Transistor 301

Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039921) Radio Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039908) Radio
Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039909) Radio Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039910) Radio
Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039912) Radio Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039913) Radio
Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039916) Radio Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039919) Radio
Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1631098) Radio Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 2452108) Radio
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Transistor 301; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1039921) Radio
Grundig Radio-: Transistor 301 [Radio] ID = 1039921 846x768
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For model Transistor 301, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
País:  Alemania
Fabricante / Marca:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Año: 1967 ? Categoría: Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
Semiconductores (sólo se cuentan los transistores) Hay semiconductores.
Principio principal Superheterodino en general
Gama de ondas OM y FM
Tensión de funcionamiento Pilas / 2 x 4,5 Volt
Altavoz Altavoz elíptico de imán permanente.
Potencia de salida 1.5 W (unknown quality)
de Modelo: Transistor 301 - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Plástico moderno (Nunca bakelita o catalina)
Forma Portátil > 20 cm (sin la necesidad de una red)
Ancho, altura, profundidad 270 x 170 x 75 mm / 10.6 x 6.7 x 3 inch
Anotaciones Anschlußmöglichkeit für ext. Netzgerät und Kopfhörer. Ovallautsprecher 9,5 x 14 cm. Betrieb mit 2 Flachbatterien je 4,5 Volt
Peso neto 1.8 kg / 3 lb 15.4 oz (3.965 lb)
Precio de coleccionista  

Modelo creado por Peter Roggenhofer † 25.4.18. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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Grundig Radio-: Transistor 301
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grundig: 301; Transistor
Jeff Miller

Does the Grundig "Transistor 301" require a "battery enclosure box" for the two 4.5 volt batteries, or is there a specific battery part number I need to look for? The photos show a gray, plastic box. My radio did not include that piece.

Hans M. Knoll

this Radio can operate  with two 4,5 Volt Batt. plus Adapter,   or this  




Varta 439 IEC 6F100; Varta Accumulatoren- (ID = 741518) Strom-V

Jeff Miller


Thanks for the information.


Hans M. Knoll

Allright Jeff. ++

You can also use this power- suply



Jeff Miller

So far no luck with finding the "block" battery for sale here.

Varta 439 (UK and German sites [] won't ship to USA)
Eveready 276 (discontinued)
IEC 6F100 (universal number - nothing found yet)

Do you know of a vendor that will ship a Varta 439 from Europe to USA?

Otherwise, I will pursue the two 4.5 volt battery solution. I am not sure how two cylindrical 4.5 volt batteries would fit on the plastic battery tab with "+" and "-". Is there an adapter?

Michael Watterson

The Panasonic and Eveready 6F100 / PP9 are available here, but a staggering €9 in Co-op to €14 in Maplin. I have also occasionally seen Varta and Camlion brands in the past.

So I filled an old one by cutting open the bottom with a 6 off AA holder. You  need to use Alkaline AA and even then the capacity is about 2800mAH rather than original 4500mAH to 5000mAH due to the smaller size.

However I needed three more PP9 packs so I printed a colour paper sheet and made a card box similar to the 1950s version with velcro tabs to close the bottom.  The Battery clips and 6 x AA holder together can be under €5.

I can upload the Ever Ready plans and also create Vidor, Exide and Varta labels.

I have bought a pair of 4.5V (I forget brand) similar to Ever Ready 1289  off eBay (eBay has many 6F100) which are the alternate packs for this radio. These using Zinc Carbon are about 2500mA and Alkaline a bit over 5000mA, so the Alkaline version is same life as 6F100. I bought them as they are the last source of "B" cells. Almost all the HT packs and GB packs before 1940 used multiple B cells. The 1930s Portable 61 (many equivalents) was even used in a number of 1950s released radios instead of the "Layer Cells" used in 6F100 and the HT packs from 1940s (US Eveready = Minimax).

So while the 439 / 6F100 / PP9 is still sold, there is considerable saving in using 6 x AA cells in an 1950s styled box, that is €1.50 to €3 per Alkaline pack of 6, so even at 1/2 life of PP9, it's a 70% saving per hour.  I don't buy Duracell or Energiser as they are very over priced here, working out x3 the cost of Zinc Carbon  after capacity is considered.

