 1000 video recording system that soon appeared to be the real breakthrough in the television recording. Until that date all the video materials had to be picture recorded on film, since no magnetic tape recorder offered the required bandwidth.

Film recorders were very complex equipment in order to pull-down the film to the next frame during the field-blanking period. A storage CRT was required to recover the lines lost during the film advance. A major drawback of film recording techniques was the need for a further development process. Some experimental works were in progress on magnetic tape recorders to separate the video signal in two or more frequency bands, recording each band in a track of a tape running at very high speed. The most relevant result of this recording technique was the Vision Electronic Recording Apparatus (VERA) developed at BBC in the same years. Here the video signal was split in two sub-bands and recorded on a ½ -inch tape running at 200 inches per second. A third track was used for the audio channel.

The winning idea was to move at high speed a set of four rotating heads against a magnetic tape advancing at relatively low speed. Due to the relative motions, a series of transverse segments of track were written on the tape. Sound and sync tracks were then added along the top and the bottom of the 2-inch wide tape, where the video signals of successive tracks were overlapped. The resulting relative writing speed was as high as 1500 ips, even at tape advancing speed of only 15 ips.

This video recorder was the forerunner of the many home video recorders appeared on the market and using helical scan, as the VHS sets, so popular until few years ago.

Although prototypes were running since 1956, the production just started in 1957. I loaded the full article dedicated to this innovative recorder by Electronics in April 1957.

Ampex; San Carlos,: VR 1000
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