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Rod Tubes - Principle and Design - Sukhanov, Kireev - 1960

Ernst Erb Otmar Jung 
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Papers » Tubes and valves (history, technique etc.) » Rod Tubes - Principle and Design - Sukhanov, Kireev - 1960
Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa
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12.Oct.11 05:07
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Fellow Radiophiles:

RM member Dmitri Faguet and I have finished the English translation of the first Russian Rod Tube article that appeared in the popular electronics hobby press in the Soviet Union. This article was originally published in Russian in "Radio" magazine 1960 issue no. 7 pp34-38.

See the attached pdf file.

The benefits of beam focus to keep current out of the screen grid rods are explained. Partition noise is thus reduced by over 2x, and so is wasted current on the screen grid to less than 10% of the anode current. The most efficient of the rod tubes, the 1j24b, only wastes 2% of the Anode current on the screen grid rods.

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