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History of the manufacturer  

EMI; Hayes, Middlesex

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Name: EMI; Hayes, Middlesex    (GB)  
Abbreviation: emi
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

EMI Electronics Ltd Broadcast & Recording Equipment Divison; Hayes, Middlesex, England (UK) - also called: EMI Electric+Musical Industries Ltd. [Info Herbert Odermatt].

EMI made many special purpose tubes: high resolution TV camera tubes and CRT, photomultipliers, klystrons, magnetrons and traveling wave tubes.
Electron Tube Division was also present in U.S. with manufacturing facilities in North Hollywood, CA.

Also: E.M.I Sales & Service Ltd., Hayes, Middx., England.

On "Electronic Engineering" volume 37 year 1965: "Emi Sound Products Ltd."

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
GB  55 Portable Tape Recorder TR50B EF40  The tape winds on the take up spool oxide side out, so full track machine. There is a s... 
GB  68 RE321   Prof. reporter tape-recorder with control-speaker, improved version of typ EMI L2. Speed 1... 
GB  55 L2B 1S5  Professional taperecorder without loudspeaker, with headset connection. Predecessor of EMI... 
GB  62 311   Professional tape-recorder for studio applications, speed 38 and 19cm/sec. or optional 19 ... 
GB  65 Miniature Television Camera Unknown_Camera-tube  This is a very small size manageable TV camera using an EMI Vidicon 1½ in tube. Two sealed... 
GB  60 2 Track Tape Recorder TR52 EF86  This tape recorder has a modular design with a power supply module and four others. It'... 
GB  56/57 Limiter RS114 53KU  A mono limiter amplifier developed by EMI Records Ltd. Used primarily internally at Abbey ... 
GB  50 Portable Tape Recorder TR50 EF40  Two speed magnetophon recorder. 
GB  52 Portable tape recorder L2C ZD17  The stated weight includes batteries. 
GB  59 Emisonic RSG101 EF86  Stereo record player 4 speed. 
GB  59 Capitol RS101 EF86  Stereo record player 4 speed. Marketed under the Capitol trade mark. 
GB  59 Capitol RS101A EF86  Stereo record player fitted with Garrard type TA/Mark II four speed unit. Chassis similar ... 


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From "Electronic Engineering" volume 37 year 1965. A product of Emi: Push button illuminated.tbn_gb_emi_sound_push_button_switch.jpg