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AEG Rundfunkgeräte

Technische Sonderliste für den Fachmann. Geräte-Baujahr 1939/40
German | Catalogue Models (not tubes)
D_aeg_rundfunkgeraete_1939_kat_titel_out.jpg D_aeg_rundfunkgeraete_1939_kat_titel_in.png
Author Editor
Publisher ISBN
AEG, Germany
Date of issue / Date of first publication Periodicity
February 1940
Format Pages
DIN A4 Portrait 32
Print Type Type
Catalogue Models (not tubes)
Short Description

Info-Mappe 099. Modellbeschreibungen:

  • AEG 29W, 29GW
  • AEG 69W, 69 WK, 69 GWK
  • AEG 79 WK
  • AEG 679 WK
  • AEG 709 WK
  • AEG Druckknopfsystem
  • AEG VE301 Dyn GW
Created by: Wolfgang Eckardt (05.May.20) available by: Wolfgang Eckardt


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Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

D: AEG Radios Allg. AEG-Super (Orchestersuper) 709WK (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. AEG-Super 679WK (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. AEG-Super 69GWK (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. AEG-Super 69WK (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. Volksempfänger VE301 Dyn GW (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. 29GW (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. 29W (1939/40)
D: AEG Radios Allg. 79WK (1939/40)