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Ei, Elektronska Industrija; Niš - see also RR

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Name: Ei, Elektronska Industrija; Niš - see also RR    (YU)  
Abbreviation: ei
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Ei - Elektronska Industrija - Електронска индустрија

Ei was a large manufacturer of radios, record players, television sets, household appliances, tubes and semi-conductors, and computers (Pecom 32 and 64).

Over the time, with restructuring, spin-offs, insolvencies and new creations, there were well over 40 different Ei companies active in Niš.

Founded: 1962
Closed: 2016

Elektronska Industrija was formed in 1962 by a merger of Zavodi RR and Belind.

Their tube factory was dismantled from 2014 to 2016.

In 2016, Ei declares bankruptcy, but different subsidiary companies might still exist later.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
YU  62 Frankfurt III (3) ECC85  Exportversion von Ei Muzika. Wellenbereiche: UKW = 88 - 104 MHz KW = 48.5 - 51.25 MHz... 
YU  60 München ECC85   
YU  60 Frankfurt I (1) ECC85  KW: Europaband 48,5 - 51,2m. UKW: 87 - 104MHz. Siehe auch Frankfurt II, Frankfurt I... 
YU  60 Kleinsuper Lotos UKW-MW ECC85  Exportgerät für Deutschland. Siehe auch: Kleinsuper Trier. 
YU  62 Bambino AF101  Lizenzbau des Telefunken Mini-Partner, vgl. Innenansicht. 
YU  60 Augsburg ECC85  Siehe auch Frankfurt I, Frankfurt III und München mit gleichem Chassis.  
YU  65 S-5000 Hi-Fi-Super ECC85  S-5000 Hi-Fi Super is an export model. Elliptical speaker 17 x 12 cm, Z = 4 Ohm. Telefun... 
YU  69/70 Ei Boy AF271  Waveband: MW = 520 - 1620 kHz Speaker: 0.2 W, Z = 8 Ohm  
YU  64 RR240 [2x ECH81] ECH81   
YU  67 Major [FM OIRT] ECC85  Export model for CS. Wavebands: FM = 65 - 74 MHz (OIRT) SW = 48.5 - 51.25 m MW = 550... 
YU  60 Luxus ECC85  Telefunken FM front-end. 
YU  78 Tajfun TOA 517   Exportgerät UKW 88...108MHz, Anschluß für externes Netzteil. 


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Original prospekt in 1970/71.tbn_yu_elektronska_katalog_70_71_front.jpg
New Sensor Corp advert "Glass Audio" magazine Vol.8, No 3 1996tbn_ei_yugoslavia_1996.jpg

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Ei, Elektronska Industrija; Niš - see also RR
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Ei is bust
Branislav Stojkovic

I live in the town where "Elektronska Industrija" is located and there hasn't been any sign of them coming back and producing tubes or anything else. They haven't produced anything in over a decade. That's very unfortunate, some of the tubes they made were great.

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Ei Nis Vacuum Tube Production in Serbia
Omer Suleimanagich
  1 Does anybody have an update on this vacuum tube manufacturer?  I understand that they ceased production and that the company is for sale
Vincent de Franco
  2 According to the link of the Serbian Privatization Agency HERE, the Serbian government is privatizing the Ei conglomerate. Decision has been taken end of 2006 and 1st submissions were to be sent until end of January 2008.

Under the link you will find a link to the complete document you can download. Here is a summary:

"Republic of Serbia


The Government of Serbia (hereinafter: the GoS), has received a Grant from European Agency for Reconstruction (hereinafter: the EAR), to be administered by the World Bank (hereinafter: the WB), to facilitate and accelerate the privatization, restructuring and bankruptcy of the socially- and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) in accordance with the provisions of the Privatization Law as well as the Bankruptcy Law.

The GoS now intends to apply part of this Grant for services to be provided by a Financial Advisor to undertake the privatization through restructuring of a company «Elektronska industrija» AD, Nis.

HOLDING KORPORACIJA «ELEKTRONSKA INDUSTRIJA» AD, Nis – in restructuring (referred to herein as Elektronska industrija, Company) is an open-end joint stock company, organized as mixed holding consisting of small and medium sized companies."

Following information can be taken out of the document as historical background on Ei:

Elektronska industrija was founded in 1948, as a manufacturing company mainly producing radio tubes and X-ray equipment. In following years its production was extended to a broader variety of electronics goods, metal and plastic parts for finished products and to machine tools.

Currently the core business of EI is manufacturing and selling of consumer electronic goods, home appliances and metal and plastic parts. These products were designed primarily for the markets of the former Yugoslavia, Western Europe and the former Soviet Union.

Over the last decade Elektronska industrija market share was reduced. Economic isolation of Serbia, lack of access to capital and to modern technologies prevented Elektronska industrija from updating technologies, reduced products innovation and kept away modern management techniques.
During the last decade the Company was not able to follow the pace of rapid technological changes that took place in the world. The lack of fresh capital to support new investments and to modernize the product lines, resulted in outdated, low quality products not meeting demands of the international market. In spite of these difficulties, management has maintained the facilities at a technically acceptable level.

