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Radios, Fernseher, Computer und Telefone verschiedener Generationen


38855 Wernigerode, Germany (Sachsen-Anhalt)

Address Sonderausstellung im Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik
Gießerweg 1 
Floor area unfortunately not known yet  
Museum typ Exhibition
Radio and Kommunication in general
  • Typewriter, calculating and coding
  • TV and image recording
  • Tubes/Valves / Semiconductors
  • Wire- & tape recording
  • Record players with pick up
  • Radios (Broadcast receivers)
  • Telephone / Telex
  • Gramophone (no electrical sound transmission)
  • Audio amplifier
  • Home Appliances

Opening times

Status from 08/2015

Tel.:+49-39 43-63 31 26  Fax:+49-39 43-63 27 93  

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Location / Directions
N51.839896° E10.772419°N51°50.39376' E10°46.34514'N51°50'23.6256" E10°46'20.7084"

Die Ausstellung befindet sich im Untergeschoß des Museums für Luftfahrt und Technik Wernigerode

Some example model pages for sets you can see there:

BG: Elprom KB Kliment M10-C2 (1964?)
CH: Waltham S.A., Genf Color Star 525 (1988?)
CS: Tesla; Praha, B41 ANP225 (1966-70)
CS: Tesla; Praha, Pluto ANP404 (1970/71)
CS: Tesla; Praha, B54 ANP230A (1971-73)
CS: Tesla; Praha, B101 Stereo ANP272 (1982)
CS: Tesla; Praha, High Fidelity Tape Deck B116 (1983-86)
CS: Tesla; Praha, Tonbandgerät B-730 (1985-87)
CS: Tesla; Praha, Doublet with ID=81242 (9999-99)
D: Telefunken Telefunken Katzenkopf 230W (T230W) (1931/32)
D: SABA; Villingen 346WL Ch= S 346 WL (1937/38)
D: Philips Radios - ER1a (1938-41)
D: Nora; Berlin Serenade W68 (1938/39)
D: EAK, Elektro- "Zwergsuper" Super 64/50GWP (64/50GWPS) (1950/51)
D: Sachsenwerk Olympia 502W (1951/52)
D: Graetz, Altena 157W (1951/52)
D: Sachsenwerk Radeberg Rembrandt FE852B (1952)
D: Perpetuum-Ebner PE; Trumpf 1210PE (1952/53)
D: Funkwerk Leipzig, Magnetband-Gerät BG19-2 (1953/54)
D: Messgerätewerk Topas MTG23 (1954?)
D: Werk für Tonreporter KMG1 (1956)
D: Sachsenwerk Olympia 571W (1957/58)
D: Rafena Werke Derby FE846A (1958)
D: Rafena Werke Carmen FE865 (1958-60)
D: Fernmeldewerk KB100 (1958/59)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Patriot 16GW437 (1958??)
D: Stern-Radio Ilmenau 210 64/72W (1959-62)
D: Stern-Radio Ilmenau 480 64/80W (1959-65)
D: Funke, Max, Weida/Th Stella 300 (1959-65?)
D: Elektroakustik Rossini 5801 (1959/60)
D: Messgerätewerk Smaragd BG20/4 (1959/60)
D: Rafena Werke Patriot FE847A (1960)
D: Stern-Radio Ilmenau 850 Super 66/61 W208H (1960?)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Orchidee 53FSR102PSt (1961)
D: Stern-Radio Rochlitz Oberon-Phono (1961-64)
D: REMA, Fabrik für 2001 (1961-64)
D: Stern-Radio Rochlitz Oberon-Phono 63 (1962/63?)
D: Schwermaschinenbau H Spannungsgleichhalter Konstanze II (2) UV (1962??)
D: Grundig Radio- TK17 g (1963-65)
D: Stern-Radio Jalta 5060 (1963/64)
D: Telefunken Musikus 105BN (1964-67)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Sibylle 3 53FTG103 (1964/65)
D: Stern-Radio Intimo 5430 (1965-68)
D: Messgerätewerk Diktiergerät BG31-2 (1965/66)
D: Telefon- und Doppelimpulsschreiber 2472.004-10002 (1965??)
D: Stern-Radio Variant 5550 (1966)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Donja 211 (1966/67)
D: Rafena Werke Dürer de luxe 4 1171.111 - 30001 (1966/67)
D: REMA, Fabrik für 2072 (1966/67)
D: Peter, August, Phono-Star 5400 (1967/68)
D: Pouva, Karl; Freital Bändi 2 (1967?)
D: UNBEKANNTE FIRMA D / Transconverter UHF Super (1967??)
D: Stern-Radio Tucana 5750 (1968)
D: Stern-Radio Adrett 0101.00 (1970/71)
D: Stern-Radio Transstereo-Perfekt 2401.06 (1970?)
D: Funkwerk Köpenick, EKV13 1340.36 F13 (1971)
D: Peter, August, Junior 4 (1971?)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Color 21 (1973-75)
D: Studer GmbH, Willi Revox A700 (1973-80)
D: Funke, Max, Weida/Th Stella 300-1 (1973?)
D: Robotron-Elektronik Combi Vision CV310 (1975)
D: Funkwerk Zittau, VEB Ziphona Türkis 524/1 (1975-78)
D: Funkwerk Zittau, VEB Granat 216-1 HiFi Electronic (1975-81)
D: Polytronic, VEB; ex. Baukastensystem Elektronik 6 (1975?)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Chromalux 1061 (1976)
D: Funkwerk Köpenick, Regie 2000 stereo 8702.1 (1976)
D: Antennenwerke Bad Anett IS2 2304.03 (1976/77)
D: Stern-Radio Sonett 77 1803.02 (1977/78)
D: Stern-Radio Staßfurt Chromat 2062 (1979)
D: Funkwerk Zittau, VEB Tuner 922 (1980)
D: Robotron- Ziphona HiFi HSV926 (1980)
D: Phonotechnik Pirna/ MA224 (1980/81)
D: Polytronic, VEB; ex. Baukastensystem ABC (1983)
D: Stern-Radio SR2410 (1983-88)
D: Robotron SR 2410 (1984)
D: Stern-Radio Berlin, SKR700 (1984-89)
D: Klingenthaler Vermona Regent 1060 (1984?)
D: Stern-Radio Stereo-Casseiver SC1800 /2318.00 (1985-88)
D: REMA, Fabrik für Tonica RX80 (1985?)
D: Phonotechnik Pirna/ Ziphona SP3930 (1986)
D: Robotron RS 2510 (1988)
H: Budapesti Qualiton HiFi M20 (1968)
J: Mitsubishi Electric X-7 (1984?)
PL: Unitra ZRK, Zaklady ZK120 (1968-70?)
PL: Unitra ELTRA; ZK120T de Luxe (1970??)
PL: Unitra DIORA - Adam OR DMT-445 (1973-75)
SU: Moscow Radio Ûnost' {Юность} [Junost ] 401B (1976?)

