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cbc: Very similar or equal models for other brands

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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14.Oct.19 09:55
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Outsourcing, Rebranding, OEM:
There is an astonishing number of very similar or equal models for other brands. Here are the links to them. Actually Prof. Dr. Aldo Andreani (Italy) was the researcher and creator of this name and link list. I'm pretty sure that he might detect even more during the time and then will enter them as a link into the model page notes. We all can be glad for such work supported by David Erali (USA).

This model is a typical example of OEM-production (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Sometimes this is done with little changes as so called "Badge-Engineering". A similar teamwork is called ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) and for some cases there is only "Contract Manufacturing".

See the model with 8 transistors:
Lloyd's, Hacosonic, Nanaola, Summit, Browni, Air Chief, Oritone, Valiant, Nuvox, Selfix , Royal International, York.

See the model with 10 transistors:
Alpha, Avis, York, Air Chief, Kensington, Sandhurst, Super Sonic, Riviera, Granada, Belair, Lifetime, Saturn, Nanaola, Realistic, Truetone.

See the model with 12 transistors:
Browni, Aristo Tone, Granada.

See Seminole 1020 where the tuning capacitor has 2 sections only.

Japan 608 leads to the manufacturer of all this. 
To know much more about the Japan code please read this very informative and well researched article by David Erali (USA). It shows two most complete excel sheets.

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Aldo Andreani
Aldo Andreani
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25.Oct.19 23:28

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Since this group of radios contains some Nanaola models, I believe that the original project was designed by Toshiba even though a model branded Toshiba for this series has never been produced or has not been found yet.
- In a private message dated Oct.21 2019, Takashi Ebina from Toshiba Corporation wrote "Nanaola's radio was developed by an affiliated company of Toshiba Corporation".
- The Toshiba history in speaks of Nanaola even though no documents are shown.
- Two Nanaola models are now classified as Toshiba: 10FD-212 and 8NC-123.
- This external link speaks of Nanaola as a trademark by Toshiba.
- This is an australian document speaking of Nanaola owned by Toshiba.