313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341946) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341951) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341947) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341948) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341949) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341950) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341945) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 341944) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 344723) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 344724) Radio
313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1039090) Radio 313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1039087) Radio
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313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 2071323) Radio
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313H; Philips; Eindhoven (ID = 1039090) Radio
Philips; Eindhoven: 313H [Radio] ID = 1039090 933x832
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For model 313H, Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt:
By courtesy of guest Juan Igancio Isla Cortes, Valdivia, Chile.
País:  Holanda
Fabricante / Marca:  Philips; Eindhoven (tubes international!); Miniwatt
Año: 1940 Categoría: Radio - o Sintonizador pasado WW2
Válvulas 5: EF8 ECH3 EBF2 CL4 CY1 C1
Principio principal Superheterodino con paso previo de RF; ZF/IF 452 kHz; 1 Etapas de AF
Número de circuitos sintonía 7 Circuíto(s) AM
Gama de ondas OM y dos OC
Tensión de funcionamiento Red: Aparato AC/DC. / 200-225 Volt
Altavoz Altavoz dinámico (de imán permanente) / Ø 21 cm = 8.3 inch
Potencia de salida
de Modelo: 313H - Philips; Eindhoven tubes
Material Bakelita
Forma Sobremesa apaisado (tamaño grande).
Ancho, altura, profundidad 500 x 290 x 210 mm / 19.7 x 11.4 x 8.3 inch
Anotaciones Export model. Bands: MW = 165···560 m, SW1 = 45,5···165 m, SW2 = 13,5···45,5 m.
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Modelo creado por Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa. Ver en "Modificar Ficha" los participantes posteriores.

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Philips; Eindhoven: 313H
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Philips 313H, incomplete information.
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Members,

I am searching informartion to restore a Philips 313H. It is a bakelite export model from 1940, AC/DC 200-225 volt. The front end is similar the 313A model uploaded in our database.

Unfortunately the receiver do not have the rear cover and the rectifier and output tubes does not have the alphanumeric code.

The chassis has six P8A tube sockets and I identified the EF8-ECH3 and EBF2. The other tubes can be the CL4 and CY1. The other socket is empty, probably it is for a type ballast tube C1 or other.

I would be most appreciative with any information and help.

I don't know if I can upload the model with the actual incomplete tube series information.

Best regards, Bruno.

Mario Bermejo

Hi Bruno. Unfortunately I do not have any info on this model but I can tell you that the tube lineup that you mention was very common in many Philips models, and in some others you find those two tubes combined with EF9 and EBC3 such is the case with the Spanish 362 model.

The empty socket, no doubt, is for the ballast because you say the radio is for 200-225, probably the C1 since this is a 200mA series.

You can try restore the radio using those tubes (I think I have a C1 I can send you if you need it) But in order to upload the model we will need factual information so lets see what others have to say on this.



Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Model Administrators y hola Mario,

The model was uploaded to the data base as 313H and now this thread can be moved to the model's site.

All the information can be brought to the model.

Mario gracias por tu ayuda. He reemplazado el C1 por el C8. Como no dispongo de el circuito original utilizaré información de modelos similares con la misma serie de tubos.

Best regards, Bruno.


Helder Martins

Dear Bruno,

If it can help you I join the schematics of 313A, I suppose it will be very similar or even the same you are looking for.

Please, let me know if it was useful or not, and I will try again to find the 313H.


Hélder Martins


Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Hélder,

The 313A has the same front end until the EBF2. It is an AC only set.

The 313H Is an AC/DC radio and the output and rectifier stage are different.

It uses the CL4, CY1 and C1.

I will be very thanked if you can find the 313H schematics.

Thank you so much by your support, Bruno.

Helder Martins

Dear Bruno,

Ok, I see.

So, as we do not find anything about the 313H on the web, let me look on the old books I have. As soon as I find anything I will let you know.

Best regards from Lisbon,


Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Hélder,

Thank you by your invested time and support. Now the Philips 313H set have the complete technique information.

Mr. José Manuel Silvestre has uploaded the complete Documentacao de Service.

I sent my personal gratitude to him.

Regards, Bruno Gandolfo.


Helder Martins

Dear Bruno,


I´m glad to know you got the information.

Anyway, till now I found also something about 313U, I send as curiosity.

Best regards,



Mario Coelho

Dear Bruno,

My friend António M. R. dos Santos ask me to alert you about a relay (R20). (He also sent me by mail a schematic to send to you but now you already have one).

He let me know that :The 313H must be switch on and must be stand still in its normal position before any technical handling to assure the right functioning of that relay which commands the pilot lamp lihgting. That procedure avoids any surcharge damage.

Best regards

Mário Coelho

Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Mario,

Thank you so much by your warning.

I am up to day regarding the magnetic switch R20 function to preserve the dial lamp (L7) integrity until all the tubes heaters reach its working temperature.

I checked my R20 magnetic switch and it's working properly.

I will be very grateful if you can send me your 313h schematics because the uploaded in our data base is not clear in some minor details.

If you have the resistors and cap values list, it would be most appreciated also.

Thanks again, Bruno.

Mario Coelho

Dear Bruno,

I already uploaded in Rmorg two new "schematics" . They are:

NL_Philips_313H_Sch2      and


I hope they help you to fix your radio.

Saludos cordiales desde Lisboa

Mário Coelho

Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa

Dear Mario,

Thank you so very much by your valuable uploaded information.

Now the set have all the necessary information for the restoring process.

You has been very kind again.

Saludos cordiales desde Chile,


Philips; Eindhoven: 313H
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