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ID = 22747
Russian Federation
Brand: Svetlana; St. Petersburg
Tube type:  Beam Power Tube   Power/Output 
Identical to EL509-2
Similar Tubes
Other shape (e.g. bulb type):
  EL509-3 ; EL509S
Other base and data slightly different:

Base Octal (Int.Octal, IO) K8A, USA 1935
Was used by Radio/TV-reception etc.
Filament Vf 6.3 Volts / If 2 Ampere / Indirect / Parallel, (AC/DC)
Description This is a "topless" EL509 with quite an other base than the EL509. Svetlana made the EL509-2 for HiFi and was planning to bring out also an EL509-3. October 2011 we received this information from "As far as I am aware, the EL509-III never really made it to general circulation, I believe it was designed for a specific manufacturer, certainly we never stocked this tube (hence my lack of information). The EL509 and EL509-II were both being produced up until about 8 years ago." The tubes are also called EL509II or EL509-II and EL509-III. JJ made an EL509S which is most equal as EL509-2 and a EL509 with this octal base. 
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EL509-2: L.W.
Lothar Wiemann

EL509-2: J.D.
Jens Dehne

EL509-2: Werksangaben JJ
Jens Dehne

from Just Qvigstad

Usage in Models 1= 2003

Quantity of Models at with this tube (valve, valves, valvola, valvole, válvula, lampe):1

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EL509/2 (EL509/2)
Ernst Erb

This tube is given for the tube "full" AF amplifier V10 and model V10-2 from T+A Elektroakustik in Germany for the output stage. The amplifier has 10 tubes alltogether and a bandwith of 8 Hz to 100 kHz (-3dB). The four output tubes 509... deliver 2 x 110 watt RMS (2 x 80 Music). The manufacturer is stating tubes EL509/2 but in the V10 one can detect the EL509S - the S probably standing for Swetlana.

My question is: is the EL509S a EL509/2 (EL509/II) or does the data varie? In any case should we create the EL509S - at least when data is available.

Jan Terranea

Dear Ernst,

Some time ago I purchased a couple of EL509S tubes from JJ Electronic, made in Slovak Republic, new in box, at a flee-market.

I was assured that they were really improved EL509, but I was not allowed to open the boxes.

At home it appeared, that these tubes had an octal base and no top-cap.

The datasheet from JJ Electronic I found on the internet, stating the same performance as the (original) EL509.

The pin-out is like the 6L6, but pin 1 (ground) is missing.

Best regards.





Ernst Erb

Dear Jan
Thank you very much for this answer and the interesting attachment.
It is quite misleading when they write of an EL509 - which always has a top contact - but then show a tube without top contact - most probably an EL509/II ...

I hope somebody will upload this after having cut the top with the name EL509 ... and after creating the tube EL509S. In the notes it would be good to mention the differences in data and apperiance between EL509, EL509S, EL509/2 (EL509/II) and EL509/3 ... I just can't do it timewise ... sorry.

Michael Watterson

It's likely in reality that the magnoval with top cap PL509 and EL509 are lower Anode capacitance and better performance than octal EL509/II and LE509S without top caps.

The EL509 says 2.5pF Cag1 with 3pF max and the EL509S just says Cag1 3 pF  (no clue if this typical or max). Also that is not the entire Anode to everything else capacitance. The "true" EL509 is indentical to the PL509 except for heater voltage and current (40V vs 6.3V).

It's also likely the Octal version with no top cap has higher inductances in series each electrode. I suppose the Octal EL509/II and EL509S are for Audiophile market where design has exposed tubes for "appearance". The "proper" EL509 with better performance magnoval base and top cap needs to be "inside" a cabinet or cage.

The EL519  or PL519 is the improved version of EL509 / PL509, not the EL509S. In the advert they claim EL509S is 42W plate dissapation but their own data sheet has g2 = 9W and a + g2 = 42W, so the "real" Pa Max is 42-9 = 33W.

EL509/PL509 Pa = 30W

EL519/PL519 Pa = 35W, P(a + g2)= 36W Tolerance Limit P(a + g2)= 42W,  Pg2= 7W, Tolerance Limit P g2= 9W  (datasheet says Toleranzgrenzwert)

It seems more like a an EL519 limited by octal packaging vs Magnoval than an "Improved" EL509 or EL509/II





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