I have now done very many replica batteries that use AA, D, F, PP3(mini 9V) or Lithium coin cells, see my collection. But I'm still considering best way to upload the plans and instructions to the Radiomuseum

Hans M. Knoll

Hello Jeff.

I thought, you want to know which adapter and which battery match to this GRUNDIG Radio.

According to 45yeahrs, this technique is obsolete and not more on the ´Market.

Jeff Miller


Thanks for the hints. If I can't get a PP9 or IEC 6F100, I will try a 6 AA holder (the "box" shape, not 6-in-a-row format). I will need the connector snaps too.

I am learning the other battery models mentioned are not available in the US.

Panasonic and Eveready 9 volt, 6F100 / PP9 (unavailable in US)
Eveready 4.5 volt, 1289 (unavailable in US)


Yes, I was hoping to find the original format (to purchase), but discovered (after reading your reply) they are not sold here, and sites like amazon (.uk and .de) will not ship from UK or Germany to the US. Maybe we have a member who would ship one here?

I want to hear how this radio sounds! I spent a long time getting the tuning dial free to move, and did not know when I bought it that the battery was unique or No Longer Available (NLA).

I may try to find an AC transformer like the "TN-12A", or maybe a modern equivallent.

Michael Watterson

I can post you a printout and a PP9 battery clip if you can't find an eBay seller on the ebay to send a PP9/6F100 to USA. Yes, the 2 x 3 format 6 x AA fits with loads of space so I add foam packing. The battery clips are also on the, searching .com ebay even with "worldwide" option won't work. I usually have to contact and get Irish postage as UK sellers rarely list other than UK postage. PP3 battery clips and AA holders are available cheaply everywhere. Sometimes UK is cheaper and sometimes Hong Kong or other Asian sources. I suspect the cheaper UK suppliers with Chinese concept of English names running bulk drop shipping as they are often far slower than Hong Kong.

Yes both in tube era (especially) and and Transistor there are many sets using batteries specific to US and UK with Mainland Europe somewhat different. Compare Varta (and Pertrix) for Germany, Eveready (NCC, Union Carbide) for US and Ever Ready (and Vidor) for UK on the museum here. When you go to list of models for maker/Brand you can click on "type" to group all the batteries and then click on gallery.

The end point of a 9V battery is 5.4V, though many sets only work down to 6V. A fresh one with no load is near 10V.  So any PSU 7.5V to 8.5 connected direct to battery clip will work. An NPN transistor, 470 Ohms resistor collector to base and 8.2V zener base to 0V with emitter to bat+ clip and collector to 10V to 16V would be a simple regulator. Use any TO220 case NPN with a small heatsink. Perhaps 1000uF on collector to 0V, 100nF on emitter and 100nF to 10uF across the Zener (as they are noisy).  A 9V AC to 12V via a bridge rectifier.

If using a DC Wallwart check that it really does do between 7V and under 10V with 470 Ohm load and 10K  Ohm load. The voltage doesn't need to be exact, but within the range of the 9V battery and without "hum".

Jeff Miller


Just for clarity: The distance between the Type PP9/6F100 connector snaps are the same as the connector snaps in the radio? If yes, then I will try to find someone on who will ship to the US.


Michael Watterson

Post #2 Hans Knoll (the Grundig Guru) said it takes a 6F100 (which is a PP9 etc ...)

Even if you had the missing adaptor box, the PP9 is easier to get or replicate than the 4.5V packs (same as old UK Ever Ready 1289). The 2 x 4.5V pack would not fit the space of smaller batteries with narrower clip spacing. Larger spacing is only used on 45V, 67V 90V etc HT packs.

Jeff Miller

Yes! the Grundig Guru - Hans Knoll helped with my Grundig questions numerous times. Wish me luck searching

p.s. I just sent a query to a vendor. I am feeling lucky. ;)

I will send photos, etc. when I get everything finalized.

Jeff Miller

The Eveready PP9 battery arrived from the UK (eBay vendor) and the radio has good audio.


Grundig Radio-: Transistor 301
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