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Musée EDF Electropolis-L'aventure de l'électricité

68200 Mulhouse, France (Grand Est)

Address EDF Electropolis Museum -The adventure of electricity
55 rue du Pâturage 
Floor area 20 000 m² / 215 278 ft²   Area for radios (if not the same) 250 m² / 2 691 ft²
Museum typ Exhibition
Electrical Applications
  • Steam engines/generators/pumps
  • TV and image recording
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Model-making in general
  • Wire- & tape recording
  • Record players with pick up
  • Electricity / Magnetism
  • Combustion engines/generators/pumps
  • Electric motors/generators/pumps
  • Media
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Computer / Informatic
  • Biology / Medicine
  • Morse technology
  • Measuring Instruments, Lab Equipment
  • Lamps and Light
  • Home Appliances
  • Movie recording and playback

Opening times
February - December: Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm
Février - Décembre: mardi - dimanche: 10h - 18h
Februar - Dezember: Dienstag bis Sonntag: 10 - 18 Uhr

Status from 04/2023
Adults: € 10; Children (4-17 years): € 5; students, disabled persons: € 8
Family (2 adults and 2 children from 4 to 17 years old): € 25
Adulte: 10 €; Enfant (4 à 17 ans): 5 €;
Etudiant jusqu’à 26 ans incluse, Personne handicapée: 8 €
Famille (2 adultes et 2 enfants de 4 à 17 ans): 25 €

Tel.:+33-3-89 32 48 50  eMail:reservations  


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Location / Directions
N47.749396° E7.294962°N47°44.96376' E7°17.69772'N47°44'57.8256" E7°17'41.8632"

The EDF Electropolis Museum is located in the south of Alsace in Mulhouse.

By highway: A36, exit 17: Mulhouse-Dornach, follow the signs indicating the direction of the EDF Electropolis Museum and French Railway Museum/Cité du Train.

By train: TGV EST, Mulhouse station. In the front of the station: tram 3 (in the direction of Lutterbach), or tram-train (in the direction of Thann St Jacques), "Musées" stop. Direct from the station.

By plane: EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse- Freiburg is 26 km away.

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

D: SABA; Villingen 31WL (1931/32)
D: Philips Radios - 2119 (1932/33)
D: Nordmende, Panorama 54 Ch= 360 (1953/54)
D: Philips Radios - TD1720A/4ST (1954/55)
D: Grundig Radio- TK245 de Luxe (1967-69)
D: Telefunken Magnetophon 205 M-205 (1969-72)
DK: Bang & Olufsen B&O; Beocenter 2000 2101 (1980)
EU: Unknown Europe Machine de Winter divers (1800??)
EU: Unknown Europe Leclanché Element (1870-1930??)
EU: Unknown Europe Machine de Voss divers (1880)
EU: Unknown Europe Machine de Wimshurst influence machine generic (1883-1950??)
F: Unknown - CUSTOM Ramsden Influenzmaschine Elektrisiermaschine (1766-1900??)
F: Industrielle des Tél Récepteur de télégraphie Morse (1870??)
F: Carpentier, Jules - Galvanomètre Deprez-d'Arsonval (1879?)
F: Chauvin & Arnoux; Ohmmètre portatif 20 Mégohms (1910??)
F: Ducretet -Thomson; Emsemble Radiophonique Ch= Inconnu (1929?)
F: Ducretet -Thomson; Modula Source (1929?)
F: Radiocinéphone, BS (1948?)
F: Radiola marque RA904A (1950/51)
F: Radialva, Véchambre Transclub Europe (1960/61)
F: Teppaz; Lyon Transitradio 111 FM (1+1+1+FM) (1963)
F: Pizon Bros JMP; Portaviseur 28 (1967)
F: Téléavia marque, Portavia 111 (1967/68)
GB: Nairne, Edward; Nairne-pattern Friction Machine (1850??)
GB: Marconi Co. 702 (1936)
I: Vega, BP Radio, TS502 (1963?)
I: Europhon; Milano Radioorologio H20 (1970?)
I: Musicalnastro S.P.A. Mangiadischi (Mange disque) Penny (1974?)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven 720A (1931/32)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven 930A (1931/32)
S: Ericsson L.M., Telephon "Ericsson - Stockholm" (1905)
SGP: Philips, Singapore Moving Sound D8080 (1985??)
USA: Edison, Thomas A., Phonograph Class M (1893?)
USA: Pilot Electric Mfg. Pilot Candid TV37 (1948?)
ZZ: Unknown to us - Van de Graaff Bandgenerator generic (1929-2000)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

Geissler Crookes Elster-Geitel Davy's-Egg


The EDF Electropolis Museum is the largest museum in Europe dedicated to electrical energy. With an exhibition area of 4000 m2, a futuristic architectural setting and a dynamic scenography, the EDF Electropolis Museum displays objects and models, holds audio-visual projections and events which retrace the fascinating saga of electricity.

The Museum Electropolis has much to offer, with special services for schools and the general public.

At Mulhouse, in the south of Alsace, you will find a totally different kind of museum which is unique in Europe. At the Electropolis Museum, you can have fun whilst learning and discovering surprising and wonderful things. Children and grown-ups alike will experience a fabulous adventure in a world of electricity.

There are more than 12 000 items in the Museum's collections, ranging from the electrical battery to the hydraulic turbine including an electrostatic machine from the 18th century, electronic games from the 20th century and household appliances.

The themes covered in the collections have a scientific, technical, industrial, historical, economical, sociological and artistic nature... and concern electro-technical machines such as engines, alternators and transformers ; measuring devices ; computer, medical and communication equipment ; small and large household appliances (cookers, irons ....) ; audio-visual, lighting and telephone equipment ; toys, advertising articles and works of art.

Regular donations add to the collections of this Museum which aims to become a leading reference in the field of electricity and its heritage.

The large model

Its 80 metres length depicts the trajectory of electricity : an original approach where the visitor can trace electricity production back to its origins, starting with domestic electricity through to its distribution and also a look at the different types of power plants.

See, touch, understand

Experiment with your voice, compose a tune, play the electric guitar or the Hammond organ, ah this is possible and accessible to aIl in the music area. Visitors can understand, through music and its production techniques, how electricity is involved, flot only in the technology, but also in the social transformation of tastes and means of making sound. The evolution of guitars, the organ, or the use ofthe voice is ail the more vivid for the visitors if they can themselves try things out, play, listen.

Fully refurbished scientific area

Dive into an atmosphere of cabinets of curios from the 18th century where the experiments of the first discoverers of electricity will be revealed. Static electricity makes objects move, creates lightning and electrifies bodies.

Visitors are invited to experiment with these strange machines which will make their hair stand on end, and may well leave with a 100000 volts certificate

The Great Engine

The BBC-Sulzer Great Engine is the Museum's prized possession. Built in 1901, this steam engine of 170 tons drove a BBC alternator which supplied electricity for the D.M.C. company at Mulhouse until 1947. After many years of inactivity, it was decided that this would be kept as part of the Museum's technical and industrial heritage.

The Technological Garden

A visit to the EDF ElectropolisMuseum is completed and enhanced by this outdoor visit. In two pavilions and in a pleasant landscaped environment, visitors can discover the production and transport of electricity through the displays of exceptional material, sometimes genuine technological sculptures, such as turbo-alternators, circuit-breakers, disconnecting devices, rectifiers, regulators,.... You can also enjoy a pleasant rest in the 2-hectare garden. There is also a children's playground area. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.



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