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Riviera 3D 2643

Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 136500) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 136501) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 2588766) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 2588767) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 2588768) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 2588769) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133783) Radio Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133820) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133362) Radio Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133257) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133258) Radio Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133782) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133784) Radio Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133822) Radio
Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 210653) Radio Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 1496053) Radio
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Riviera 3D 2643; Blaupunkt Ideal, (ID = 133783) Radio
Blaupunkt Ideal,: Riviera 3D 2643 [Radio] ID = 133783 640x480
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For model Riviera 3D 2643, Blaupunkt (Ideal), Berlin, später Hildesheim:
1960 Blaupunkt Riviera 3D 2643 - front/right speaker view
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Blaupunkt (Ideal), Berlin, später Hildesheim
alternative name
Ideal-Radiotelephon- und App-fabr. || Ideal-Werke AG; Berlin (ab 1934)
Year: 1960/1961 Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 9: ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EF89 EM84 EABC80 ECC82 EL95 EL95
Main principle Superheterodyne (common); ZF/IF 460 kHz
Tuned circuits 8 AM circuit(s)     12 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave plus FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 105-120 Volt
Loudspeaker 5 Loudspeakers
Power out
from Model: Riviera 3D 2643 - Blaupunkt Ideal, Berlin,
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
Dimensions (WHD) 620 x 390 x 280 mm / 24.4 x 15.4 x 11 inch
Notes U.S. export model (apparently released year after Euro 2640 model), with FM to 108 MHz, SW bandspread, PCB, stereo capability for CD/tape/phono, with external amplifier/loudspeaker.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 13.5 kg / 29 lb 11.8 oz (29.736 lb)
Literature/Schematics (1) -- Schematic ((As posted at RMorg) Schematic Diagram Courtesy of Blaupunkt: Importer N. Pickens Import Company)

Model page created by Karl Schmitz. See "Data change" for further contributors.

All listed radios etc. from Blaupunkt (Ideal), Berlin, später Hildesheim
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Blaupunkt Ideal,: Riviera 3D 2643
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Blaupunkt: 2643; Riviera 3D
Karl Schmitz
  1 According to the text on the rear cover, this set will accommodate an external "Stereo Amplifier Loudspeaker Box", via a designated 3-pin DIN socket.  Does anyone know what specific amp/speaker model this might be, and have you ever seen one?  It'd be nice to have, to be able to play CD/tape/phono in stereo.  Thanx!
Robert Sarbell
  2 Good evening Karl,

Our member Herr Henning Oelkers from Berlin has presently suggested that the manufacturer of the Riviera 3D be changed to Blaupunkt. There has been a minor oversight.

I feel confident that an answer to your external loudspeaker question will be shortly forthcoming.

Robert Sarbell
Karl Schmitz
  3 Blaupunkt, to be sure!  Geesh...

Karl Schmitz
Karl Schmitz
  4 I understand the European Blaupunkt Riviera model 2640 to be from 1959/60 (see link), but have seen conflicting information on the exact model year (both 1959/60, and 1960/61) of the U.S. export Blaupunkt Riviera 3D 2643 model.  Can anyone provide, with 100% certainty, the model year of this set?

Likewise, I have a Blaupunkt Verona 2605 (1959/60), and U.S. export 2608 (have seen both 1959/60, and 1960/61; I also have a SAMS Photofact dated 1961 Nov.).  So, from what year is the 2608?

Karl Schmitz


Henning Oelkers
  5 Dear Karl,

after making this a real Blaupunkt, i took a look at the Circuit Diagram.
as far as i understand and could see in the Diagrams the Funktion is as follows:

The Radio is able to recieve FM Mono only. The Term Stereo is only valid for PU and Tape. If You connect a Stereo PU or Stereo Tape Recorder, then You can select mono, which means, You hear both Channels through the Built in Amp and Speakers. If You select Stereo, then one Channel is going trough the Radios Amp and Speakers, while the other Channel is fed trough the Stereo Amp Box output to any other Amp or Radios Tape input.

So, if You have another Radio, You can try to make a connection between the Stereo Amp Box connector, and the other Radios Tape in Connector, and try to hear real Stereo ( what they mean to be Stereo at that time ) On many "Stereo" Radios at that time, there were differencies between left and right Channel, like different Tube Placement or different Speakers ( right Channel with EABC80 and EL84 and left Channel with ECL86 for Example )

I dont know, if Blaupunkt offered a specific Stereo Amp Box for that Connector, but if, it would be consist of an Amp with likely ECC82, EL95 EL95 Volume Control and a (Set of ) Speakers.

This is, what i could find out.

Maybe more Details get visible, if the Scan of the Circuit diagram is improved.

Best Regards from Berlin, Germany

Henning Oelkers
Karl Schmitz
  6 Hello, Henning.  Thank-you for the helpful reply.  I will try the method you suggested, using another radio's input socket.

BTW, Walter Groer found a Blaupunkt amp/speaker model 4595 listed in a catalog, from 1958/59.  I don't recall the tube complement, but it sounds similar to your description.  I'll e-mail you his scans.

I'll also e-mail you better scans of the 2643 schematic.  The .pdf's I made from the .gif files came out much better than what's posted here.

Danke sehr,

Karl Schmitz
Karl Schmitz
  7 Hello, Henning.  I just tried connecting the Blaupunkt Riviera 3D 2643's stereo (right) channel output, to a SABA (yes, SABA!) Kontstanz 8's tape input, via a 3-pin DIN patch cord.  Both the "PU" and "LW" piano keys must be pushed for the tape setting, plus the Stereo/F. Ant button for the 2nd channel to properly play.

The right channel's not real loud on the SABA, but is certainly noticeable, and detectable as stereo output. :) At least I know the feature is functional.

Thanx for the idea!  I'm sure it would work better with an appropriate external amplifier/speaker unit.  I guess I'll be watching on eBay for such a device.

Best regards,

Karl Schmitz
Karl Schmitz
  8 I've just discovered playing the stereo CD output through the PU input (3-pin DIN socket, vs. 5-pin tape in socket) on the Blaupunkt Riviera, results in a higher quality, much louder (right) channel on the SABA Konstanz (connected to its tape in socket).  It's definitely a separate audio channel, and after looking at the schematic's pin patterns on these two input sockets, it may help explain why.

I've also determined no noticeable difference between using the 5-pin patch cord w/2 pins broken off, vs. the 3-pin DIN patch cord, to connect between the two sets.

The stereo sounds terrific; what a great learning experience! :)

Karl Schmitz
  9 Just acquired a Blaupunkt Riviera 2640 on eBay.  Hey, if all works out with this set, my plan's to have it electronically restored, then pair it up with the Riviera 3D 2643 (U.S. export model -- its "fraternal twin"), as the "Stereo Amplifier Loudspeaker Box", for the 2nd (right) stereo channel for CD/tape/phono playback.  It'll obviously be much more than that, but makes logical sense to display them side-by-side.

Blaupunkt Ideal,: Riviera 3D 2643
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