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5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 158434) Radio
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5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 158436) Radio
5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 815060) Radio 5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 80328) Radio
5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 71187) Radio 5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 23897) Radio
5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 182846) Radio 5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 143236) Radio
5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 182847) Radio 5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 397184) Radio
5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 397185) Radio 5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 397187) Radio
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5060a; Grundig Radio- (ID = 815060) Radio
Grundig Radio-: 5060a [Radio] ID = 815060 933x699
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For model 5060a, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke):
Immagine del proprietario
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Year: 1957 ? Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 9: ECC85 ECH81 EBF89 EAA91 EM34 or EM35 EC92 ECC83 EL95 EL95
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Tuned circuits 8 AM circuit(s)     13 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, Long Wave, Short Wave plus FM or UHF.
Details Radio Control (+Remote Wire etc)
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110, 125, 160, 220 Volt
Loudspeaker 5 Loudspeakers
Power out
from Model: 5060a - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
Dimensions (WHD) 650 x 390 x 270 mm / 25.6 x 15.4 x 10.6 inch
Notes Grundig 5060a;
2 Versionen bekannt:
Version 1:
Inlandsausführung mit deutscher Skala und UKW bis 100 MHz,
Ausführung 2:
Mit gleicher deutsch beschrifteten Rückwand jedoch mit englischer Skalenbeschriftung (Tuning, Volume, LW, BC, SW, und US FM bis 108 MHz), Lautsprecherfront ebenfalls mit "5060 Hi-Fi Zauberklang" beschriftet.
Beide Ausführungen mit Wunschklangregister, Anschluß für "HiFi-Strahler" und "Fern-Dirigent".
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 15 kg / 33 lb 0.6 oz (33.04 lb)
Source of data -- Collector info (Sammler)

Model page created by Gottfried Silberhorn. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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Grundig Radio-: 5060a
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grundig: 5060a ; Flexible Cable Repair
Paul Moyer
  1 Grundig models 4090, 4095, 5060, and 5060a have variable AM bandwidth.  The bandwidth is varied by rotating the highest frequency tone control.  This control rotation moves a tuning slug in the first AM IF transformer through a flexible cable.  According to the Grundig alignment instructions (available on the 5060a model page), the bandwidth in these models varies from 2.5 to 7.0 KHz as compared to similar fixed-bandwidth models 3060, 3068, and 4085 that have bandwidth of 4.3 KHz.

The flexible cable has a steel jacket and plastic core.  This plastic core shrinks substantially both in length and diameter.  The shrinkage in length causes a restriction in the range of motion of the highest-frequency tone control, eventually to where the control may not rotate at all.  The shrinkage in diameter causes "lost motion" so that the tone control can be moved over a portion of its range without moving the IF transformer slug.

These problems are eliminated by replacing the plastic core of the flexible cable with an insulating material of the correct diameter.  After some experimenting I used .039" (1.0 mm) Teflon spaghetti (bus wire tubing).  It would be best to insert a short piece of bus wire inside the spaghetti at each end where it is clamped to reduce crushing of the spaghetti.  A nice feature of using Teflon is that it is self lubricating, allowing for smooth operation.  Ross Hochstrasser, of the Bavarian Radio Works (Massachusetts, USA) stated that he uses filament for a yard string trimmer (weed whacker) for this repair.  So there is another idea for core material.

Coarse adjustment of the cable is made by adjusting the position of the IF slug clamp on the cable core.  Fine adjustment is made by screwing the end fitting on the IF transformer end of the steel jacket in and out of the mounting bracket.  This fitting turns since it is not attached to the jacket, but the locknut must first be loosened.  (This fitting should be set in the center of its adjustment range while making the coarse adjustment of clamping the IF slug to the flexible cable core.  This adjustment is not critical at all for the operation of the radio as long as the tone control can travel over its full range.  As long as the cable core is properly sized so there is no lost motion, the length of IF transformer slug travel is only slightly longer than the cable core travel, and this excess travel should be centered so that the slug is not at the end of its travel at ether end of rotation of the tone control.

I have been informed by a gentleman who previously worked for Grundig that AM IF alignment should be done with the bandwidth control set at the "narrow" end (least amount of treble sound).  This detail is not addressed in the alignment instructions.

I have attached a photo of the flexible cable installed in my 5060a after the repair was complete, and also photos of the clamps that attach the cable core to the tone control and the IF transformer slug.

Paul Moyer


Dennis Daly
  2 Hello Paul,

 Thank you for posting good hints about the repairs to the ZF (IF) bandwidth control cable.
 I have been using piano wire with good results and no apparent ill effects on the circuit.
 Ross' idea of using common nylon string trimmer line seems an elegant solution. I will try this on the next repair of this type.
 The note about setting the ZF for narrowest bandwidth prior to stage alignment is good.
 Not all Grundig alignment notes state this precaution, though I have seen it stated on some documents.

