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Museo della Radio e della Fotografia

6720 Campo (Blenio), Switzerland (Tessin)

Address Paese
Floor area 25 m² / 269 ft²  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Photo cameras and slide projectors
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)

Opening times
on request

Status from 08/2015
Free entry.

Mobile:+41-79-240 0329  eMail:mario-giamboni  

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Our page for Museo della Radio e della Fotografia in Campo (Blenio), Switzerland, is administrated by member Mario Giamboni. Please write to him about your experience with this museum, for corrections of our data or sending photos by using the Contact Form to the Museum Finder.

Location / Directions
N46.556518° E8.936246°N46°33.39108' E8°56.17476'N46°33'23.4648" E8°56'10.4856"

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

A: Minerva-Radio Allegro 534W (1952/53)
A: Philips - Österreich 19AB576 /00 (1980??)
B: Philips Belgium All Transistor L3X73T /03 (1957)
B: Philips Belgium Bi-Ampli B5X23A (B5X23A /00) (1962/63)
CH: Philips - Schweiz 830A (1931-33)
CH: Mediator; La Chaux- M26A (M26,26,26A) (1933/34)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Super inductance 634A (1933/34)
CH: Philips - Schweiz 874A (1933/34)
CH: Autophon AG inkl. NF-Telefonrundspruch T1S (1934-36)
CH: Mediator; La Chaux- M27A (27A) (1934/35)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Super inductance 640A (1934/35)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Super inductance 736A (1934/35)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Philette Super inductance 837A (1935-37)
CH: Paillard AG; St. Tell (1935??)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Menuetto 461A (1937/38)
CH: Deso, Dewald & Sohn, Tokio 248 (1937/38)
CH: Philips - Schweiz 421A (1938/39)
CH: Paillard AG; St. 89TR (1938/39)
CH: Paillard AG; St. 29 (1939/40)
CH: Jura; La Chaux-de- 59A (J59) (1939/40)
CH: Paillard AG; St. 415 (1940/41)
CH: Deso, Dewald & Sohn, Bambino A42 (1941/42)
CH: Albis, Albiswerke AG 424 (1941/42)
CH: Philips - Schweiz 204 U H (204U) (1942-44)
CH: Albis, Albiswerke AG 431 (1942/43)
CH: Paillard AG; St. 433 (1942/43)
CH: Hofrela, 543 (1942/43)
CH: Niesen, 344 (1943/44)
CH: Autophon AG inkl. Léman (Leman) Wechselstrom (1945?)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Butterfly BCH562A (1946-49)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Junior 209U-16 (1946-49)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Tosca BCH471A (1947-49)
CH: Mediator; La Chaux- M88US (1947?)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Mariza 2 BCH375A (1948-50)
CH: Albis, Albiswerke AG 490 (1948-50)
CH: Niesen, 52 (1948-50)
CH: Mediator; La Chaux- 266A (M 266 A) (1950/51)
CH: Paillard AG; St. 3306B (1950/51)
CH: Deso, Dewald & Sohn, 510 (1950/51)
CH: Albis, Albiswerke AG 512M (1950/51)
CH: Sondyna AG; Zürich- E4612/15 - E4612/16 (1950?)
CH: Sondyna AG; Zürich- Supra E5210 (1952/53)
CH: Philips - Schweiz BCH233U (1953/54)
CH: Biennophone; Marke Celerina E6200 (1962)
CH: Biennophone; Marke FM12 20NB (1981-88)
CH: Philips - Schweiz Dublette mit ID=13286 (9999-99)
CS: Philips akc. spol., Philetta 203U-14 (1941/42)
D: Hagenuk N&K, Volksempfänger VE301W (1933-38)
D: DeTeWe Volksempfänger VE301W (1933-38)
D: Blaupunkt Ideal, B174U (1950/51)
D: Nordmende, 8-Kreis-Super 258W (1950/51)
D: Graetz, Altena Musica (1954/55)
D: SABA; Villingen Freudenstadt 8 (1957-59)
D: Blaupunkt Ideal, Sultan 2420 (1957/58)
D: Wega, 202 (1957/58)
D: Loewe-Opta; Bella-Luxus 3711W (1958/59)
D: Loewe-Opta; Hellas 3842W (1958/59)
D: Blaupunkt Ideal, Verona 20100 (1960/61)
D: Nordmende, HiFi Elektra 62 Z13 Ch= 2/613 (1961/62)
D: Telefunken Jubilate de Luxe 1261 (1961/62)
D: Wega, 219 (1962-64)
D: Wega, Wegaphon 530 (1966-69)
D: Grundig Radio- RF640 Ch= RC202 (1979/80)
DK: Tik Radio; København Regina Super 5215 GM (1949??)
F: American Radio 634 (1933/34)
F: Philips France; Super inductance 638A (1934)
F: Radialva, Véchambre Groom 39 (1938/39)
F: Radialva, Véchambre Super-Groom (1939/40)
F: Radiola marque RA282U (1950/51)
GB: Philips Electrical, BG400A /15 - BG400 /15 - 400A (1950)
I: Ducati, SSR Società RR3411.1 (1946/47)
I: Magnadyne Radio; SV85C (1948?)
I: Magnadyne Radio; S88 (1950??)
I: Telefunken Italia, Mignonette (1951??)
I: Vega, BP Radio, 622 (1954-56)
I: Telefunken Italia, Camping (1959/60)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven BX290U (BX290U /00) (1949/50)
NL: Philips; Eindhoven Original DAB+ - Radio OR7200 /10 (2013)
S: Luxor Radio AB; 296W (1949)
S: Luxor Radio AB; Colibri 751W (1953??)
USA: Crosley Radio Corp.; Super Trirdyn Regular (1925)
USA: Fada Radio & 110 Super Fadalette Ch= RY (1933?)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

