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History of the manufacturer  

Sansei Electronics Corp (SEC).; Tokyo

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Name: Sansei Electronics Corp (SEC).; Tokyo    (J)  
Abbreviation: sansei
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Sansei Electronics Corp.; (SEC) Tokio, Japan; At present known as manufacurer of semiconductors, measurement equipment and consumer electronics as also ham radio equipment in the 1960ies. Founded 27th April 1960. Website:-

Also: Sansei Electronics Industry Co. Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.

Founded: 1960

This manufacturer was suggested by Wolfgang Scheida.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
65 Mini Lab SE-200   Mini Lab SE-200 is a small Multimeter. 
65 Mini-Lab Ten-in-one SE-400 2SA472  Comprobador multiple que incluye: Voltimetro AC/DC con escalas de 0-15-50-150-500 VMili... 
70–72 Mini AF Generator 6803   Der Generator erzeugt die Sinusschwingung mit einem Wien-Robinson-Brückenoszillato... 
60 Signal Tracer SE-350 2SB113  The Signal Tracer (without Injector) Sansei SE-350A has 1 Transistor, 1 IC M5106P, 3 Diode... 
70 Signal Injector SE-250    
83 Signal Tracer/Injector 6100   VU meter: 100uA. Tracer: Input impedance 100K ohms. Gain: 60dB at 1KHz. Attenuation: Range... 
60 Hi-Mood 12BA6  7 Tubes plus 2 Diodes. 
60 Signal Tracer SE-350A   The Signal Tracer (without Injector) Sansei SE-350A has 1 Transistor, 1 IC M5106P, 3 Diode... 
74 Signal Tracer - Injector (Signalverfolger) SE-360 2SC945   
60 Zephyr FM-AM Radio 6 Tube 7701 12BE6  Sansei Zephyr FM-AM 2 Band Radio 6 Tube (Type as only labeld on box is "7701"); 35 W po... 
60 Hi-Mood Hi-Fi 12BE6  Sansei HiMood Hi-Fi; 
63 Hi-Mood Duotone FM/AM   Similar to the Hi-Mood Hi-Fi. Different styling with bright, two-tone ("Duotone") colou...