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History of the manufacturer  

Radio Havel, Praha

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Name: Radio Havel, Praha    (CS)  
alternative name:
Havel; Praha
Abbreviation: radio-have

Radio Havel, Praha


Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
CS  31 Legie narodni prijimac    
CS  32/33 Picoleta E438  Works well with E424N E424N B406 506. Set may be original, however, this is not confirmed. 
CS  33/34 Legie special E499   
CS  33/34 Narod E424   
CS  34 R.H.G.3 E424N  Eingebautes Grammophonlaufwerk 78 UpM. 
CS  36/37 Melodie 36    
CS  30 Neznamy (Unknown) unknown_Tube   
CS  32/33 Olympic E452T  Eine zweites Modell wurde für 2850 Kc angeboten. 
CS  33/34 Universal Picoleta B2038   
CS  32/33 Picoleta 3L E424N   
CS  33/34 Salon Picoleta Special E446   
CS  34/35 Universalka U34 HP1118   


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