2017 Statistics for Radiomuseum.org

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2017 Statistics for Radiomuseum.org 
02.Jan.18 12:50

John Kusching (USA)
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John Kusching

Here are the statistics for 2017, which have been created similar to the 2016 Statistics and the statistics for years 2015,  2014,  2013,  2012,  2011 and 2010.

In the 2009 Statistics, one can also find the answers to:
What are we ?; What we have created ?; Where to get help ?; Has the work paid off ?

For several years, the statistics have been published only in German: ie 2006 (Flashback), 2007 (Anthill), 2008 and 2009 (see above). Located here is the legal basis and Continuity for the "Radiomuseum Foundation in Luzern", which is a “NOT FOR PROFIT” Foundation.

Many thanks to Ernst Erb for collecting the statistics for 2017 and then documenting the results in his original thread (in German) found here: Statistik 2017. This thread is a translation of the original thread from Ernst.

Before going further, a very important point:
Behind all of these figures are members who volunteer and partly sacrifice time by providing data or images or verify the uploaded information.

As someone from the United States wrote (freely translated):  "I would like to get information about a model, without having to search all over the planet on the internet".

This is what RMorg is all about.  We differentiate from the other hundreds of antique radio websites by having the information organized by members with antique radio knowledge and experience.

Financially, the year 2017 is positive, but there has been significant financial impact due to the expected drop in new members.  On 13 January 2016, we provided circuit diagrams (schematics) to guests free of charge, which resulted in the 2016 “New Membership” numbers dropping to “only” 811. In 2017, there were 842 new members. By contrast, in 2012 was our strongest year with 2078 new members.

Since 2015, RMorg has carried itself. It is also noteworthy to mention that as a member and former programmer for 5 years, Dag Schöber continues to help make small improvements voluntarily.  He deserves a big thank you.

In each category of the statistics there is a list of the top 20 most active members.

With the list of the 20 most active members per field of activity, I do not exclude the less performing members, but thank everyone for their cooperation, which they do for all collectors - not for me, because I am only a servant of the matter. Now, any of the 16,820 members can review any model by clicking on "Data change etc" under "Uploads and questions" and see who worked on the model and when - and also attach their own improvements.

Since we only know on the basis of reports, if a member is still alive - and these messages are patchy, I abstain from calling the deceased members here. Since we do not provide an annual statement and delete members who do not pay, the number of 16,820 members is heavily inflated.

Many years ago, I had sent at least one e-mail to all from time to time, painstakingly removing the inaccessible ones from the list. It would be good if someone came forward who would take care of the members diplomatically and actively. Since 2014 I have been working on the new project. Here's the motivation for health.

The highest contributing members in accordance with the figures:

In 2017, a total of 10,141 new models were added (9,598 in 2016, 14,343 in 2015, 16,358 in 2014, 17,300 in 2013, 19,907 in 2012) so that at the end of 2017 there were 290,069 model pages available on the website (279,928 in 2016, 270,330 in 2015, 255,987 in 2014, 239,629 in 2013, 222,284 in 2012).  The breakdown, divided by country, you can always find here.

The following table is a list of the top 20 members who created new model pages:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Mark Hippenstiel * D 1156   Manfred Rathgeb (*) D 195
Manuel A. Neves * P 1144   Sándor Selyem-Tóth * H 194
Martin Kent * AUS 999   Alan Larsen * USA 178
Tom Seeger (new) CDN 548   John Kusching (*) USA 166
Edoardo Sigismondo * I 435   Musée des Radios (new) CH 163
Dirk Taekels * B 377   Gary Cowans (*) AUS 158
Franz Scharner * A 353   Jay Kinnard (new) USA 145
Wayne Childress * USA 293   Stuart Irwin * AUS 143
Miguel Bravo-Cos (*)  E 212   Noemi Erb (*) D 126
Howard Craven (new) GB 199   Josef Pilz (new) D 120

These 20 most active model creators live in 12 countries ... In total, 544 members (596 in 2016, 718 in 2015, 797 in 2014, 866 in 2013, 822 in 2011) proposed at least one new model in 2017.

*  Means: Last year also on this list.
(*) Means: Last 2 years
From statistics "Users who made suggestions".


