loewe-opta: Applying for scale glass(Skalenglass)

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This article refers to the model: Venus 55 546W (Loewe-(Opta); Deutschland)

? loewe-opta: Applying for scale glass(Skalenglass) 
01.Jan.23 09:01

Greetings and happy new year
I have a loewe opta venus 55. The glass panel is broken. The picture is attached to this message.
Please let me know if any of you have a scanned image of it that can help me make it.
I will pay for it.
Saeed Delavari


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To find and obtain a "new" scale glass 
05.Jan.23 10:03
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Saeed
This model is not so common that this is an easy task. I like to give advice, since you are also an active member and show a nice international collection. :-)

If you check the model page further under "Collector's prices", you will detect that the price paid was in the last time between 7 and 21 € or $. You will need some time to find such offers, but then you can even ask the seller if he can and will take out only the glass - if he is able to ship it securely that it does not break (for sure). It is broken rather easy, but also very easy to prevent this for good.

I think this is the best way to get it. But if your set has also other problems you can not cope with, it might be worthwhile to ship the entire set after checking if the tubes have first to be removed.

You see below the model page that only five members have collected the Loewe-Opta model Venus 55 546W. As a member, you can reach those members by email and you find their address. Perhaps they can help you in this process?

I wish you good luck.


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Thanks Friends 
05.Jan.23 12:49
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Dear Ernst Erb

Greetings and happy new year
I bought this radio from Ebay Germany about 14 years ago. Unfortunately, it arrived with broken glass and damage to the body.
As you said, the price of the scale glass was around 30 euros. I bought one, but this time it broke before packaging.
After 14 years, I decided to finish the half-finished job again, which cost 100 euros.

On January 1st, I felt that our good friend Antoni Regeling is an electronics technician like me and he might have the image scan I wanted. My guess was right and dear Antoni made me happy very quickly.
I took the image to the printing house and the person in charge there told me that it would have to be redesigned from the image and finally printed on the glass by the machine.

I am currently waiting for the design to be completed and ready for printing.
I am very grateful to you and your dear colleagues at the Radio Museum site and to the friends of the member, especially Antoni Regleing.
Good luck.
Saeed Delavari

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It once was a project to store such image scans 
05.Jan.23 14:20
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Saeed
Thank you for telling. It once was a project to store such image scans to the correct models, but I was unable to install a permanent person who takes over as a going project. See also the beginning of thoughts (in German) about scales in this forum in 2003.

This like so many other small projects - for instance to have a mask published in a forum thread for using on model pages which cover other groups than radios like tape recorders, HiFi-amplifiers, microphones, video recorders etc.

See for instance example 1 and example 2 with such a mask - filled with some values.
This is much better than this approach without a mask (which is always having the same fields per "Category", but different data). You find the model pages by using the "Fully detailed Model Search" for members. This by selecting "Category" for Sound/Video Recorder ... and "Player": Video-Taperecorder/-player. There are more than 1000 model pages but only a very few show this table.

Marc Goeritz designed the mask (by my wish) in 2016, but we could not find a team which would use this to document those pages with such systems. Most people can not imagine how much work is invested in some of our projects. ...

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Some other Loewe models share the same dial glass 
05.Jan.23 16:34
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Bernhard Nagel (D)
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Bernhard Nagel

Dear Saeed,

a short check turned out, that some other Loewe Opta models from this era 1954/55 may have identical dial glasses. These are

So you have a better chance to obtain an original dial - for the case the printing job will not be successful.

Please also see this German ebay offer: www dot ebay.de/itm/385160406849 , a dial glass from Loewe Meteor 558W for a reasonable price. The seller seems to be experienced with shipping of fragile items.

Good luck and best regards,

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