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History of the manufacturer  

Dux Radio AB; Stockholm

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Name: Dux Radio AB; Stockholm    (S)  
Abbreviation: dux
Products: Model types

Dux Radio AB (former "Dux Telefon- och Radiofabriks AB"), Stockholm.

"Dux Radio AB" became the biggest radio manufacturer in Sweden.

Founded: 1926
Production: - 1979
In May 1926 H. Ljungfeldt founded the company "Dux Telefon- och Radiofabriks AB" in Stockholm. During the first year it produced crystal receivers and later also 1- to 5-tube sets. Soon it became the biggest radio manufacturer in Sweden.
In 1934 the company was sold to Philips (see "Svenska AB Philips").
From 1940 Dux mains-operated radios, tv-sets and audio equipment were made in the Philips plant in Norrköping, Sweden. The sales organisation remained in Stockholm.
Production of radios and audio equipment ceased in 1979.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
50 V125 ECH21   
76 SX1050 /40R   See also Austrian model Hornyphon Benjamin SX1050. and Philips 1050 /22R. 
31 L3D    
42 V136 ECH4  Uses the same chassis as Philips 933A. 
65 Dux Hi-Fi Stereo V404 ECC85   
26 2 Tube Lampmottagare A409   
52 V343 ECH42  Am Chassis hinten unten: TA - Buchse mit Mittelstift, Bu für 2. Lautsprecher. 
54 V1351 Ch= 5151 ECH42  Plattenspieler-Chassis = Dux 5151 Das Radio-Chassis ist vermutlich baugleich mit Philip... 
74 DX8628 /04P     
31 5-tube receiver 32   
63 T1031 Ch= T10A AF102   
69 DX9115AT /00   See also Philips N2205/00. 


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