In 2017, 89,346 updates/enhancements were made to existing model pages (75,891 in 2016, 84,311 in 2015, 113,093 in 2014, 122,805 in 2013, 127,182 in 2012).

The following table is a list of the top 20 members who created existing model page Updates and Enhancements:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Mark Hippenstiel * D 16'862   David Erali * USA 1863
Martin Kent * AUS 10'667   Ernst Erb (*) CH 1764
Bernhard Nagel * D 9192   John Kusching * USA 1581
Dirk Taekels * B 4984   Wolfgang Eckardt * D 1221
Gabriel Toth * CZ 4414   Alessandro de Poi (new) I 1209
Tom Seeger (new) CDN 3752   Sándor Selyem-Tóth (*) H 1090
Wolfgang Bauer * A 3099   Franz Scharner (*) A 1053
Noemi Erb * D 2716   Mike Edwards (*) GB 943
Miguel Bravo-Cos * E 2684   Michael Lienhop (new) D 938
Otmar Jung * D 2213   Gary Cowans (new) AUS 914

Each of these suggestions or proposals must be checked by 2 separate administrators and found to be correct.  Often correspondence must be exchanged in order to check and clarify the data. However, it is clear that a model administrator cannot always know as much about a model as the proposer who has the item in front of him, so administrators can only really fully check the salient points.  Unfortunately, quality of the proposals varies widely.

439 members have proposed model changes in 2017 (454 in 2016, 529 in 2015, 564 in 2014, 627 in 2013, 629 in 2012, 599 in 2011, 517 in 2010). 

The following table is a list of the top 20 most active Model Administrators:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Ernst Erb ** CH 23'592   Eilert Menke (new) D 2743
Bernhard Nagel * D 20'388   Gabriel Toth * CZ 2004
Mark Hippenstiel * D 15'275   Arpad Roth † * A 1327
Tom Seeger (new) CDN 11'410   Rodney Boleyn * USA 1199
Gary Cowans (new) AUS 10'131   Mike Edwards (new) GB 985
Dirk Taekels * B 7333   Wolfgang Eckardt * D 930
Martin Kent (new) AUS 6601   Mario Spitzer D 892
Otmar Jung * D 5271   John Kusching * USA 830
David Erali (new) USA 4763   Maarten Bakker * NL 582
Miguel Bravo-Cos * E 2914   Alan Larsen * USA 582

John Kusching and I can also correct errors or create model pages directly, in which case are not applied to the statistics.   These figures come from administrations of new models, but that makes 10'644 (8460) positions and does not change the positions because the changes make up 122'236 (113'224) positions. ** Above all, this year I only acted as a 2nd admin, and did not even check with experienced first-time attendees - mainly to ensure compliance with our rules and to introduce the new team for USA, CDN, AUS and GB (UK). Newly, these countries should ONLY be looked after by the team from there. Bernhard Nagel and Mark Hippenstiel did the main work this year, not me!

The top 20 most active members who have uploaded pictures:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 3819   Noemi Erb * D 1116
Hovard Craven * GB 3754   Jürgen Küting * D 1011
Edoardo Sigismondo * I 3247   Musèe des Radios (new) CH 750
Mark Hippenstiel (new) D 2322   Hans Amberger (new) D 735
Franz Scharner * A 2168   Gottfried Silberhorn * D 714
Timo Rantassari * FIN 1407   Wayne Childress (new) USA 711
Alan Larsen * USA 1354   Dirk Taekels  B 706
Manuel A. Neves (new) P 1303   Hans-Werner Ellerbrock * D 686
Hartmut Völler D 1136   Heribert Jung (new) D 633
Bartosz Szwed (new) GB 1124   Manfred Rathgeb (new) D 595

Karlheinz Gützlaff, Heiko zur Mühlen and Albert Weiss had the great task of checking and accepting the numerous pictures before they appear. 1045 members (1165) have uploaded at least one model picture in 2017 and we show on the 1.1.17 a total of 927'477 model pictures (891'503, 824'229) for 205'863 models (195'699, 184'792). 

Schematic diagrams are an essential part of our appeal.  As of January 1, 2018 we feature a total of 134,276 models that have at least one circuit diagram (130,221 in 2016, 126,005 in 2015, 120,187 in 2014, 115,062 in 2013, 109,383 in 2012) with a total of 778,440 diagrams altogether (729,066 in 2016, 694,218 in 2015, 639,541 in 2014, 595,189 in 2013, 528,565 in 2012).

