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With this search page (HP) you enter the most complete reference system for Old Time radios, - at the same time also a radio catalog. It also includes crystal receivers, TV, speakers, rectifiers, Hi-Fi amplifiers, record players, tape recorders, microphones, Old Time amateur gear, "boat anchors" etc.

Extensive data on 348 630 Old Time radios and 2 768 277 pictures (18.Jul.2024) incl. 1 058 460 printable schematic diagrams (schematics) are available. 281 445 collector prices and data for 78 882 tubes/valves/semiconductors.
Radiomuseum is a Not-for-Profit Foundation with 17 803 members in > 90 countries, many of us having contributed to the Radiomuseum by uploading photographs, text and schematics. These pictures help build our own radio home page in Radiomuseum if they are from our collections. Please see Information and Help (blue icon) for each page. See also the Forum if you need
help for repair or restoration.

Guests have limited privileges but the requirements for becoming a member are easy to satisfy. Just click on «Register as new member (Membership>/b>)» above, left (when not being logged in).

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By the way: Here the founder writes how we can improve our lifestyle.

You will find some US radio models as examples below:
Example - - Collection Alan Larsen, USA or see
Collection of Alan Douglas, USA

Antique Radios, Old Time Radios for the US:

We added 75 000 Old Time radios of US manufacture. What's needed now is to fill in the many blanks that still exist within most individual model pages.

Why not become a member and join us in this exciting project? You will be welcome to introduce Old Time Radio models not yet listed, add relevant data, post photos of sets from your own collection and thus start your own homepage within the "Collectors" group at RMorg. You will find yourself in the company of many enthusiastic radio collectors and industry professionals through the Radio Forum.

Please use (click) the blue Info-Buttons. You also can print the content by using Ctrl-P after having clicked the Info-Button. Can you help us? As a guest you can use the Contact Form and also send up to 3 pictures with each form - giving us the courtesy citation you would like to see. By the way: "Radio Museum" has to dig deeper than Wikipedia because it also serves specialists.

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