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Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U

Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 121297) Radio
Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 121298) Radio
Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 68987) Radio Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 68988) Radio
Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 68989) Radio Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 68990) Radio
Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1097856) Radio Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1097857) Radio
Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 1521123) Radio
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Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U; Grundig Radio- (ID = 68987) Radio
Grundig Radio-: Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U [Radio] ID = 68987 933x699
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For model Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U, Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke):
D: Grundig_1963_5490 Stereo/U_Front
Country:  Germany
Manufacturer / Brand:  Grundig (Radio-Vertrieb, RVF, Radiowerke)
alternative name
Grundig Portugal || Grundig USA / Lextronix
Year: 1963 ?? Category: Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
Valves / Tubes 13: ECC85 ECH81 EF89 EF80 EM87 EBC81 ECC83 ECC83 ECC83 EL95 EL95 EL95 EL95
Main principle Superheterodyne (common)
Tuned circuits 9 AM circuit(s)     12 FM circuit(s)
Wave bands Broadcast, more than 2 SW bands plus FM or UHF.
Power type and voltage Alternating Current supply (AC) / 110-240 Volt
Loudspeaker 4 Loudspeakers
Power out
from Model: Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U - Grundig Radio-Vertrieb, RVF,
Material Wooden case
Shape Tablemodel with Push Buttons.
Dimensions (WHD) 675 x 390 x 270 mm / 26.6 x 15.4 x 10.6 inch
Notes Grundig 5490 U/Stereo (as labeled on rear cover);
MW-AM: 510...1620 kHz,
SWI: 2...6 MHz,
SWII: 5.9...15 MHz,
SWIII: 14.8...26.5 MHz,
FM: 87...108 MHz,
FM-AFC, separate AM and FM tuning on the same control knob, DIN terminals for ext. echo unit, phono and tape, stereo indicator instrument, ext. speaker DIN terminals, tuning indicator tube, Multi Sonic Tone control - equalizer with preselections, 2 woofers - 2 tweeters, MPX decoder socket inside, built-in rotating ferrite antenna, ext. antenna in, ~80 W power consumption,
Equipped with Stereo-Decoder 5U;
5 Dioden (2 x OA172, BA102, 2 x BA100). Stereo decoder have ECC81 OC79,
made in W. Germany.
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg) 16 kg / 35 lb 3.9 oz (35.242 lb)
Mentioned in -- Original-techn. papers.

Model page created by Robert Sarbell. See "Data change" for further contributors.

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Grundig Radio-: Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U
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grundig: 5490 Stereo/U; Konzertgerät ;Flat wishbone Device
Omer Suleimanagich

Is anybody familiar with the flat wishbone element that is attached to the off switch and FM(UKW) switch?

How does one fashion a replacement, and what does it exactly do?

Rolf Nickel
  2 Dear Omer,

maybe that Hr. Knoll is able to give you the desired information, but you should take into account that in general most radiomuseum people are not Grundig and keyboard experts respectively. Therefore we need at least a photo or a figure from this device.

Best regards

P. S. : Is it a part similar like this (Grundig 5570, power on/off - switch operation lever, see white arrow) ?

Omer Suleimanagich

Hi Rolf,


Thanks for the reply!


The device is a little different, but I will prepare some pictures later today and post them to the forum.

Omer Suleimanagich

From the schematic, it is the line that connects the OFF switch to the FM(UKW) switch with a dot in the middle. It is about 40 cm long, made out of die cast metal, that has disintegrated. 


Rolf Nickel
Dear Omer,

the provided illustration helps to understand the principle but not to solve the problem. I think you need a spare part - the 40 cm lever.
If so, then I would propose again to draw a figure with dimensions and additionally to make a photo of the damaged or broken part (you did not throw it away, or did you ?!). It should be no problem for a craftsman to build such a lever for you, but why do you not try this yourself ?

Best regards
Robert Sarbell
  6 Hello Omer and Rolf,

I believe that Omer may be referring to the "cross-shaft" which, if it is broken, will effectively disable the AM bands and the FM bands. The term cross-shaft is the term that I have been using for more than 10 years.

The Bavarian radio specialist, Mr Ross Hochstrasser, described the part to me years ago after I had purchased my 2nd model 5490StU receiver. It is as Omer stated that the item was made of the "cast white metal (zinc type)" - it was also called Pot metal . . . . .

The repair procedure is quite extensive - much dismantling is required to repair the malfunction; and there was a better type of shaft available.

