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History of the manufacturer  

Rauland Corporation; Chicago

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Name: Rauland Corporation; Chicago    (USA)  
Abbreviation: rauland
Products: Model types Tube manufacturer

Rauland Corporation (later "Rauland-Borg"), 3515 W.Addison T., Chicago 18, Illinois.

Founded: 1929
Production: 1929 -
E. Norman Rauland was previously associated with "All-American Mohawk", which he left in 1929 to establish Rauland Corporation.
Throughout the Depression, Rauland manufactured power amplifiers and equipment for public address systems. During this time, the Rauland Company won government contracts to produce radio and communication systems for the military.
In 1941 Norman Rauland and George Borg entered a partnership that would change the history of the company forever. The "Rauland Corporation" acquired the "Webster-Chicago Corporation", a leader in school communications, and Rauland became firmly established as the dominant supplier of internal school communications systems.
In 1942, the Rauland Corporation acquired "Baird Television of America". Rauland began developing a cathode ray tube (CRT), and as a result, the company became an important supplier of communications and radar equipment during WWII.
After WWII, the Rauland Corporation began manufacturing CRTs for 10 and 12 inch televisions.
In 1948 "Zenith Radio Corporation" purchased the "Rauland Corporation" to acquire the CRT business, and Norman Rauland and George Borg started a new company "Rauland-Borg Corporation" for continuing the sound and communications business.
As the company further developed its commercial and industrial communications components, they remained an important military contractor providing such essential products as the Navy's ship-to-shore radios, airborne radar jamming transmitters, walkie-talkies, classified cryptographic switching adapters, tank radios, intercom systems and radios for arctic regions.
In the early 1960s the entire line of sound and communications products was transistorized and made of solid state components. Recognizing the need to keep school instructors and staff in touch with each other, Rauland-Borg introduced the first generation of Telecenter® products in 1968. Telecenter® was the first-ever commercial application of touch-tone technology which has since become the backbone of school communications, worldwide.
In 1979, after the acquisition of the "Picker-Briggs Company" (a prestigious manufacturer of the Responder® health care communications systems), and "Rauland-Borg" established itself as a leader in nurse call communications.
In 1989, Rauland-Borg acquired "Biamp Systems Company", a long-time designer and manufacturer of Biamp® professional audio equipment. In the 90s, the company expanded its existing product lines into Latin America and the Pacific Rim.
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In 2017 Rauland was acquired by Ametek Inc. a very great manifacturer of electronics instruments and electromechanicals devices, with sales, services and locations in USA and other countries all trhroughout the world.

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Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
USA  46 546T 12SA7GT  Trade name = Lyric. Sams photofact, set 7, folder 467-17, date 11-46, features the Rauland... 
USA  55 HiFi-Amplifier 1811 12AX7  12-watt output power, response within 0.5db from 20 to 20,000Hz. 4 input selector, 3 re... 
USA  61 In-Line Amplifier HF-1530 12AX7  Integrated amplifier, stereo. 
USA  61 HF-1531   Stereo. 
USA  61 HF-1021   Stereo. 
USA  53 1961   60 watt. 
USA  54 1916   3 channel, 15 watt. 
USA  50 1820 6J7  4 channel. 
USA  59 TV-55 6BC5  Remote US standard VHF TV tuner with 5 pin connector cable. 
USA  53 1826 Ch= 1801A Ch= 1805A   AC operated 4 channel tube audio amplfier with remote control. 
USA  50 BA21 6SJ7  The Rauland Model BA21 is a AC Operated Inter-Communication System. 
USA  50 2306 6SJ7  The Rauland Model 2306 is a AC Operated Inter-Communication System. 


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