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Capehart-Farnsworth timeline 400 series: Escutcheons/scales

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling Bernhard Nagel Dietmar Rudolph 
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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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24.Sep.12 18:46

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This article should show at last the overview about the different main parts that form a series 400 model. In fact this comprises also series 300, 200 and 100, the so called DeLuxe models with turn-over mechanism. I try to show each of the important items in a separate thread. It covers 1931 to 1950, the whole lifetime of this concept.

The intention is to show at last different threads for cabinets, Escutcheons/scales/knobs, record changers, tuner chassis and amplifier chassis, loudspeakers and pick-ups.
Only the one you read here is released up to now - too many pictures are missing.
For more or other information there is the general thread Capehart Radio-Phonographs for the 1930s and 1940s.

Capehart-Farnsworth timeline:
400 series Escutcheons/scales & knobs

The series started for the season 1931/32 without "season suffix" and followed with A, B, etc.

I try to find photos of the whole Capehart 400 series including 300, 200, 100 and the Panamuse etc.
If you can send me such, please use the Contact Form and I will write you back.
Here I only try to put together all those scales in a timeline.
I depend on you if this will be complete one day!

Up to the season "H", 1939/40, the chassis were made by Howard Radio Company, Chicago IL. After that by Farnsworth. Farsworth bought Capehart in 1938.

First saison: 1931/32 - no suffix

First 400 series see here text


A = 1932/33

text According to an old eBay sale this is supposed to be a 300A - but see the remarks here.


B = 1933/34

400B series text


C = 1934/35

405CAW (AW = All Wave") text


D = 1935/36

400D series text


E = 1936/37

406E Adam Ch= W-890 + amp W-891, W-892; 16-E; Capehart Corp.; Fort (ID = 1316985) Radio

400E series 200E series


F = 1937/38 see the full documentation at model page 400F

Scale type "F" All Wave is present in models 500-F/FR, 405F/FR, 406F/FR, 407F/FR, 408F/FR, 1600-FR, 304F, 305F, 60F, 61F, 50F and 51F.

500F series 300F + 400F series ****

Scale Capehart 200F series - see documentation on model 204F.

G = 1938/39

The first series 100 (only with 110G) was called Panamuse. From about season K, the drop type changer was introduced for (2 digit name) Panamuse and the models with the turn-over changer became the suffix "DeLuxe".

400G series Panamuse 100G series (most probably)


H = 1939/40

400H series text

There is not such model season as I or J.

K = 1940/41


The example is from Capehart 113K2FM Chippendale. There is a big differnce to series 400K.besides here.

400K-series 100K-series

The "control board", scale, buttons and knobs, seem to be technically the same for 400K series and 400M series and the difference is probably only the lyaout of the scale itself.

There is no L - season!

M = 1941/42

400M series Panamuse M2FM series and M3FM (19M3FM)
Capehart 111M3FM Early Georgian ; Farnsworth (ID = 1314902) Radio
100M series perhaps for different versions

For 400M series there are several different suffixes possible, for instance 400MC or 400MCL

N = 1945-48

At least for the tuner control panels of the 100 series N and P, guest Robert Barnett had to write us the following: "The tuner control panels appear to be similar on both models.  The tuner glass is an interesting sandwich of two pieces of glass with the tuner graphics printed in the middle.  The back piece of glass was originally painted with a translucent dark brown-red paint,  In both of my phonos the paint was flaking badly and the glass had to be re-surfaced."

414N1 100N2 series
Panamuse N2 series Panamuse N4 series

There is no "O" - season!

P = 1948-50 - last series

400P series 100P2 series


100P4 series 116P4 (118P4) Panamuse ??P4 (29P4) is the same chassis

This completes the whole range from series 400, 400A - through P, the end of the line of these extraordinary record changers.

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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27.Sep.12 23:19

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Some of the links on top of post 1 will turn up when I received more photos to document the 400 series.
The idea is to have also such a timeline for cabinets, record changers, chassis, loudspeakers and pick-ups.

Please use the link there to contact me if you have information, copies of documentation or marketing documents like folders, ads, catalogs etc. - or your own pictures of sets and details.

Thank you.