radionette: Earlier version - different tubes

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This article refers to the model: Kurér Auto (Kurer) (Radionette; Oslo)

? radionette: Earlier version - different tubes 
11.Dec.17 19:18

Tomasz Szczesniak (PL)
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I found earlier version of this radio, equipped with tubes: DK32 DF91 DAF91 DL94, serial number 349319. Photo of chassis and schematic attached

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radionette: Earlier version - different tubes 
15.Dec.17 21:29
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Michael Watterson (IRL)
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Use the Create New Model link on home page. It's sufficiently different to need a new page.

See this model that has three other model pages. The maker called all of them "T" and they all look the same, except some early TA2A models have a 1.5V scale lamp and button. The same basic chassis and circuit was used with different tube line ups on maybe 11 modes/versions from 1949 to 1962!

All-dry Transportable Receiver Model T [TA2A]

The four versions use incompatible tubes but identical cabinets. Later versions may omit the scale lamps.

  1. TA2A DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL92 (This model). Only the early TA2A versions have the scale lamps.
  2. TB2A DK91 DF91 DAF91 DL94 Intermediate versions, various revisions
  3. TC2A DK92 DF91 DAF91 DL94 Last 250mA Transportable T (entirely same pin wiring as DK96, DF96, DAF96 and DL96) From Serial No. 544750 all revisions are included.
  4. T S.Q. final production before Sky Prince using using DK96 DF96 DAF96 DL96. Early version of Sky Queen chassis does seem to use same component values as TC2A above S/N T 544750, so may be simply a valve change.

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