Most of the production facilities of Elektronska industrija are located at the factory site in Nis. Some activities are carried out in Belgrade and other cities across Serbia. A small part of the company’s business is located abroad.

On September 26th, 2006 the Privatization Agency has passed the Decision on restructuring of the Elektronska industrija.

Before that Decision 10 subsidiaries of Elektronska industrija were sold at the public auction, and two subsidiaries were sold by the asset sale.

Elektronska industrija currently has 73 subsidiaries, 10 of which are under direct management of the Holding and 100% majority capital, 47 subsidiaries are under direct management of Holding and with majority capital under 100%, 12 subsidiaries are in bankruptcy, and 4 subsidiaries are located abroad. The Privatization Agency passed the decision on privatization by method of public auction for 23 subsidiaries, 17 of which are currently in privatization program verification process.

Among the subsidiaries 36 have production facilities and 13 operate as service companies in logistics, commercial services, import/export, quality control and banking. The Group precise structure is unclear and needs to be explained.

In fiscal year 2006, Elektronska industrija generated sales revenues of around EUR 6.2 million and net loss of EUR 13.4 million. Total book value of the operating assets at the end of the year was EUR 41.1 million and the initial capital of the Company was EUR 23.1 million.*

In fiscal year 2005, Elektronska industrija generated sales revenues of around EUR 16.3 million and net loss of EUR 6.4 million. Total book value of operating assets at the end of the year was EUR 55.4 million and the initial capital of the Company was EUR 37.6 million.*

The most promising sectors of Elektronska industrija is precision mechanics manufacturing where expansion of existing production facilities could be justified by:

a) low cost of labor and high intensity of work operations,
b) availability of skilled workforce,
c) high international demand for precision mechanics products.

The potentially profitable production might include:

a) Production of mechanical and plastic enclosures, where the estimated increase in production and sales could double
b) Production of TV tubes, where the facility could reach one million tubes per year equivalent to 3% of the European market starting from the current capacity of 400,000 units.

Equity structure: 97.70% socially owned capital, 2.30% share capital (2,27% Republic of Serbia Development Fund and 0.03% Niska banka).

Total number of employees in the Elektronska industrija on December 10th, 2007 is 1333, plus 32 in Holding company. In 2001, Elektronska industrija had 9006 workers. In 2006 the number of employees was reduced by 584 workers (severance payments).

Perhaps other members can bring additional information, especially information related to the "tube" part of Ei.
Omer Suleimanagich

Thank you for the reply!

I'm wondering if anyone else out there has any knowledge of what might happen to this famous vacuum tube producer?!

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Elektronska Industrija, Nis (YU)
Herbert Odermatt † 26.Nov.05
  1 Hallo Radiofreunde

Diese Firma ist nun neu im aufgeführt (Danke Herr Erb). Danke auch für die wichtigen Angaben und Anregungen von Herrn Seiffert und Herrn Pohlmann. Anbei ein Auszug (im Internet gefunden) über die Firmengeschichte.

Elektronska Industrija Nis (EI Nis) aus Südserbien war jahrzehntelang das technologisch führende Unternehmen der jugoslawischen Elektronikindustrie. Im Grunde stellte dieses Unternehmen auch den einzigen wirklichen jugoslawischen Elektronik-Konzern dar. Das Produktprogramm reichte einst von Leiterplatten und Elektronikröhren über Haushaltsgeräte und Heimwerkergeräte bis hin zu Elektronik für die Energiewirtschaft, medizinisch-technischen Geräten und Solartechnik. Eine Zeit lang wurden sogar (frühe) Personalcomputer hergestellt. EI Nis stellte auch als erstes Unternehmen auf dem Balkan Fernsehgeräte in Massenfertigung her (Es handelte sich dabei um den Fernseher des Typs RR 865). In den 1960ern belieferte EI Nis zudem noch Philips in den Niederlanden mit Bauteilen.

Heute bietet sich EI Nis als Lizenznehmer, Auftragshersteller oder Subunternehmer für Dienstleistungen im Telekommunikations- und Energiebereich an. So stellt EI Nis im Jahr 2003 Olivetti-Registrierkassen (Italien) für den serbischen Markt und Intrakom-Telefonzellen (Griechenland) für den weltweiten Export her oder baut im Auftrag amerikanischer Konzerne Mobiltelefonnetze in den unterschiedlichsten Ländern auf (z.B. in Irland, der Türkei, usw.).

Gründungsjahr :1951
Adresse: Elektronska Industrija, Bulevar Cara Konstantina 80-86, 18000 Nis (YU)

Herzlich grüsst, H. Odermatt

Ei, Elektronska Industrija; Niš - see also RR
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