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Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e]

Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e]; Radiometer; (ID = 1015632) Equipment Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e]; Radiometer; (ID = 1015633) Equipment
Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e]; Radiometer; (ID = 1015634) Equipment
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Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e]; Radiometer; (ID = 1015632) Equipment
Radiometer;: Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e] [Equipment] ID = 1015632 933x700
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For model Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e], Radiometer; Copenhagen
Country:  Denmark
Manufacturer / Brand:  Radiometer; Copenhagen
Year: 1962 ? Category: Service- or Lab Equipment
Valves / Tubes 6: ECH81 ECH81 ECH81 ECF80 EM84 EL84 150B2
Wave bands - without
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110; 115; 127; 200; 220; 240 Volt
Power out
from Model: Beat-Frequency Oscillator HO32 [c, e] - Radiometer; Copenhagen
Material Metal case
Shape Tablemodel, with any shape - general.
Dimensions (WHD) 392 x 265 x 205 mm / 15.4 x 10.4 x 8.1 inch
Notes The HO32 beat-frequency oscillator is an audio-frequency generator for the frequency range ~0...21 kHz. It uses a main VFO 200-179,5 kHz, left dial 0-20.500 kc, and an auxiliary VFO, right dial 0-500 cycles (Hz). The sum of both dial-readings gives the output-frequency. These oscillators can be are zero-beated when both dials are set to zero. The zero adjuster can correct the main VFO with about plus or minus 70 cycles. Because very low frequencies cannot be heard, zero beating is checked with the magic-eye; when the dark centre in the middle of the eye stands still, zero beat is achieved. The buffered ECH81-oscillators are mixed in a third ECH81. The output of the mixer goes through a 60 kHz low-pass filter and is fed to the 0-10 output-potentiometer. This potmeter gives 0-1 volts input to the audio-amplifier. Here is also a signal-input banana-jack for an external audio signal up to 1 volts, impedance 50 k. If a banana plug is inserted halfway into this jack, the external signal is combined with the internal signal, but if the banana plug is fully inserted, the ECH81 tubes are cut off from the anode-supply. When both signals are handled, the frequency of the external audio-signal can be determined. The ECF80-triode serves as a driver for the EM84, and the ECF80-pentode is the output-preamplifier to feed the EL84, with heavy negative feedback. The output of this power-penthode is either R-C coupled to a resistive output-attenuator to 3 mV - 100 V, or to L-C output 2 kohm / 5 kohm, or to transformer-output 5 / 25 / 500 ohm, all into banana-jacks.
The HO32 code is followed by a version-letter e.g. HO32c or HO32e.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 10.250 kg / 22 lb 9.2 oz (22.577 lb)
Source of data -- Other type before this -same/similar characteristics - see exchange.
Literature/Schematics (4) OZ5PZ Paul Rosenbeck's copy of the manual

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