 The reason for my query in another post for this model 5060A regarding any published specifications or mechanical dimensions for adjusting the control cable travel- stop-to-stop, stem from having read of published specifications for this adjustment elsewhere, for different brands/ models.

 (i.e. Tone control full clockwise, cable clamp so many mm. from IF base bottom, etc.)

 Considerable variation of coil form travel and tone control potentiometer can be so adjusted within the ranges of full travel of each item. Meaning, the stops for each component do not automatically coincide.
 I was wondering if Grundig had information of this sort published as well, other than just the frequency range so stated in the alignment documents.
 If no simpler answer, then I suppose I will resort to AM sweep and oscilloscope to find out .
 Dennis Daly
Omer Suleimanagich


This is one fantastic piece of restoration!

I hope that this thread is linked to other sites, because this solution could work for other radios too, in fact, the Grundig Satellit has cables that are sililar to this one.

Thanks for the pics too.

Check out the Irfanview thread, it is amazingly useful for pics and schematics to this site and to others.

I would like to thank Mr Birkner for his time and explanation in using this program!

Aaron Householder

Paul, did you ever find any alignemnt instructions?  

Also, I need a glass dial scale for mine.  Would any of you happen to have one?  Bear in mind that the U.S. version is different from the European version.  I need the U.S. version.  Picture attached for reference to what I'm looking for.  Thank you for all of your help! :)  



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grundig: 5060a (5060 a);
Dennis Daly
  1 Grüsse!
 Ich suche informationen für dem Grundig  5060, 4090 und ähnlicher modeln mit wunschklang und
 variabel ZF bandbreite.
 Masse oder anderen abgleich  informationen für mechanische bandbreite kabel justage.
 OK- I apologize for my very bad grammer.
 My German skills are sehr schwere nach 40 yahren keine gespracht.
 Ich habt eine schleise messender und oszillograph.
 I try this auf Englishe.
 Greetings Respected Members!
 I seek kindly any information regarding Grundig models equipped with the "Wunschklang" register and variable bandwidth control cable adjustment or setting for models 5060, 4090 and similar models of Grundig.
 Necessary for me to further make a new adjustment to this "Bowden Cable" linkung caused by inproper  repairs by another in the past.
 I have available,  and can operate a sweep generator and oscilloscope if necessary.
 I understand the concept of this mechanical coupling/ decoupling of the ZF, for hochfrequenz, but I am unsure of what specifications to proper/ exact adjustment.
 Thank you!

 Dennis Daly (USA)
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grundig: 5060a (5060 a); dringend die Abgl gesucht
Ernst Erb

Es würde mich sehr freuen, wenn jemand techn. Unterlagen für dieses Modell hochladen könnte.
Unser Neumitglied, Paul Moyer, USA, sucht dringend eine Abgleichanleitung. Er hat sich das Schema beim 6050 natürlich angesehen, doch fehlt ihm die Abgleichanweisung - noch lieber natürlich in Englisch. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass es die auch in Englisch gibt, da das Modell 5060a (vorne nur 5060 gegeben) wohl aussschliesslich ein Exportgerät ist. Aber: Deutsch ist besser als nichts.

Ich stehe in Korrespondenz mit ihm und er scheint ein aktives Mitglied werden zu wollen.
Dass er ein ganz interessierter Sammler ist, hat er durch die Aufzählung seiner Literatur beim Antritt bewiesen - und gleichzeitig eine Mitarbeit angekündigt.

Er hat die Suche richtig initialisiert und 14 Tage später auch gepostet - aber in Englisch. Ich kann mir vorstellen, dass viele Mitglieder Englisch (und weitere Fremdsprachen) im Forum ausgeblendet haben und seine Suche nicht sehen. Freuen würde mich eine Antwort hier, wenn jemand die technischen Unterlagen hochgeladen hat. Dann weiss ich, dass ich mich nicht mehr einsetzen muss für dieses Mitglied/Modell. Danke.

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grundig: Grundig 5060a (5060 a) - Good Schematic & Alignm
Paul Moyer
  1 Does anyone know where I can get a good schematic and alignment information for a Grundig 5060 a? The radio I'm working on seems to follow the schematic for the 5060 that is available on this site, but this schematic has no information about alignment, and the small size makes it hard to read. I would really appreciate finding alignment information in English.

This radio has a feature that is new to me. The high-frequency tone control connects to one of the IF transformers through a flexible cable. Does this adjust the IF bandwidth? I have no idea how to perform an alignment with this feature.
Grundig Radio-: 5060a
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