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saba: FR18 (FR 18); Freiburg Vollautomatic Ste

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Omer Suleimanagich
Omer Suleimanagich
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16.May.09 09:17

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Does anybody have any information about the stereo multiplexer that goes with this radio?

Or for that matter, any experiance with the FM (UKW) section, motor tuning, and adjustment of the stereo multiplexer?


Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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21.May.09 09:05

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Dear Omer
I just see that you did not receive an answer yet.
I can imagine that most German speaking members want to see German only - since each member can select the languages he/she wants to see coming up.

When you go to the model you see that the third Thread there reads as follows:
"Eine genaue Beschreibung über Funktion und Reparatur des Sendersuchlaufs ist bei den Schaltbildern zu den Modellen Freiburg 7 und Freiburg 125 hinterlegt. Mit freundlichen Grüßen Marc Goeritz "

With this Marc Goeritz indicates that a good description about function and repair of the motor tuning devices can be found on the models Freiburg 7 and Freiburg 125.

That may help you. There I also see answers in English - here giving a further link - and here you find many good pictures how to repair

Would be wonderful if somebody would translate such good articles ...

Omer Suleimanagich
Omer Suleimanagich
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21.May.09 09:39

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Thank you Ernest for your reply.

Recently, I purchased one of these radios in working condition, but discovered that not much has been documented about these radios in general.

I'm a bit puzzled, since this radio is extremely valued by collectors around the world!

As much as the motor section has been discussed on RMorg, there is no schematic or manual for the multiplex unit for this radio.

Perhaps, with other interested members of RMorg, we could put something together for the whole 1960s Freiburg group of radios on this site.

Hans M. Knoll
Hans M. Knoll
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21.May.09 10:11

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Hallo Herr Erb, hallo Omer..

Dass keiner antwortet kommt auch daher, dass der Typ 18 ein sehr seltenes Modell, nach dem Typ15 war.

Herr Stichling hat hier eine Aufstellung gemacht die jeder so er nur will finden kann.


link 2


HIER der Schaltbild Auszug des FR18

Wenn aber jemand, z.B. ich, eine Empfehlung gibt, und der extrem teuere Decoder wird gekauft und passt dann nicht, was dann.
Daher habe ich mich, obwohl ich lange recherchiert habe, zurueck gehalten.
Wenn Omer es will kann er mich via Mail fragen.

Hans M. Knoll


Hello Mr Erb, hello Omer..

That to any does not answer comes also of that, that the type 18 a very rare model to which Typ15 was.

An installation made Mr Stichling here the everyone so it only wants be able to find.

If, however, somebody, for example I, gives a recommendation, and the extreme decoder expensive is bought and does not suit then, something then.
Therefore I held myself back in spite of my long investigating.
If Omer wants it can ask it me via mail.

Hans M. Knoll





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Omer Suleimanagich
Omer Suleimanagich
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22.May.09 04:46

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Thank you Herr Knoll for this information.

The radio has a multiplex unit, and was purchased in Washington State (if this information is of interest to collectors).

What I wish to do, is see (perhaps with the help of Tom Albrecht) to cumulate all pertaining information about the Saba Freiburg line of radios for RMorg.

I will go over the information you posted, and then get back with some questions.

Again, thank you for your help.

Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
Bruno Gandolfo-Canepa
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20.Dec.17 23:00

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Hello Omer,

I have bought a Freiburg 18, fortunatelly in original conditions, from the original owner. After a dedicated inspection I am convinced the radio has not been intervented or thecnically asisted. The Freiburg has the US I stereo decoder inside.

I bought the radio here in Chile and I don't know if the domestic Freiburg 18 has the E I stereo decoder or the US I export version also.