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702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098706) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098707) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098708) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098709) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098710) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098711) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 2098712) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1914652) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1920163) Television 702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1921643) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1921644) Television 702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1921645) Television
702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1999868) Television  
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702; Marconi Co. (ID = 1920163) Television
Marconi Co.: 702 [Television] ID = 1920163 1272x2100
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For model 702, Marconi Co. (Marconiphone, Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.), GB (not tubes - see also HMV His Master's Voice)
Country:  Great Britain (UK)
Manufacturer / Brand:  Marconi Co. (Marconiphone, Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd.), GB (not tubes - see also HMV His Master's Voice)
Year: 1936 Category: Television Receiver (TV) or Monitor
Valves / Tubes 22: MSP4 MSP4 MSP4 MSP4 MSP4 MSP41 D42 X41 VMP4G MHD4 KT41 MSP4 MSP4 D42 MS4B MS4B KT41 KT41 U12 U12 U16 6/4
Main principle ZF/IF 1500 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
Wave bands Wave Bands given in the notes.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 200-250 Volt
Loudspeaker Permanent or electro-dynamic (moving coil), system not known yet.
Power out
from Model: 702 - Marconi Co. Marconiphone,
Material Wooden case
Shape Console with any shape - in general

Marconi 702; 12" 405 lines round CRT mirror in lid TV with GB channel 1 tuner.

TRF Vision receiver fixed tuned to 45MHz and Super Sound receiver fixed tuned to 41.5MHz. Early sets had 240/405 line switch to receive Baird or Marconi-EMI transmissions. Most switches were removed after TV service was resumed in 1946.

Price in first year of sale 63.00 £
Collectors' prices  

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Marconi Co.: 702
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marconi: 702;
Brian Cuff † Nov 2017

I am trying to upload pictures for the Marconiphone 702 mirror-lid television receiver but the upload does not start. I have tried on several occasions on different days but have not succeeded. I use the "Uploads & Questions" button on the 702 page, fill in the form and hit "upload" but radiomuseum does not seem to accept my file. What am I doing wrong?

Brian Cuff

Michael Watterson

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Peter Scott

Marconiphone 702

In 1934 the Marconi-EMI Television Company Ltd was formed bringing together the vision transmitter technologies of the Marconi Company with the television studio equipment and receiver technologies of the EMI Company. It was this company that provided the technology for Britain's television service in the years from 1936 through to the switch-off of the 405 line transmissions in the early 1980s.

The very first dedicated television receivers developed by this alliance were the HMV model 901 and the Marconi model 702. These sets were essentially identical but had differences in the veneering of the cabinet and the shape of the speaker grill so as to appeal to traditional customer loyalties for the two brands. The same design of television circuitry was also incorporated into a number of other sets carrying the HMV and Marconi names that included radios and gramophones.

At this time there was only one television channel and one transmitting station. This set is designed with a straight (TRF) vision receiver tuned to 45 MHz. and consists of six RF pentodes and a diode detector. These are contained in seven screening cans. There is no video amplifier. The detector connects directly to the CRT. On the opposite side of the CRT are the synch separator and line and frame timebases and on the floor of the cabinet is the power supply chassis. The 5000 volt supply for the CRT final anode is generated from a step up transformer from the mains and this and the EHT rectifier are located below the timebase chassis in a metal box behind the HT rectifiers. The sound receiver is a superhetrodyne tuned to 41.5MHz and is located between the loud speaker and the CRT. It shares the first two RF stages with the vision receiver and its RF connection is taken between the second and third cans from the top.


TRF Section

TRF Section

Synch Unit (Timebases)

Synch Unit


Sound Receiver

Sound Receiver


Power Supply

Power Supply


Block Diagram

Service Information

Marconi Co.: 702
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