Kardinal FM-AM 5611

Kardinal FM-AM 5611; Linnet & Laursen LL (ID = 445087) Radio
Kardinal FM-AM 5611; Linnet & Laursen LL (ID = 148010) Radio Kardinal FM-AM 5611; Linnet & Laursen LL (ID = 148011) Radio
Kardinal FM-AM 5611; Linnet & Laursen LL (ID = 148012) Radio
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Kardinal FM-AM 5611; Linnet & Laursen LL (ID = 148010) Radio
Linnet & Laursen LL: Kardinal FM-AM 5611 [Radio] ID = 148010 600x437
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Pour le modèle Kardinal FM-AM 5611, Linnet & Laursen (LL) A/S; København
Pays:  Danemark
Fabricant / Marque:  Linnet & Laursen (LL) A/S; København
Année: 1955 Catégorie: Radio - ou tuner d'après la guerre 1939-45
Lampes / Tubes 10: UCC85 UF80 UCH81 UF80 UM4 UABC80 UAF42 UCC85 UL84 UL84
Semi-conducteurs (seuls les transistors sont comptés) OA56
Principe général Super hétérodyne avec étage HF
Circuits accordés 7 Circuits MA (AM)     9 Circuits MF (FM)
Gammes d'ondes PO, GO, 2 x OC et FM
Tension / type courant Appareil tous courants (CA / CC) / 110; 220 Volt
Haut-parleur 4 HP
Puissance de sortie
De Modèle: Kardinal FM-AM 5611 - Linnet & Laursen LL A/S;
Matière Boitier en bois
Forme Modèle de table profil bas (grand modèle).
Dimensions (LHP) 680 x 430 x 310 mm / 26.8 x 16.9 x 12.2 inch

Schwungradantrieb. Drehbare Ferritantenne mit HF-Vorstufe. Gegentakt-Endstufe.

Tonabnehmer-Eingang durch steckbare Anpassungsnetzwerke oder Übertrager für Kristall- oder magnetische/dynamische Abtastsysteme (Pick-up) verwendbar.

Ähnlich wie Linnet Kardinal FM-AM 5612

Poids net 22 kg / 48 lb 7.3 oz (48.458 lb)
Source -- Schematic

Modèle crée par Nico Pokrant. Voir les propositions de modification pour les contributeurs supplémentaires.

Tous les appareils de Linnet & Laursen (LL) A/S; København
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Linnet & Laursen LL: Kardinal FM-AM 5611
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linnet: 5611; Kardinal
Ake Nyholm
  1 Somebody is looking for schematics of the Linet&Laursen model Kardinal 5611. I have schematics available for the model 5713, which seem to have similar tube line up.

Pls. inform if the 5713 is OK as replacement.
Rolf Zetterberg
  2 Hello Åke
That would be me!Yes,I'm looking for the 5611 schematic.I have got a very special radio that probably is the only one that exists.It's a low,wide cabinet containing two 5611 chassis side by side.No loudspeakers,only the two chassis.I got them working by replacing a few caps.Rumour says that it was built by a Dane living here in Sweden to be able to receive early stereo transmissions!
Personally I'm very interested in everything about Linnet&Laursen,but if the schematics are the same,I'm not sure at this stage.Maybe we could have a private conversation about this?
Ake Nyholm
  3 Hej Rolf,

Ok, I shall arrange copies for you. Could you kindly send me an e-mail. Look at my profile for address.

Ake Nyholm

Dear Rolf,

Look at model L.L. Kardinal 5713 to see if schematics are close enough with the model 5611.

Best regards


Rolf Zetterberg
  5 Hello Ake Sorry,but I haven't had any opportunity to answer earlier,since a lightning struck my telephone line and destroyed almost the whole PC.I have tried to replace some parts and it worked for a week or so,but now it has gone completely dead... I'm writing this(hopefully it works)on a borrowed homebrew PC with only a educational Linux CD as help,so I can't save or print or scan anything. Yes,it seems to be the correct chassis!I'll have a closer look when I can get hold of a normal PC! Thank you very much! Rolf
Linnet & Laursen LL: Kardinal FM-AM 5611
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