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History of the manufacturer  

Fuji Denki Seizo K.K., Japan

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Name: Fuji Denki Seizo K.K., Japan    (J)  
Abbreviation: fujidenki
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Fuji Denki Seizo K.K.

Formed in 1923 under the name Fuji Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. from a joint venture between Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd. and Siemens AG.  The company name derived from these two companies' first sound "Fu" and "Si"and the highest mountain in Japan, Mt. Fuji.  The company emblem "fs" mark was used from 1923 - 1978.


In 1968, the company merged with Kawasaki Denki Seizo Co., Ltd.

The corporate symbol was changed to "Fuji Electric" in 1978 and was used until 2002.

In 1984, the company name was changed to Fuji Electric Co., Ltd.

In 2003, the company changed to a pure holding company system and changed the name to Fuji Electric Holdings Co., Ltd.

Founded: 1923

This manufacturer was suggested by William J Blanchflower.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
62 TRS-701    
62 8 Transistor TRS-861 2SA189  Fuji Denki TRS-861, Transistor Portable Radio; SW: ~4.0 - 12.0 MHz, earphones jack, model ... 
60 All Transistor 2 Transistor Boy's Radio   2 Transistor Boy's Radio, although boastful named "All Transistor". Simil... 
64 TRF-992   Fuji TRF-992 AM/FM portable radio, FM rod antenna built into the handle. 
64 AMC PE7 0875 Solid State (Japan 617)   AMC Radio Phonograph, rotary knobs for volume, band selector tuning. Made in Japan 617 
60 Boys Radio 2 Transistor FTR-T-2 2SB117  Fuji AM pocket 2 Transistor Boy's Radio Model FTR-T-2. Similar to Fuji All Transist... 
65 Six Transistor TRB-603   Fuji Denki AM Pocket Radio Model Six Transistor TRB-603. Made in Japan. 
64 TRF1200 2SA116  Eingebaute AFC, 2 Teleskopantennen. 
78 Solid State Stereo STS-B7TL    
65 Invicta by Fuji 6 Transistor 600   Fuji Denki Pocket AM Radio Model Invicta 6 Transistor. Made in Japan. 
63 High Fidelity - 3 Band - 12 Transistor TRF-1291S   High Fidelity - 3 Band - 12 Transistor TRF-1291S. SW: 4 - 12 MHz. Off-tone button. ... 
78 Solid State 4Band Cassette Radio TPC-270R   Fuji Electric 4Band Radio & Compact Cassette TapeRecorder Model TPC-270R. Carryin... 


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Thanks for technical assistance Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány (, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation, Hungary, Zalaegerszeg.tbn_j_fujidenki_trl862_front_logo.jpg
Thanks for technical assistance Első Zalai Rádiómúzeum Alapítvány (, First Zala County Radio Museum Foundation, Hungary, Zalaegerszeg.tbn_j_fujidenki_trl862_inside_data.jpg
Original logo used from 1923 until 1978tbn_fuji_logo_original.jpg
Logo used from 1978 to 2002.tbn_fujielectric_logo.jpg