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International Vintage Electronics Museum

BN41 2FD Brighton, Great Britain (UK) (West Sussex)

Address 54 Easthill Drive
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Radio and Kommunication in general

Opening times
Open daily, 335 days a year, Please phone before travelling

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Tel.:+44-1273-701 650  Mobile:+44-498-692 465  
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Contact partner Enrico Tedeschi
Tel.:+44-1273-701 650  Mobile:+44-498-692 465  


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Location / Directions
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Sorry no facilities for disabled visitors

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

A: Philips - Österreich Taschen-Recorder EL3300 (1964/65)
GB: Edison-Bell Ltd.; Phonograph GEM (1904)
GB: Marconi Co. Marconiphone Crystal Junior RB2 (1922)
GB: Marconi Co. Marconiphone V2 (1922)
GB: Ultra Electric Ltd.; Coronation Twin R786 (1953)
GB: Sinclair Radionics Micro Vision MTV1 MTV1A (1977)
GB: Sinclair Radionics Low Power Portable Oscilloscope SC110 (1978?)
GB: Sinclair Radionics Video Monitor MON 1A (1981)
GB: Sinclair Radionics FTV1 (1983)
I: ERA E.R.A. Officine Gnomo R2/G (1950/51)
I: Europhon; Milano RC59 (1959/60)
J: Sony Corporation; TR-72 (1956)
J: Sony Corporation; TR-63 (1957)
J: Sony Corporation; FM/AM Fifteen Transistor TFM-151 (1958)
J: Sony Corporation; Six Transistor TR-610 (1958)
J: Sony Corporation; TR-714 (1959)
J: Sony Corporation; ICR-100 (1967)
J: Sony Corporation; Digimatic 8 FC-59 W (1969/70)
J: Sony Corporation; ICR-120 (1969/70)
J: Sony Corporation; TC-50 (1969/70)
J: Sony Corporation; Flat TV (Watchman) FD-200 (1982)
J: Sony Corporation; Compact Disc Player CDP-101 (1982-85)
USA: Regency brand of I.D Regency TR-1 Pocket Radio (1954)
USA: Raytheon Mfg. Co.; Transistor Radio 8TP1 Ch= 8RT1 (1955)
USA: Philco, Philadelphia H2010L Safari Ch= 10AT10 (1959)

Description Radio, computers, calculators, Marconi, Sony , Sinclair and general electronics collection open to visitors and researchers (phone for appointment).

Text from the "International Vintage Electronics Museum" 9/2011:

The collection consists of more than 1,000 items depicting the history of electronics. The collection can be broken into the following main categories:

Crystal sets:

from the early galena catswiskers sets used at the beginning of BBC broadcasting to the later diode receivers which work without any form of power (battery or otherwise)

Valve radios:

from the early battery sets of the 20s with horn speakers to the latest sophisticated sets of the late 60s, passing through several valve radios some of which have won industrial design awards and are on show at the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

Transistor radios:

from the first transistor radio (Regency TR-1 of 1954) to the latest integrated circuit sets.

History of the Valves:

more than a hundred historical valves.

History of the Semiconductors:

from one of the first commercial Western Electric transistor (1950) to the latest radio in an integrated circuit.

Home computers:

from the early Apple, Tandy and Commodore home computers (1977) to the computer that changed it all, the Apple Macintosh (1984)

History of the Microprocessors:

from the Intel 4004 microprocessor to the other microprocessors that made popular computers possible.

Home Videogames

Videogames have often predated the design and manufacture of the early home computers. In the Museum we have several = from the very first MAGNAVOX Odyssey (1972) to the most famous of them all = the ATARI Pong.

Pocket calculators:

the history of the pocket calculator, from the Bowmar 901B (the first pocket calculator) and the Hewlett Packard HP 35 (the first scientific one) to the latest printing pocket examples.

Guglielmo Marconi:

from a representative selection of valve and transistor sets made by the Marconi Company to a vast collection of personal and business ephemera narrating the epic history of the invention and development of wireless telegraphy together with a library of more than a 100 books on the subject.


a collection of more than a 100 historic SONY radios sets and memorabilia from the first japanese shirt pocket radio (TR-63 of 1957) to the latest integrated circuit pocket video cameras.


a collection of most of the Sinclair products such as micro radios, micro TVs, instruments, pocket calculators, electric vehicles, black watch, hi-fi and computers including many factory prototypes kindly donated by Sir Clive himself. A comprehensive technical library is a valued part of the collection.

Television sets:

from the early pre-war models to the latest shirt pocket television sets.

Novelty sets:

these are radio receivers in "funny" shapes and sizes

Mp3 players (iPods):

from the early 90s models to the latest ear shattering sets.

General electronics:

several different representation of the history of electronics from the early valves and transistors to the hearing aids and the first Sony Walkman (TPS-L2).


hundreds of historic leaflets, magazines, newspapers, brochures, fliers, cigarette cards, coins, exercise books, posters, catalogues etc. depicting the history of radio and related industries. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.