HP Catalog No. 18A

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Reference List

Audio Oscillator 200A Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 200B Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 200C Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 200D Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 202D Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 200I Page 4 - 7
Audio Oscillator 201B Page 8 - 9
Audio Signal Generator 205A Page 12 - 13
Audio Signal Generator 205AG Page 12 - 13
Audio Signal Generator 205AH Page 12 - 13
Low Frequency Standard 100A Page 26 - 27
Low Frequency Standard 100B Page 26 - 27
Square Wave Generator 210A Page 24 - 25
Wave Analyzer 300A Page 20 - 21
Distortion Analyzer 320B Page 18 - 19
Distortion Analyzer 325B Page 14 - 15
Distortion Analyzer 330B Page 16 - 17
Attenuator 350A Page 28 - 29
Vacuum Tube Voltmeter 400A Page 10 - 11
Vacuum Tube Voltmeter 410A Page 30 - 31
Electronic Frequency Meter 500A Page 22 - 23
Electronic Tachometer 505A Page 23
Regulated Power Supply 710A Page 32



New ease and sureness in all types of laboratory and production testing are made possible by the use of -hp- instruments. Although each is tailored for very specific jobs, -hp- laboratory instruments have certain outstanding "family" characteristics. No zero setting, little or no adjustment during operation, virtual independence of line and tube characteristics, full protection against overloads, simple, accurate calibration, and streamlined circuits for clean and trouble-free performance are qualities you will find throughout the -hp- line.

-hp- instruments are essential and versatile tools in the fields of television, frequency modulation, radar, industrial heating, communications, carrier current, equipment manufacture, experimental work, broadcasting, industrial testing. Here is a partial list of the measurements that can be made with standard -hp-instruments: distortion, frequency, gain, voltage, network response, harmonic analysis, amplifier frequency response. They are also useful to establish standard frequencies, establish standard ratios by attenuation, and provide voltage for bridge measurements. Let -hp- instruments, products of sound engineering and precision manufacture, solve your testing and measuring problems.


Lord Kelvin


"Often say that when you can measure what you are speaking about, and express it in numbers, you know something about it; but when you cannot  measure it, when you cannot express it in numbers, your knowledge is of a meager and unsatisfactory kind; it may be the beginning of knowledge, but you have scarcely, in your thoughts, advanced to the stage of science, whatever the matter may be."




Probably in no other field is proper instrumentation so vitally important as in electronics. Lacking the proper instruments, it is not only difficult to design equipment correctly in the first place, but often impossible to tell whether it is behaving properly when completed.

To describe fully the performance of one of the simplest electronic devices — a single-stage amplifier — requires the measurement of operating voltages and currents, gain, frequency response, overload points, harmonic distortion, and noise level. In more complex apparatus the list would be greatly expanded. Many of these measurements must be made in high-impedance circuits where great care and judgment must be exercised, not only in making the measurements themselves, but in interpreting the results.

Engineering time is a very expensive commodity. To employ it most efficiently, too much thought cannot be given to the selection of the proper tools. -hp- instruments are designed with convenience second only to accuracy in their requirements. By minimizing the time needed for routine measurements, and by guaranteeing the accuracy of the results, -hp- instruments render an outstanding service toward the advancement of the science of electronics. On the following pages you will find complete descriptions of a great many -hp- instruments. Please feel free to write us for any assistance or further information which you may require.


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