Consequently, I have 2 models 5490StU with the broken  (separated)  shafts. I understand from Mr Hochstrasser the best "repair" is to use the better quality cross-shafts from either one of the 2 largest Konzertschranks - in the last years of the 8 and 9-series models. According to him, the shafts were made of a different material.

Omer Suleimanagich

Gentlemen, here are the pictures of where this device goes to on the 5490, and its remnants.

If I could get pictures and  measurements of the device, I could have one machined, and then have more machined for RMorg members.

It would be good to know which of the Grundig models use this apparatus as well, since it looks like this is the main reason these radios get junked!


BTW How come Ross doesn't join RMorg?


Jeffrey Angus
  8 A few years ago, I made one for Dennis Daley. If I can find the drawings, I'll se about making more.

It was machined from a flat peice of aluminnum barstock with rolled pins in the ends.

Omer Suleimanagich

If Dennis is following this thread, maybe he has some insight and information on making and installing the cross-shaft back in to the radio.

Omer Suleimanagich

I have just received email from Ross Hochstrasser of Bavarian Radio in Massachusetts, that he has bronze replicas available for this model as well for others.

He can be contacted at, bavarianradio[A*T]

From my understanding, he has extensive experience repairing these radios and is considered the dean of European radios in the East Coast!

Ross Hochstrasser

Hi All,

  This is my first post to this forum Thank you for your patience. Sorry it took so long!

 I have had some bronze castings made from an original lever removed from an 8050 console chassis. There seems to be a difference in the composition of the alloys between 1958 and the mid 60's as the earlier ones I have found seem perfectly intact and the ones in the 5490's are mostly disintegrated. Unfortunately, the bronze ones are slightly thicker and require some minor machining (which I do here) in order to make them work properly. The originals were die cast, which is a more precise method than sand casting which is what I had done. I have had conversations with other radio enthusiasts here in the U.S. who  have substituted 4 pole double throw relays in place of the lever and associated slide switch, which works OK but you have a continuously energized coil when the radio is operated in the MW or KW positions. The procedure for replacing this lever is lengthy and tedious, but worth the effort.  Good Luck!! Ross Hochstrasser

Robert Sarbell
  12 Hello Ross,

Welcome aboard. . . . .several members have inquired about your presence (or non-presence) in the past.

I am glad you have stated that the "cross-shaft repair" is not a simple task; and there appears to be a distinct difference in the composition of the shafts!

Omer Suleimanagich

It's about time Ross!

Welcome to RMorg, your presence and participation will be invaluable to all of us, here on this forum!

As for everone else, don't junk those Grundigs!

Ross has a mechanical solution for everything on these and many other radios.

Omer Suleimanagich

Out of curiousity, what are the other Grundig models that use this particular cross-shaft?

When did Grundig start using pot metal and why, when other materials are better?

Tom McGlashen

I have one of these that works, but with some problems with the cross shaft of course.

This design, especially with the 'pot metal' shaft does not seem to be consistent with the most Grundig designs.  I wonder if this design was done be one of the companies Grundig purchased?

Was this unit designed and manufactured by Grundig or by some other company?




Jeffrey Angus
  16 And a tip 'o the hat to Dennis Daly for emailing me scans of the original drawings I used on his cross arm a few years ago. And some comments on changes to it.

I'll be making a production run of these shortly.

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grundig: Grundig 5490 Stereo/U capacitors
Omer Suleimanagich

Did Grundig stop using paper capacitors in the mid sixties? Does this particular model have myler capacitors?

What are the weak spots in this particular model?

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grundig: Grundig 5490 Stereo/U; Konzertgerät
Omer Suleimanagich
  1 Is someone familiar with the clutch assembly for this radio?  Is it metal to metal contact, or is there a layer of rubber on each side?
Joseph Christilles

Hello Omer.

   I looked at the chassis of this radio and it looks very similar to my Grundig 5299.  If you are refering to the tunning, on mine there is something in there, but not rubber.  The only way I can describe it as looking like a piece of hard brillo pad. It is fairly hard with small micro fibers that are very stiff, very close together.    What might work is velcro.  There are two halves to this and the stiff half is what its like, but the bristles are much denser.

     I am still working on my chassis.  I will try and get a close-up of it and show you if you would like.  


Regards Joseph

Grundig Radio-: Konzertgerät 5490 Stereo/U
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