Some example tube pages for sets you can see there:

Double Diode AB2 (1934)
Triode-Hexode ACH1 (1933)
Vacuum Pentode AF3 (1934)
Vacuum Pentode AL4 (1936)
Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier AZ12 (1938)
Vacuum Pentode CL4 (1936)
Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier CY1 (1934)
Double Triode ECC83 (1954)
Vacuum Pentode EF12 (1938)
Vacuum Pentode EF80 (1950)
Vacuum Pentode EL12N
Mag. Bar dual tuning indicator EM83
Full-Wave Vacuum Rectifier EZ3 (1936)
Half-Wave Vacuum Rectifier G1404 (1936)
High-vacuum Rectifier G4004
Vacuum Pentode KF3 (1936)
Transmitting Triode, air RL12T15
Transmitting Tube, Pentode, SRS552
Voltage Regulator, single StR150/40Z
Triode, vacuum VC1 (1935)
Triode, vacuum W4100 (1928)
MULTI-SYSTEM, internal 3NFW (1929)


Neben unzähligen Radios, Fernsehern Plattenspielern und Tonbandgeräten gibt es einige PCs und eine Telefonvermittlungsanlage zu sehen. presents here one of the many museum pages. We try to bring data for your direct information about all that is relevant. In the list (link above right) you find the complete listing of museums related to "Radio & Co." we have information of. Please help us to be complete and up to date by using the contact form above.



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