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TK14L de Luxe

TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 2475990) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67823) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67824) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67835) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67836) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67837) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67838) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67829) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67830) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 67831) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 2295789) R-Player TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 2295790) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 27818) R-Player TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 38241) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 38242) R-Player TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 38243) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 718139) R-Player TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 794986) R-Player
TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 924486) R-Player TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 924487) R-Player
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TK14L de Luxe; Grundig Radio- (ID = 2295789) R-Player
Grundig Radio-: TK14L de Luxe [R-Player] ID = 2295789 1400x1115
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For model TK14L de Luxe, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Year: 1965/1966 Category: Sound/Video Recorder and/or Player
Valves / Tubes 3: ECC83 ECL86 EM84
Main principle Audio-Amplification
Wave bands - without
Details Tape Recorder
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110; 130; 220; 240 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent Magnet Dynamic (PDyn) Loudspeaker (moving coil) - elliptical
Power out 4 W (unknown quality)
from Model: TK14L de Luxe - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Various materials
Shape Tablemodel, low profile (big size).
Dimensions (WHD) 340 x 175 x 270 mm / 13.4 x 6.9 x 10.6 inch
Notes Zweispur; Geschwindigkeit 9,5 cm/s; Spulen-Ø 15 cm.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 10 kg / 22 lb 0.4 oz (22.026 lb)
Price in first year of sale 299.00 DM
External source of data erb
Source of data Handbuch VDRG 1965/1966

All listed radios etc. from Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
Here you find 6063 models, 5289 with images and 4093 with schematics for wireless sets etc. In French: TSF for Télégraphie sans fil.


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Grundig Radio-: TK14L de Luxe
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grundig: TK14L (TK 14 L); de Luxe
José Bustos
Dear Sirs:
I am trying to fix my father's old taperecorder Grundig TK14.
Fortunatelly I found your information on the with very good pictures.
I have a problem with the black/grey pulley that appears in your picture (on the middle of both plastic reels), made of black rubber and some type of metal at the center (plumb or something).
This pulley has the metal center cracked and is loose (perhaps due the years), and the rubber has lost the original shape.
My deformed pulley is touching the small metal pulley of the motor and the plastic right reel (without press any button). When I turn on the taperecorder, the right reel starts running fast without press any other button, and this is no normal.
In order to play a tape, I took out the pulley, place the tape, pressed the Play button, and played very well. It seems this pulley is used for the FastForward function. By the way the Rewind function operates OK.
It will be neccesary to find a new pulley, but I need your help in order to know if the pulley in your machine touches the small metal pulley of the motor, because I suppose that the pulley wouldn't touch this point, only the right reeel if I don't press any button.Perhaps must be separated some milimeters from the small motor pulley.
I will really appreciate if you can help me answering my question, in order to look for or send to build a new pulley. Perhaps you can tell me the diameter also, that would be great.
Best regards and congratulations for your useful publication on the web site.
Jose Bustos
Robert Sarbell
  2 Welcome to the RMorg forums Jose. . . . . . .I have been communicating frequently with one of your fellow countrymen for the past several months. He is a very active collector, but some distance to the north of Santiago.

I am sure that one of our esteemed radiomuseum members who has MANY Grundig tape recorders, will be able to answer your request for assistance. He has the same last name as my first squadron chief navigator from 1963.

Respectamente y bienvenidos,
Henning Oelkers
  3 Dear Sirs,

just some days ago i repaired a TK14.
Fast Return and Fast Forward Funktions are selected, by moving the left or right Pulley with a given Pressure towards the Motor Pulley. Fast Return goes directly, but Fast Forward goes via the big Rubber Pulley. This Rubber Pulley schould turn freely, when in Stop Mode.

I still have my TK14 at home, and can do some mechanical Measurements, if this would help.

Best Regards,

Henning Oelkers, Berlin, Germany
José Bustos
  4 Robert:

Thanks very much for your sooner answer and friendly welcome.
What is the name of my fellow countrymen? Would be great to know him in order to share experiencies and if it is possible to get information about my Grundig taperecorder.

Best regards,

José Bustos
  5 Henning:

Thanks for your help. If the big Rubber Pulley turn freely when in Stop Mode, as you say, then 
I should try to send to build a new pulley with less diameter (the mine is deformed for the age). I will really appreciate if you can tell me the exact diameter, only if you can.

Many thanks again for your help.

Best regards,

Jose Bustos
Henning Oelkers
  6 Dear José,

currently i am not at home. I can give You the Details after my return, sometime next Week.

Best Regards,

Robert Sarbell
  7 Buenos tardes Jose,

You can see his personal details and some of his collection if you look at the members from the country of Chile. His name is Bruno Gandolfo, and he is from Iquique. When I checked the membership a few weeks ago, there were 3 members, and it would be nice if you could help to increase our membership. As you can see, there appears to be no language barrier, and we all share a common interest.

Robert Sarbell
Marietta, Georgia

Note: The gentleman who also has a large collection of Grundig tape recorders, whom I referred to, is not from Chile.
Henning Oelkers

Dear Jose,

today i found Time to do some mechanical Measurements on my TK14L. Please take a look at the top view Picture on the Modell Page!

Please Note that the Rewind Pulley has a Rubber Surface, but the Forward Pulley has not!

All Measurements taken in Stop Position: Gap between left ( Rewind ) Pulley and Motor Pulley is about 2mm. Gap between Motor Pulley and big Rubber Pulley is also about 2mm, while this Pulley is in Contact to Forward Pulley. The Diameter of the Rubber Pulley is apx. 64mm.

When Fast Forward ( Return )is selected, then the Forward (Rewind) Pulley is moved 2mm towards the Motor Pulley.

You may be able to solve the Problem by adjusting the Position of the Forward Pulley in stop Mode, by bending the end of the lever, found apx. 2 cm behind the red Record Button. This Section is partly hidden by the Head Cables. Please check the Movement and compare with the other side ( Fast Return ).

If You have more Questions, please let us know, RM.ORG is pleased to help, wherever possible.

Best Regards, and good luck so far,


José Bustos
  9 Henning:

Thank you very much for your detailed information.

This weekend will be amazing applying all yours hints.

I hope tell you good news soon.

Best regards,

Hans Kamann
  10 Dear Jose,

I´ve got another Grundig TK14L here. It´s your´s if you carry postage. Just let me know if you´re interested.

José Bustos
  11 Hans:

First of all, thank you very much for your answer. Really, would be great to have a spare machine. Is operating? Has many problems? Is useful only for the parts?

Sometimes I carry postage from USA to my country, Chile, using USPS and sending before a Money Order by Western Union.

What would be the alternative from Germany? and what would be the shipment price (depends of the weight)? By the way, is there any other cost?

Best Regards,

José Bustos
  12 Henning:

Finally my tape recorder is working fine. I followed your indications and rebuilt the pulley.

Thank you wery much for your help.

Best regards,

Jose Bustos
Grundig Radio-: TK14L de Luxe
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