 The top 20 most active members that have uploaded schematics:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
John Kusching * USA 12'743   Rudolf Müller (*) A 780
Dirk Taekels * B 12'446   Howard Craven (new) GB 469
Miguel Bravo-Cos * E 3617   Georg Kniffki D 439
Josef Pilz (neu) D 3325   Gary Cowans * AUS 435
Heiko zur Mühlen * D 2225   Michael Mehnert (new) D 423
Tom Seeger (new) CDN 1917   Heribert Jung * D 419
Franz Scharner * A 1891   Mark Hippenstiel * D 345
Wolfgang Bauer * A 1094   Holger Ortmann (new) D 228
Stuart Irwin (*) AUS 1053   Helmut Post (new) D 225
Adrian Riesen * CH 839   Richard Winter * D 208

There were 424 members (437) involved in the schematic uploads in 2017, of which 302 ((318) have each uploaded more than one.

We have a very significant number of additional schematics and documents that need to be scanned and uploaded, but we more help in getting this material into the website.  Can anyone help us with this task?

Another attraction is the 215,968 collector's prices (203,605), including> 7000 tube prices, which we show for 49,545 models (48,033).

Here are the top 20 most active members that have uploaded prices for 2017:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Dieter Michel * D 2700   Ingo Heidinger * D 143
Tomasz Szczesniak * PL 2641   Frithjof Grassmann * D 79
Martin Steyer * D 1890   Manfred Köhn (new) D 79
Lindsay Shepherd * AUS 1770   Josef Kleindienst * A 58
Christoph Heinzl * D 514   Wolfgang Lill * D 54
Günther Stabe * D 491   Holger Specht (new) D 53
Heino Stell * D 317   Stefan Hammermayer (new) D 37
Michael Mischke * D 314   Anatoly Yasinsky (new) BY 34
Jörg Rennebarth * D 234   Ernst Einsidler (new) A 30
Thomas Kiechle * D 147   Ed Martin * USA 29

Albert Weiss is the collector's prize Admin. We should find a second to relieve Albert Weiss.

Tube images etc. (BiX):
We accept images of tubes, semiconductors, company photos, museum pictures and images from literature.

The top 20 most active members who have uploaded Tube images for 2017:

  Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Valery Gromov (new) RUS 2075   Wayne Childress (new) USA 455
Günther Stabe * D 1568   Oskar Elm * D 390
Heribert Jung (Museen) * D 1529   Wolfgang Eckardt (Lit.) * D 371
David Erali (new) USA 1118   Sepp Juster (new) A 370
Franz Scharner (*) A 1099   Antonio Rabitti (*) BR 370
Egon Strampe * D 899   Jacob Roschy (new) D 342
Michael Mischke * D 778   Gary Cowans (*) AUS 337
Rudolf Osterkamp * D 524   Aldo Patriarca * CH 327
Fin Stewart * AUS 490   Georges Werts (new) B 241
Sándor Selyem-Tóth (*) H 482   Chr. Schaufelberger (new) CH 236

Peter Steffen, CH, has numerous tube Images checked and unlocked. Here also, most tube Admins are represented, which can alone create or change tubes - but as a member you can create variants or upload images.

After uploading, we are all indebted to the work of the many administrators.  Members, administrators and moderators of the "Organization" can be reached directly – eg, linguistically improve one of the 37 model admins and the 26 CMS admins, the standard texts etc.  We distinguish nine groups.  As a member, you will also find contact admins in the various languages that will help you ​​if needed - and as a various image admins. Without such controls, our data would never have the quality that we show.  Of course, we improve daily - quality is similar to an exponential function and is never 100% achievable!

We run a very restrictive forum with z.T. limited rights of reply. Today I was interested in how often a call is made on a specific post and reviewed the statistics for the "week of 31.12". To my astonishment: 966 logged-in member views are 20'557 guest views (total 21'523 forum calls on the last day of the year). The average is probably underneath.

As a guest, you can contact us and suggest improvements by clicking on the "Contact" link at the bottom of any page.

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.