Communications Receiver AR7030

Communications Receiver AR7030; AOR Manufacturing (ID = 2065782) Amateur-R Communications Receiver AR7030; AOR Manufacturing (ID = 2065802) Amateur-R
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Communications Receiver AR7030; AOR Manufacturing (ID = 2065782) Amateur-R
AOR Manufacturing: Communications Receiver AR7030 [Amateur-R] ID = 2065782 1400x668
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For model Communications Receiver AR7030, AOR Manufacturing Ltd.; Matlock, England:
Quelle:, #322371919485
Paese:  Gran Bretagna (Regno Unito)
Produttore / Marca:  AOR Manufacturing Ltd.; Matlock, England
Anno: 1996–2008 Categoria: Ricevitore amatoriale (può includere bande broadcast)
Semiconduttori (transistor solo contati) A semiconduttori.
Principio generale Supereterodina a doppia / tripla conversione; ZF/IF 45000/455 kHz
Gamme d'onda Onde medie (OM), lunghe (OL) e corte (OC).
Particolarità Telecomando (con o senza filo)
Tensioni di funzionamento Fornita mediante altra unità o unità principale. / 500 ma @ 15 DC Volt
Altoparlante AP magnetodinamico (magnete permanente e bobina mobile)
Potenza d'uscita 1.8 W (indistorta) Modello: Communications Receiver AR7030 - AOR Manufacturing Ltd.;
Materiali Mobile di metallo
Forma Soprammobile con qualsiasi forma (non saputo).
Dimensioni (LxAxP) 9.45 x 3.54 x 10 inch / 240 x 90 x 254 mm

The AOR AR7030 is a general coverage communications receiver, covering 0-32 MHz. It receives in AM, LSB, USB, CW, FM and FSK modes. Also see the AOR AR7030 Plus.

Peso netto 4.9 lb (4 lb 14.4 oz) / 2.225 kg
Bibliografia Shortwave Receivers - Past & Present (4th ed.) (page 71)

Modello inviato da Wayne Childress. Utilizzare "Proponi modifica" per inviare ulteriori dati.

Elenco delle radio e altri apparecchi della AOR Manufacturing Ltd.; Matlock, England
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AOR Manufacturing: Communications Receiver AR7030
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aor: AR7030 with a strange malfunction
Hubert Eisner

My AR7030 surprised me with a strange malfunction: from time to time, a strange peeping noise, the panel goes blank, the receiver stops working …

Checking the reason for the apparent short-circuit leads to the ‚+10db‘ position of the RF-IF button and the reason seems obvious, Q16.

De-soldering the transistor solves the short-circuit problem, but following this operation the receiver delivers static only on any AM signal but normal reception on the sidebands, FM and CW.

Measuring the usual suspects gets you nowhere – everything seems to be ok until you reach the 2nd mixer, but the IF amp has no input signal. The apparent culprits could well be the 4053 switching circuits and/or Q83, a 4094 controling the swichting ICs.

When faced with an SMD cemetary one hesitates to de-solder more ICs than absolutely necessary … which leads to a prolonged phase of thinking things over.

In the end it was, as it most often is the case, the simplest thing. Probably caused by the short, the memory ‚forgot‘ its filter bank config and a reset plus a new filter calibration made it remember again it had an AM filter.

As I never used the +10db RF gain position I just left Q16 out and we’re happily living together again, my 7030 and I.

AOR Manufacturing: Communications Receiver AR7030
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