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Philips, Svenska AB, Stockholm

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Name: Philips, Svenska AB, Stockholm    (S)  
Abbreviation: philips
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Philips Sweden: Svenska AB Philips, formed in 1923. The first Swedish Philips radios are sold in 1927. Philips bought DUX in 1934. During WW2 Philips builds Scandinavias biggest factory for radios in Norrköping. At the end of the 40's Philips bought Concerton (AB Stern & Stern). In 1957 Philips changed the spelling and logo of Concerton to Conserton due to the fact that in Sweden people pronounced the name as Conkerton.

Founded: 1923

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
43 790A-19 ECH21   
66 Juliette B4S51A /02 ECC85  Connector for external loudspeaker (5 Ohms). See also model B4S51A /00 /13 (differences... 
66 Mariette B2S45T AF102  UKW-Portable mit Senderfesteinstellung (Memomatic) und AFC 2 Ausführungen: Mahag... 
55/56 FS653AF ECC85  The record changer plays 33, 45 and 78 rpm records. 
48 LS402B DK40   
74 HiFi-Kombination 837 66RH837   Eingebauter Plattenspieler 22GC008, 2 externe LS-Boxen 66RH431. 
70 Automatic 80 MHz Counter PM6661 /00   Display 8 digits 7 segments LED Z input 1 Mohms  Vin max:  220 volts for f &l... 
48–50 848A ECH21  Philips Schweden mit klappbarer Skala. 
60/61 René B3S03A Ch= G4C ECC85  Two-way bass control, continuous treble control. Available in Teak or Mahog... 
51 FS732A ECH42  Record Player AG1000S 33/45/78rpm with changer Radio part 60W power input according to ... 
60 René B3S03A Ch= G4B/C ECC85   
53 BS531A ECH42  LW 700-2000 m, MW 185-590 m, SW 16-51.5 m. Chassis similar to Philips BS521A. 


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Philips, Svenska AB, Stockholm
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Why did Philip's change Concerton to Conserton in 1957?
Mikael Carlsson
  1 Well, the answer lies in the fact that in the 50's people in Sweden began to pronounce Concerton as Conkerton, the 'c' in the name can in the Swedish language pronounce as a 'k' or an 's'. A Swede would pronounce the name like 'Konserton', and later change the pronounce to 'Konkerton'.

The large Philips factory in Sweden, NEFA, had a bulletin that in number 2 in 1957 the following statement (translated from Swedish):
The word Concerton in itself has a melodic tone. One has to say that as a trademark for a companies radio and TV-products it is a hit. Unfortunately it happens that it's name once and a while distorts in a less beautiful way. Or how about the pronounce Conkerton? It is not pretty. AB Stern & Stern have now changed the spelling so that the 'c' in the middle of the word changes to a 's'. Also the trademark logo has changed as you can see in the above headline.

I wish to thank 'Soda' and 'Radioten' for their effort in this matter. Without them and their collections of radios and brochures we could only guess why the spelling was different.

Mikael Carlsson


Ernst Erb

Dear Mikael
Many thanks for this precise statement about the name change.
This enables us really to find out any possible error concerning these names and we have the clear facts why this change happened and when. Very interesting. Please give on our thanks to your helpers.

I'm confident that we can one day show a fuller catalogue of Swedish radio models which contains now only 174 until 1943 (81 with pictures) and 337 models (159 with pictures) after 1943. All together 511 models. 

There are 38 members from Sweden by now and 15 loaded up at least one picture (up to 88) which shows a very good interest. I don't think an other country has this high percentage of active members here compared to passive ones. Jörgen Swensson is the most active Swede for picture load up, followed by  B. Samuelsson. Rolf Zetterberg is the most active for schematics, followed by Peter Olausson. The Swedish community has startet late but with quite some effort.

If you feel it would be used (unlike Finnish and Dutch) we could one or two boards foreseen for Swedish only - you see examples down the list of forum borads.

Philips, Svenska AB, Stockholm
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