Sparton 83 1st det 6A7, VisoGlo

Sparks-Withington Co., (Sparton); Jackson, Michigan

  • Year
  • 1934/1935
perfect model
  • Category
  • Broadcast Receiver - or past WW2 Tuner
  • ID
  • 68914

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 Technical Specifications

  • Number of Tubes
  • 9
  • Main principle
  • Superhet with RF-stage; ZF/IF 456 kHz; 2 AF stage(s)
  • Tuned circuits
  • 9 AM circuit(s)
  • Wave bands
  • Broadcast, Short Wave(s) and Police.
  • Power type and voltage
  • Alternating Current supply (AC) / 115 Volt
  • Loudspeaker
  • Electro Magnetic Dynamic LS (moving-coil with field excitation coil) / Ø 12 inch = 30.5 cm
  • Material
  • Wooden case
  • from
  • Model: Sparton 83 [1st det 6A7, VisoGlo] - Sparks-Withington Co., Sparton
  • Shape
  • Console with any shape - in general
  • Dimensions (WHD)
  • 40 x 23.5 x 12.2 inch / 1016 x 597 x 310 mm
  • Notes
  • There are two models 83, one with the VisoGlo tuning indicator and the other without but in principle the same chassis. VisoGlo tuning indicator VG-1 is extremely rare, even in the literature it is nearly not noticed.
    There are also two versions: The other one with a tube 78 as first detector, described and photographed in the Sparton dealers brochure - and this model with the 6A7 as first detector, according to Rider's Sparton 5-15ff and sets we have found. We don't know if both were produced. See the article about the two versions and the article here about season 1934/35.

    According to an ad September 1934 in "Radio Merchant", page 29, Sparks-Withington Company (Sparton) offered the model 104 and the model 83 with Viso-Glo tuning. Both models offer 4 tuning bands from 540 kHz to 20 MHz. The other models in this ad are the two band receivers 67 and 65 plus the AC-DC broadcast only receiver 53 AC-DC. The Sparton photo is printed in reverse! The version 67X is not mentioned, nor is model 65T. But in August 1934, "Radio Retailing", ad on page 11 there are more models for season 1934/35: Sparton Triolian 134 with 5 bands and Viso-Glo tuning, 57 AC-DC, model 68 but not 68XS, model 80 (but not 80-X) and auto radios 333, 33 and 36. In March 1934, RR ad shows already the 13 tube Triolian 76, which has not yet a VisoGlo. The 33 is then called 33-A and 33-B with other tubes.

  • External source of data
  • Konrad Birkner
  • Circuit diagram reference
  • Rider's Perpetual, Volume 5 = ca. 1934 and before

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Sparton 83 is a model with an option for a tuning indicator. The chassis are similar, only the Viso-Glow and its regulator (sensitivity setting) are missing in the simpler version.


Whether the different cabinets were particularly allocated to the chassis versions is not yet known. Currently we know that the modern / art deco type employs the Viso-Glo. And the one without Viso-Glo  is slightly more cambered.

Both chassis are clearly marked 83.

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