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National Electronics Museum

21031 Hunt Valley, MD, United States of America (USA) (Maryland)

Address 338 Clubhouse Road
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radio and Kommunication in general
  • TV and image recording
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Optics
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Morse technology
  • Radar
  • Amateur Radio / Military & Industry Radio

Opening times
The National Electronics Museum is closed for walk-ins, tours, or visitor reservations. (formerly located: 1745 West Nursery Road Linthicum, MD 21090)

Status from 01/2024
Temporary closed



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Location / Directions
N39.486009° W76.662824°N39°29.16054' W76°39.76944'N39°29'9.6324" W76°39'46.1664"

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

D: Gemeinschaftserzeugn Enigma (1938)
USA: Adams-Morgan Co. Paragon RA-10 (1920)
USA: Westinghouse El. & Detector-Amplifier DA (1921)
USA: MILITARY U.S. BC-312-L (1936-60)
USA: Hallicrafters, The; Skyrider SX-23 (1939)
USA: Hallicrafters, The; UHF-Receiver S-27 (1940-43)
USA: MILITARY U.S. BC-342-(*) (BC342) (1940??)
USA: MILITARY U.S. SCR-300 BC-1000 (1943-61??)
USA: Precision Apparatus Tube Tester 620 (1947)
USA: Bendix Radio 847S "Facto Meter" (1947)
USA: Scott Radio Labs.E.H Projection Televison Receiver 6T11 (1948?)
USA: Westinghouse El. & H-196 (1949?)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

Triode, vacuum DV2 (1923)
Triode, vacuum UV199 (1922)
Triode, vacuum UV201 (1920-22)
Triode, vacuum UV201A (1922)
Triode, vacuum UX199 (1925-31)
Triode, vacuum UX201A (1925)
Triode, vacuum VT-1 (1917)
Transmitting Triode, air VT-2 (1918)
Triode, vacuum WD12 (1923-26)
Reflex Klystron WL-417A
Thyratron 4C35
Beam Power Tube 4-1000A
Transmitting Tetrode, air 5D21
Pulse magnetron 725A
Transmitting Triode, air 833A
Transmitting Tetrode, air 861


Permanent Exhibits

The National Electronics Museum has nine permanent exhibitions and one rotating temporary exhibit. The galleries display breakthroughs in electronic history in the areas of communications, radar, countermeasures, electro-optical, underwater and satellites.

Fundamentals Gallery

Use our hands on equipment to generate electricity and experiment with magnetism.
Learn how electromagnetic waves power our cell phones, cook our food, and help us see into space.
Become part of a human battery

Communications Gallery

The development of the Morse telegraph and the Bell Telephone.
Marconi's pioneering wireless experiments.
Reproduction of an early amateur radio spark gap "shack".
An operational amateur radio station (operated by the Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum/K3NEM) capable of worldwide communications by voice, Morse code, digital modes, and television.
The AN/PRD-1 in the Vietnam War: Early in the Vietnam War Army Security Agency forces were deployed “in country” with the AN/PRD-1 Direction Finder to find and track enemy insurgents. Learn how the use of technology in war time became a battle with the technology itself.

Early Radar/WWII Gallery

Learn how the British built a radar to detect enemy aircraft in the late 1930's.
See the type of radar that detected the attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941.
See the American radar-controlled anti-aircraft gun that fired shells packed with electronics to shoot down the buzz bombs launched against London in World War II.
Read descriptions of Allied and German radars used in World War II

Cold War Radar Gallery

See a U.S. Navy shipborne fire-control radar.
Learn how radar led to the household microwave oven.
Learn how Doppler radar would be used to direct American missiles toward Soviet bombers.
See how the Doppler effect was adapted to measure the speed of your car.
See Air Force and Navy airborne fire-control radars.
Learn how side-looking radars developed in the 1950's could map the ground in all kinds of weather.

Modern Radar Gallery

A TPS-43 ground based tactical surveillance radar in an outside exhibit area.
An AWACS antenna including a mock-up of the radome.
Radar tracks of incoming flights at BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport.
A hands on demonstration of phased array beam steering.

Countermeasures Gallery

See World War II Army Air Force and U.S. Navy jamming and receiving gear.
Hear an enemy SA-2 (SAM) missile lock on to its target.
Learn how chaff and decoys are used to fool enemy radar.
Examine modern multi-configurable counter measure pods.

Underseas Gallery

Fundamentals of underwater sound transmission.
Air-dropped sonobuoys.
Interactive demonstration of passive and active underwater sounds.
Display of antisubmarine warfare systems and future Bow Conformal SONAR arrays.
"Shadowgraph" towed vehicle for imaging mines using acoustics.

Electro-optical Gallery

See the famous Norden bombsite of the WWII era.
Explore the inner workings of the Pave Spike system.
See yourself in infrared!

Satellites: Transforming Our Lives Gallery.

See a 1:1 scale model of the Boeing 702SP Satellite.
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