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History of the manufacturer  

Kobe Kogyo Corporation (TEN); Kobe

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Name: Kobe Kogyo Corporation (TEN); Kobe    (J)  
Abbreviation: kobe
Products: Model types Others Tube manufacturer

Carried out research into vacuum tubes in the late 40's and later on semiconductor devices. In 1953, Kobe Kogyo became the first company in Japan to suceed in making a transistor. In 1961, they developed a microwave oven that was put into mass production. Their first product using transistors was a car radio supplied to Toyota. The company merged with Fujitsu in 1963.
Tube brand = TEN

Before WW2, the company was known as Kawinishi Kogyo and changed it's name to Kobe Kogyo after WW2. Kawinishi Kogyo were associated with aircraft production.

This manufacturer was suggested by William J Blanchflower.

Some models:
Country Year Name 1st Tube Notes
61 All Wave Transistor Radio 2 Band Transistor 6 KT-200 2S110  Wave bands: MW 530 - 1216 Kc, SW 4 - 12 MHz. Telescope antenna ~85 cm, ferrite antenna fo... 
65 Play-Rite Six Transistor   Pocket AM Radio Model Play-Rite Six Transistor. Earphone Jack. Ryukyus.   
62 Ten Autoradio AR361   Appears to have a built-in loudspeaker and telescopic aerial. The set has probably got ... 
64 Play-Rite KT-80   Similar to Kobe KT-80. It has all the same marking except that Play-Rite is shown on the F... 
58 KT-61   Empfangsbereich 535-1605 kHz. 
57 KT-6 2S30  2 diodes. Earphone jack. Frequency range: 535-1605 kHz.First transistor radio of Kobe Kogy... 
58 KT-62   Earphone jack. 
62/63 KT1000   Le cadre ferrite est au dessus du poste, et il est orientable (gonio). Commutation local d... 
60 Ten Autoradio AR-365SD   Kobe Ten AR-365SD; Portable transistor radio for use as car radio with suitable bracket an... 
61 KT-75   Earphone jack. 
65 Ten Autoradio AR-363SD   AM radio with cradle frame. 
60 KT-80   Similar to Kobe Play-Rite KT-80. It has all the same marking except that Kobe Kogyo Corp i... 


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