OCTODE AK1 (1934)
Triode, vacuum AR13
Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier AZ12 (1938)
Triode, vacuum D86326
Vacuum Pentode EL6 (1938)
Mag. Eye, 2 ranges, 4 shadow EM11 (1939)
Triode, vacuum E424 (1928)
Vacuum Pentode E443H (1933)
Damper, booster, flyback diode PY81 (1951)
Transmitting Tetrode, air Q400-1
Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier RGN1064 (1932)
Transmitting Tube, Pentode, RL12P35
Triode, vacuum RM_Poland
Transmitting Tetrode, air RS1012L
Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier UY11 (1939)
Transmitting Triode, air VT-2 (1918)
Triode, vacuum 102D
Beam Power Tube 6L6G (1936)
Double Diode-Triode 6SQ7 (1938)
Vacuum Pentode 78 (1933)



90 vintage radio (since 1925) of different brands, almost all working,
6-8 gramophones from 1915 to 1935 approx.
Electronic valves of different types.
Some radios (approx 10), and valves of the former PTT belong to the Radio Museum of the Ashes (AMRA).

Forum contributions about this museum
Museo della Radio e della Fotografia
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Porte aperte 2-3 settembre 2017
Heribert Jung

Porte aperte 2-3 settembre 2017

Gentili Signore, egregi Signori,
grazie anche alla vostra collaborazione è stato possibile allestire con successo il piccolo Museo della Radio e della Fotografia nella casa comunale di Campo Blenio, inaugurato il 31 maggio 2014. Com’era nelle aspettative, nel frattempo la collezione si è notevolmente ampliata e arricchita.
Anche per questo motivo, a 3 anni dall’apertura, vi proponiamo una nuova visita del Museo in occasione delle “Porte aperte” che si terranno sabato 2 e domenica 3 settembre prossimi dalle ore 10.00 alle 12.00 e dalle ore 14.00 alle 17.00.

In attesa di incontrarci, porgiamo cordiali saluti.

Il Curatore:
Mario Giamboni

Museo della Radio e della Fotografia
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